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My Influence Map by rkw0021 My Influence Map by rkw0021
Found this floating around and since everyone's doing it....

1. Gleen Ferguson - An excellent caricature artist/ illustrator. I hope to get on his level some day.

2. Fasen Arts - The company I work for, where I draw caricatures at Six Flags and Stone Mountain Park. I get to meet a lot of cool artist with varied styles.

3. Adam Hughes - I love his mix of traditional and digital techniques and rendering. Which is probably why he's on almost everyone else's Influence Map.

4. DeviantArt - I get to post my work as well as gain influence form other artists (too many to name).

5. Video Games - I like to shoot, beat, slash and blow stuff up when I'm not drawing.

6. Hip Hop & R&B - A good playlist makes working easier.

7. Marvel - I'm not much of a comic reader, but I am influenced by the artwork, cartoons and movies.

8. Money - I could all use a little more money.

9. Kung Fu & Action Movies - All of the punching, kicking, fighting styles and flips get me motivated and make me feel all warm and tingly inside (as weird as that may sound).

10. Atlanta, Georgia - My home town. There's plenty of art influences around here, including family and friends. (GO FALCONS!!!)

11. Ninja Turtles - One of the two cartoons I had to watch and that one toy, video game, bed sheet and movie i had to have when I was a kid.

12. Avatar: the Last Airbender - Epic. One of the best cartoons I've ever seen.

13. The Boondocks - It's like numbers 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 15 and 16 all rolled into one, with a splash of comedy and a hint of the truth.

14. WWE - My guilty pleasure.

15. The Simpsons - The other of the two cartoons I had to watch and get all of the merchandise. I've practically grown up with the Simpsons.

16. Star Wars - I'm intrigued by the characters in the films and at how the Star Wars Universe has become so detailed and intricate.

That was kinda like playing Tetris.

Map template by :iconfox-orian:
and background can be found here [link]
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August 30, 2010
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