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Damiel V3a Lg by rkainne, visual art

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My Bio

Just a (mostly) gentle "force of nature" exploring his world...

Favourite Visual Artist
Some (but by far not all) favorites: H.R. Giger, Rodin, Sadao Hasegawa, Lonsom, Albron, Silverjow (various other Japanese and/or gay artists,) and lots of abstract creators
Favourite Movies
Sci-fi/Fantasy mostly. eg. "Alien" series, spy craft and action /adventure.
Favourite TV Shows
Lots of non-fiction material (ie PBS,) Big Bang Theory, Chelsea Lately, Star Trek anything, RuPaul's Drag Race, Golden Girls, Frasier, The Boys, etc.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Calem Scott, Elliott Smith, Stevie Nicks, Jose Gonzales, Pat Benatar, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Blue October, Adele, Ed Sheeran, etc
Favourite Books
speculative and gay fiction, history, essays, social studies, science
Favourite Writers
China Mieville, Joan Didion, Carson McCullers, James Rollins, H.P. Lovecraft, etc.
Favourite Games
Tomb Raider, Fallout, Skyrim, No Man's Land, Resident Evil, Prince of Persia, God of War, Uncharted, Ecco the Dolphin, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Boggle, etc.etc.
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, followed by Xbox then PlayStation; table top
Tools of the Trade
pencil, ink, digital color, Photoshop, 3D/CGI programs
Other Interests
good conversation, social responsibility, humor, men ;)

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Rules of Engagement

I really dislike "Rules of Engagement" type management esp. for creative and personal sites. BUT, in recent days, I have experienced with what an unfortunately large number of dA artists have dealt and are dealing: unprovoked attacks on our personal freedoms and characters. I am so disappointed that we are all still dealing with these unacceptable levels of immaturity and obviously trauma-induced lashings out.

So to put it plainly for those who need it spelled out:

-I am a gay, mixed race, cis-gendered male of legal age.

-I do and will not tolerate hate speech or expression. Period.

-I do include so-called NSFW Favorites and content and produce some of my own. These works are well-marked as per dA policy and most held in separate labelled folder(s.) I generally do not support censorship of most kinds but I work with what I get and fight for rational and pragmatic rules/laws.

-I defend a person's right to freedom of speech and expression, even the vile crap I personally dislike (that is how Freedoms such as these work,) but I do not have to agree or accept the rotting fruits of these labors*. That is MY/OUR shared right.

-I am open to discussing most things rationally and respectfully. I will not engage in another's rage-fueled trauma show.

-I am well aware of most of my limitations and imperfections and try very hard to remember we all have them to keep judgement as reasonable and practical as I am able.

*There is are differences between the concepts of freedoms of speech and expression and acts of violence and hate. These are called "false equivalencies." Example: a person can think, feel and even express a dislike for others but they do not have the right to do such things that impact them in any meaningful way without consent. Those who spout that their religious freedom gives them the right to refuse services and make laws forbidding abortion, gay marriage and the like are impacting others without consent. No one has the right to codify hate, violence or personal opinion. Feelings are not facts, beliefs are not facts and a person's hurt feelings do not qualify as legitimate reasons for law or violence.

For more and clarification of my "opinions" and character, look around my page from time to time. With continued empathetic/sympathetic respect for rational, scientific and healthful engagement, I wish you all wellness and safety.

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NFT's and Me by rkainne, journal


NFT's and Me

3 min read
This post is yet another I did not want to make but was compelled as both a general statement of my stance on selling my work and a warning for others. The upwelling of scam offers to buy one's work as an NFT has descended in force. If you have spent any length of time on dA (or anywhere, really) you have probably run across a scam or two (or hundreds.) It is an inescapable reality of the internet, in general- make that, life, in general. Everything from pleas for financial assistance from Nigerian princes to the "IRS" phoning to threatening you into paying "taxes" or else. There are so many products everywhere you look emptily promising this and that exacerbated by little regulation and an alarmingly swelling populace of the willfully ignorant. Fake news, fake promises, fake values. Since I was a little guy, I've found human behavior to be both fascinating and puzzling. Scamming fits right in there. What if all the energy and at times, cleaver thinking that goes into creating scams
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I wanted to give a heads up to those who may read this entry as to my recent inactivity on dA. My healthy has been a bit sketchy the last few months and I just haven't felt much energy to really participate in a lot of my stuff. No worries, I am not in serious, immediate danger- this is mostly just another flare up of the Ol' Trauma Dragon. It is all-too-familiar but seems to have time limits so I wait it out (with some well-learned coping techniques.) We all have a bit of the Ol' Trauma Dragon lurking around in our noggins so I am sure this is not new territory for most of you. I am actually working on building a trauma centered collection of media with the purpose of helping others with all that I have learned on my journey on this planet. Trauma is the number one cause of the fractious disparity in all societies. It's epidemic and endemic passed from one generation/ individual to the next. Yet trauma is also a part of our species reality, part of our collective trudging through the
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A New Facet...

4 min read
{Republished from my newTumbl blog- contains adult subject matter.} First Entry: Well, for my first entry, I'm making it meaty. In a very real sense, I am using this platform as a way to explore and codify my thoughts on something wholly new to me as a dyed-in-the-wool, Kinsey 6, gay male. A kind of Coming Out. Historically, I am also a masculine-presenting male who prefers the same in my partners/playmates- you know, the larger, mesomorphic to gym queen to bear types, though body size is not my "make-it-or-break-it." Also, and I own this next revelation though I am in no way exclusive, I like big dicks. Yet, I have discovered that I am attracted to some FTM peoples/men. My feed rating is set to "W" to accommodate all possible data within my interests. So, since joining nT in the last couple of weeks, I have received many kinds of posting subjects. Like most of us, I find some not to my tastes but to each his/her/their own, right? It does not bother me to see female parts or
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