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Baptism by Fire by Rkor4 Baptism by Fire by Rkor4
I wanted to post this piece a few days ago, but I realized I needed to take a fair amount of time to write about it.

When I draw fan art or portraits, they are not that difficult to explain. I just state in a sentence what the image is and end with that, but images like this are a bit more challenging. Iím actually a little hesitant to post this because itís a controversial topic (even among Christians).

BUT God gave me this image one day, and He has given me the gift of art for edification. I will not edify (help to grow) anyone if this picture stays in the recesses of my laptop and is not seen. No, that wonít help anyone. So, if youíre offended, please hear me out. This might take a long time to explain, and itís rooted in experience, not just information. Iím open to questions or comments from anyone!

The image is about baptizing with fire, or the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Water baptism is something most believers understand, but Spirit baptismÖ not so much! Itís really a huge thing to explain, but this image really focuses on the ďfireĒ of the Holy Spirit. Part of the job description of the Spirit is to convict believers of their sin and to ďburn awayĒ that sin inside of them. But fire is a painful process.

A.B. Simpson says it quite well in his book, Power From on High, ďHe [Holy Ghost] searches our inmost being, and requires and produces Ďtruth in the hidden part.íÖ Fire is a purifying element Ö Holy Ghost comes to destroy all that is destructible, to consume all that is corruptible, and to burn out all that is combustible Ö He comes, not only to cleanse, but to improve, to elevate, to mature, to beautify and glorify the soul and fit our heavenly robes for the marriage of the Lamb Ö There is an instantaneous and there is a gradual work of the Holy Ghost. There is an act by which He baptizes us into Himself forever. And there is a process in which He sits down beside the crucible, and watches the molten silver until it perfectly reflects His image, and then He removes the fire and declares the work complete Ö The Holy Spirit, like fire, melts the rigid heart and molds it into the form of Godís holy will, and highest purpose.Ē

Ultimately that is what this image is aboutóthe suddenness of Holy Spirit bursting into the scene and dunking us into the depths with fireÖ Our shock when we realize we donít have it all together and that we need to be refined by the SpiritÖ The overwhelming power that knocks us off our feet (so to speak) and into deeper intimacy with Jesus. Itís glorious. Itís stunning. Itís charged with power. Itís intense and stings a bitÖ

But itís so worth it. And itís necessary. Without the cleansing fire of Holy Spirit we cannot possibly emulate Jesus, and Jesus is our very goal! We want to be just like himóhe modeled the life of prayer, intimacy and power every believer should want to walk in, but unless our hearts are cleansed and purified, we cannot possibly become like Jesus. We need this baptism.

Am I making sense? Please, if any of this confuses you, message me! Iím open to EVERY question. And Iím on dA nowadays more than facebook, hahaÖ

Again, if this has offended you or you donít like the fact that all my artwork has suddenly become spiritual, then Iím sorry, but I must be obedient to God. Ultimately everything I do is for Him, because thatís really all that counts. If the only reason Iím doing art is so that I can have fun, and maybe so that some people can remember me after Iím dead, then to me thatís a sorry purpose. I long for depth, meaning and real impact. I believe my art is doing more than reaching people and talking to them about spiritual truths; I believe my art is glorifying God and leading me into intimacy with Him. Thatís why Iím doing art.

And I really, really, really want to talk to people more about it. Strike up a conversation! Let me know if youíre excited about this or upset. Or confused. I donít want you to be confused. I want to speak clearly! Please, please message me.

Be blessed, you guys. Really. Iím praying for you all!
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Caz-Art Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! I'm really excited about this! To be able to convey the baptism of the Holy Spirit like that is amazing! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
Rkor4 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Aaaah, I'm glad you like it! It was a really intense piece to work on and I'm quite pleased with the outcome. Bless you!!!
Lilylicious17 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2011
I kept wanting to comment on this on tumblr! But I am very tumblr challenged and I don't even know if you can do that. ANYWAY. love the pose here (you always have fantastic anatomy anway) and of course I love the water. Cuz I always love water.
Rkor4 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
There is some way to comment on tumblr. I think if you click beneath my post on "0 Comments" or something like that it will take you to a comment spot. Then again tumblr is just generally challenging and hard. I really actually don't like tumblr much at all. XD BUT I like seeing YOUR stuff on it! :D

The anatomy was so much fun to do. I do love anatomy. He was actually a lot more detailed, but then I was all, "BAAAAH WATER SPLASH!!!" and it hid a lot of it. Haha... :) Thanks, buddy!
Lilylicious17 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011
Yes. Confusing. Tumblr.

Indeed the water looks lovely too :D

:dance: I just really love this picture all around
soulafire Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Um...WOW!! Love the pic, LOVEE what you wrote, just...AWESOME! God bless you sista!
Rkor4 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, dear! :D So glad God can minister through my art. :)
soulafire Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! :D it's definitely God-given...:)
SoAutomatic Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Rkor4 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks very much! :)
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