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The hot sun rained over the African plains as a group of leopards walked up to a large watering hole.
“Nice!” smirked a dark-haired woman as she peeked out of a large bush.
Her lovely innocent face screamed spoiled child but her manner of wearing camouflage trousers and top suggested she was trying to stay hiding as she watched the fierce predators drinking from the watering..

She carefully and quietly pulled up a  green camoed hunting rifle, pulling out the bipod to help steady it.
“Now how does dad do this I wonder?” she said, looking over the rifle.
“Damn it dad!” she sighed, “If only you had done this yourself, instead of telling your daughter to do it.”
Her mind kept on thinking back to the conversation back the hotel. Her family had taken this trip to get a break from the busy city back in America.
But this morning she had gone down to the nearest marketplace and seen an item she really wanted, a real leopard print fur coat.
She had even asked her dad to buy for her as a present but he straight up refused, calling her spoiled.
“If you want one then get it yourself!” she muttered, remembering her dad’s exact words.

As the young girl became occupied in trying to figure how to operate the weapon, unaware of something sneaking up behind her.
Her eyes widened as she felt something pressing down on her back, looking over her shoulder she found a leopard staring coldly at her.

A low growl echoed through her ears as she tried to pull herself away. She screamed as she felt the leopard pushing its claws into her back. The dark, razor-sharp claws tore through her top and pierced her skin.
“STOP!” she begged, looking back at the leopard.

The leopard seemed to smirk as his eyes began to glow.
“YOU TRY TO HARM US YOUNG CAITLIN!” a low, booming voice called as she blacked out.

Caitlin awoke, startled by a cold wet sensation on her feet. 
“What the…?” she quizzed, upon seeing two leopards licking her feet.
“Welcome!” called a happy voice, “Don’t try and move.”
“Why?” Caitlin snapped.
“Because of the chains silly!” retorted the voice.

Caitlin looked confused when she noticed her body was completely naked just like when she was born.
“What kind of joke is this?” Caitlin called, taking note of the chains attached to her feet and hands holding her tightly to the ground.
“Joke?” the voice quizzed.
“Yeah. A prank.” Caitlin said, “ A poor one!”
“My dear Caitlin. I can assure this is no prank. This is your punishment for try to hunt my babies.” The voice explained.
“So what!” barked Caitlin, “No-one cares if one is killed for the sake of fashion.”
“So you wanted fur?” asked the voice.
“Yeah!” Caitlin answered.

The two leopards licking her feet stopped and stared at her.
Caitlin went to speak but her voice cracked into a groan of discomfort as her whole body began to burn. The feeling of millions of needles pressing into her skin spread across her body as millions of golden brown hairs sprouted out her skin.
“What’s happening to me?” Caitlin cried as she watched white hairs sprouting out of her breasts, chest and torso.
“Why your getting you fur coat!” the voice chuckled.
“NOOO!” screamed Caitlin as multiple black spots covered her body.
“What’s the matter? I thought you wanted a nice leopard print fur coat?” the voice called as the hairs thickened.
Her spine lengthened out of her tailbone, forcing the skin to stretch and grow.

The chains released her as the voice laughed, 
“You mine now!”
Caitlin’s heart pounded her chest as she felt her warm soft fur, desperately trying to find any trace of her skin. She whimpered as she watched her fingernails growing longer and sharp.
Her eyes darted downwards in time to see her toenails, following suit to her fingernails.Caitlin jumped as she felt something brushing her arse, looking behind her only to find her new tail swishing about on its own free will.
The young, deformed girl’s eyes welled up as she looked for a mirror-like surface.

“The watering hole behind you should be good enough for you.” the voice suggested.
Caitlin wasted no time in scurrying over to it as her ears began to tingle.
“MY FACE!” she shrieked as she found her face rather furry.
Her curvy, furry ears reshaped into semi-circles as they moved to the top of her head.
“Really?” the voice asked.

Caitlin let at a strangled growl of a wounded animal as her body began to grow tougher and leaner muscles.
“You will watch over my children and look after them.” the voice told her.
“NOOO ARGGG!” Caitlin growled as her nose, grew smaller.
Her face pushed outwards, forcing her nose and mouth into a small feline like whiskers jutted out on either side of her muzzle. Her tongue lengthened slightly while her teeth grew into sharp points.
“You made me a freak!” Caitlin cried out as her changes slowed to a halt.
“No I’ve made you my pet.” the voice said as Caitlin’s eyes darkened into those of an obedient leopard slave.

“Like all those who came before you. You will serve me and hunt down the human vermin that threaten my leopards.” the voice explained.

Caitlin purred in agreement.

Collab with TransformationHub~Thank you very much! The story is sooooo awesome <3
Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to the original image used for this photomanipulation. If the owner requests its removal I shall do so.
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