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This is for all you SatAM fans out there. It's concerning the episode "Sonic and Sally". Now some of you who read my rant on the episode "Super Sonic" are probably thinking "What, is it a bad episode, too?" Well, not exactly. It's not really a bad episode. It's just... well, I think I'll just get on with it.

As you may remember, Princess Sally gets captured by Swatbots and Robotnik creates a surprisingly convincing robot duplicate of her to spy on the Freedom Fighters. Of course, Tails is the only one to find out about this at first when she doesn't give him the funny kiss or do the scary witch voice. He even catches her doing damage to a garden in the area and then, later, when Tails tries to explain the whole situation to Sonic, Sonic doesn't believe him, even when Tails goes on to explain that her eyes had glowed red, which Sonic dismisses as Tails having "one monster dream". The Freedom Fighters never find out about the charade until later when they return to Robotropolis and the robot Sally fails to do the Freedom Fighter handshake the right way. This is even lampshaded in the following lines:

SONIC: Tails was right! You're NOT Sally! Who are you?

ROTOR: Boy, Robotnik is good! She fooled everybody!
SONIC: Except Tails!

My point? It wasn't until I checked out TV Tropes that I made this shocking discovery: this episode is quite possibly one of the most unthinkable, unexpected, and absolute WORST examples of the trope "Adults Are Useless"! It shows an extremely unfortunate implication that when kids know that something bad is going on, the adults don't listen to them and in some cases, dismiss their statements as figments of their imaginations! It's utterly appalling! In this episode's case, it makes Tails look like the only smart one and the other Freedom Fighters, who are adults, look like complete idiots who dismiss Tails' warnings as figments of his imagination! Not only that, but it seems quite out-of-character for the adult Freedom Fighters, if you ask me! It's almost like another part of Robotnik's plan was to make Tails look like the boy who cried wolf!

But you know what the WORST part is? The Freedom Fighters don't even apologize to Tails for not believing him or even promise to believe him whenever he tells them something, not even Sonic!

What is the point of all this?! Can somebody PLEASE provide some explanation??

P.S. If this has upset you, I apologize.
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You have made some good points. But of course in real life if a kid says something that sounds too unusual, the adults might not believe them. But still, Sonic should have realised. I know if I wrote a similar scenario into one of my fanfics, Sonic would believe Tails. He probably still tell Tails he was dreaming, just to throw the robot off, if it was within earshot, and apologise to Tails later, after the whole ordeal is over. :)
And maybe Sonic and the others apologised to Tails off screen. :)
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Yeah, I guess it was bit out-of-character for Sonic to not realize it.
Yeah, it's quite safe to assume that as well.
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