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I've been having some ideas for some possible future stories for some time right now, and I guess this time's as good as any other to share them with y'all.


A completely reimagined version of @Megamink1997's ongoing Megamink series. This takes place in a Tokyo-inspired setting where a young adult mink named Naoto Minku is granted powers from a great white dragon to protect the world from the demonic forces of a Satan-like wolf sorceress who is responsible for all the evils going on in the world. Along the way, Naoto makes some new friends who are also given Megamink powers and is ordered to spread the news about the pure spirit of the dragon to his corrupted hometown. The series is closer to Super Sentai than @Megamink1997's original in that it follows a serialized storyline and goes by Japanese culture.


Being that the long-running PBS Kids show "Arthur" is coming to an end next year, I've thought about creating my own take on the franchise. My version of Arthur is a witty, quirky Roald Dahl-esque universe based on stories/episodes that really stand out to me and executed in an imaginative way that would make it seem like Roald Dahl really did create Arthur. It would all take place in England and a lot of the characters would be renamed and/or reimagined into ways that would make them charismatic and likable, including D.W. herself.


I know it's been a while since I've written Raccoons fanfictions, but I've recently considered providing some new story ideas. One idea I've had involves Eustace Skunk falling in love with a pretty young British fox girl his age named Eliza. Some other ideas include my OCs Ghost Furry and Ashley Skunk visiting the Evergreen Forest and the kids at Evergreen Elementary going on a train trip to a faraway city to attend a medieval fair. Plus, for those of you who remember my "Aurora Draggialis" idea from a while back, I'm still thinking about going for that one, too.

Please let me know what you think of these ideas, and if you have any ideas and/or suggestions, feel free to voice them. :)

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It's based off the Aurora Borealis phenomenon.