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Yeah, every TV series has a bad episode, the SatAM episode "Super Sonic", in my opinion, is a real stinkaroo! Yep, that's right, you heard me correctly. I think that "Super Sonic" is the absolute WORST SatAM episode ever! Now you're probably thinking "What's so bad about it?" Well, I'll tell you. One of the reasons is because I absolutely HATED when Robotnik brainwashed Sally and Bunnie! But probably the main reason is because there are a lot of things in that episode that don't make any sense whatsoever. I'll be happy to list them:

1. When Robotnik steals Lazar's computer and tries out the teleportation spell first, the first time he tries to teleport Sonic in doesn't work. Is it actually because of that forcefield that Lazar trapped Sonic in? If so, then does the inside of the forcefield have some sort of teleportation-proof energy within it?

2. When Sonic asks why Lazar took his speed, Lazar just replies "Evil I was, ignorant I wasn't." Are we supposed to believe that that was his actual reason? If not, then what do YOU think were his actual reason?

3. Are we actually supposed to believe Robotnik could only use the brainwashing spell on Sally and Bunnie if SWATbots were holding them? What, was there something in the SWATbots that connected them to Lazar's computer?

4. Why doesn't Sonic just run off before Robotnik told Sally and Bunnie to drag him to the roboticizer?

5. Now THIS one bugs me the most: when Sally and Bunnie are dragging Sonic to the roboticizer, Sonic spots Lazar's computer and breaks loose of their grip. Now why in the love of crap doesn't Sonic break loose of their grip BEFORE Sally and Bunnie drag him to the roboticizer instead of at the last second when Sonic spots Lazar's computer?! It doesn't make any sense at all!

6. How did Sonic know which button to press to free Sally and Bunnie from Robotnik's control? Lucky guess?

And that's my rant on arguably the WORST SatAM episode ever. If any of you can think of some logical explanations for these horrible inconsistencies, feel free to provide them if you want. However, I will not accept statements like "It's just a cartoon; it doesn't have to make sense" because I feel that even cartoons have to have some consistency in them.

Also, I'm sorry if I have upset anybody who thinks otherwise of this episode. You must understand that I am just stating my opinion and nothing more.

(takes a couple of deep breaths)
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3. Maybe because the fact that only one arm was roboticized, while the other one isn't. And she was unable to escape, without physically hurting herself. Perhaps similar to Jason trying to tackle Goldar without his ranger powers.

How about the music that played when that SWATbot walked towards the entrance to Lazar's lair earlier in the episode.
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3. Okay.

That might work. I'll see if I can find an audio file of it.
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1. I never thought of that. I always thought the Forbidden Zone was out of reach. But now that I think of it, that zone was as close to Robotropolis as Knothole. So maybe the forcefield is impenetrable even to teleportation.

2. Lazar probably didn't trust Sonic 100% that he would keep his word. I mean if Tails was with Sonic, Lazar might kept Tails as his prisoner instead.

3. The SWATbots were holding Sally and Bunnie so they couldn't escape. But still, they could have shown Robotnik pointing the computer at the girls, and fireing a beam at them like a laser gun.

4. He's lost his speed, genius. Sally and Bunnie could have chased after him, and still grab a hold of him. Plus, Sonic may have been confused by what just happened.

5. Well, he was trying to get through to them at first, hoping to break them free of Robotnik's control, just like Kimberley tried to do to Tommy in the Power Rangers episode, "Green With Evil Part 5". And breaking free was probably the last resort. If that's not a good enough reason, then I might agree with you on that, unless Sonic got desperate to escape at the last moment.

6. Lucky guess probably.

I know one thing that I didn't like about Sonic in the American animated shows is that he doesn't show the same type of skills he shows in the games, when it comes to destroying robots.
And, this is just a hunch rather than a rant. But if a die-hard Sonic fan were to watch this episode for the first time, they'd probably be disappointed by the end that Sonic didn't go super, regarding the episode title.
You should check my old journal entry about alternate SatAM titles for season 1. :)
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1. That's a very good explanation.

2. Well, yeah, that, too.

3. Well, yeah, but it still doesn't make sense. How would keeping the girls from escaping allow him to brainwash them?

4. Well, yeah, but Sonic could still keep breaking free. And are you really sorry for calling me "genius"?

5. To be honest, I don't really think it's a good enough reason. Making Sonic desperate to escape at the last second as a last resort has got to be the weakest move ever on the writer's part.

6. Yeah, maybe.

I saw that journal entry a couple of years ago.

By the way, I've thought about adding a different piece of music to the part where Sally and Bunnie drag Sonic to the Roboticizer to make it more intense. Also, I'd want the most dramatic chord to be at the part where Sally says "Shut your mouth, hedgehog". What do you think?
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3. They were Robotnik's prisoners. He wouldn't let them stand unguarded in any way. And if they didn't secure Bunnie, she'd easily kick their SWATbutts, as long as she doesn't get stunned again.

4. If you hated that mild insult, then yes.

5. Agreed.

Here's a link to the journal entry. [link]

Sounds like a good idea to me. :)
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3. Yeah, that really ticks me off. When Bunnie was held by the SWATbot before Robotnik brainwashed her, she could have easily used her skill to get free. Why didn't she?

4. Thank you. I forgive you.

5. Okay.

Thank you.

Thank you. Any suggestions?
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