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So, like many other artists out there, I am now the official owner of a Patreon Page.

If you don't know what Patreon is, I'll explain. Briefly. Basically, it's a way that artists such as myself can get support and help to fund their work.  People, then known as Patrons, can pledge anything from as little as $1 a month (which they can opt out of at any time).  By doing so, they help the artists keep going with funds that can be used to buy supplies, equipment or even just to help pay their bills so they can devote more time to creating things that you love.

And if that doesn't help, then please check out the above link and you can find more in-depth information there.

In a nutshell - Yes, I would like to be able to spend more time working on my comic and building upon it without worrying so much about whether I can afford the time or not.

Anyway, happy surfing!!  :D
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Seriously? I have to be the worst at this whole art thing right now.  Keeping it going has been difficult the last few years.  My bouncing baby (quite literally) arrived late and has been bouncing violently ever since.  Home life is good, but very busy.  But now that things have finally begun to settle back down I feel I am ready to start again with my art and hobbies.

So, I have started up my web-comic again:  fur-realanimalinstinct.the-com…
So far, it's going well.  It IS something I would like to take up full-time and to do a lot more with, but funds and time don't permit this at the moment, but it's still going all the same.  Updates Monday, Wednesday and friday's.

My husband is awesome as usual and continues to support me in everything I try to do, which I am so grateful for.  I wish there was something I could do to encourage him more too and boost him up.

Still, we do our best.
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I can hardly believe it's been sooooo long since I've been updating my DeviantART page.  I feel so ashamed.  But then, life has been absolutely hectic since my last posting in 2009.

Xmas day 2009, my boyfriend of 10 months proposed to me.  (Woohoo!)
The following year and a half was spent working hard to save money, moving his stuff to my parents so we could be together and planning the wedding.
9 July 2011, we got married.  And spent the next couple of weeks soaking up the sights and food on a cruise in the mediterranean.  (Double woop!!)
Came back from Honeymoon to have doctors confirm I was Lactose Intolerant.  :(
End of November 2011, my new husband and I purchased our first house together and have been doing a complete upgrade on the house since.
January 2012, I fell pregnant and am now expecting a bouncing baby in October.

So, as you can see.  Things have certainly been all go.  However, I have some stuff that I'll be posting up when I've got things sorted and have got my scanner unburied, haha.
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If you want to know what's seriously worthwhile, then look no further.  My boyfriend has started up some petitions online for the DVD release of certain TV series and we hope to make at least 1000 signatures.  It would be awesome and I would be really grateful if some of you could find the time to sign either one or all of the following petitions and maybe even inform others.

Naked Video Series 4 & 5:…

The Baldy Man:…

Thank you very much!
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So, you remember this new friend I mentioned back in February?  The one who made me laugh all the time??  Well... we've been dating for the past 7 and a half months now.  I'm just soooo happy!!!

He still makes me laugh and we spend most of our time together, when I'm not working of course.  But he's been encouraging me to do my comics and other art projects recently.  So, that's why I posted some pictures of my newest clay models.  I've painted them all now, but can't decide whether to varnish them all or not.  I probably should as it will protect them from the elements.

I will post prictures of them before and after varnishing when I'm done though.
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That's me in a nutshell.  Art Crazy right now.  Don't know why exactly, but I'm not gonna knock it. I've been painting, drawing, using pastels now and have even tried my hand at polymer clay modeling.  I will post some examples of my work soon.

And yay!  I've met this awesome new friend who makes me laugh with his jokes and actually, I think it's partly what has inspired me to work on my art.  Anyway, work now, then it's a week of holiday, which I can use to hone my skill further, lol.

Btw, check out all the artists in my fave's collection.  They are awesome!!!!!
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I am going on holiday from the 7th of September, to America for 3 weeks.  It's my parents Silver wedding anniversary.  Yay!! :)

So, I thought i'd get off my lazy butt and update for once.  Now, my latest piece is a practice on shading.  Not very good I know, but I think for a first attempt, it's not TOO bad.  I hope?

Maybe some advice would help.  And some patience too, LOL.
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The Egyptian Cat is not the main picture I was working on, so there will be more coming soon, once I finish it of course.  I will work on my scanning skills and hopefully by the time my masterpiece is finished, it will look semi-reasonable on computer as well as paper.

I must admit, I've been in an awfully artsy-fartsy mood lately.  Not quite sure where I'll end up at the end though.

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I've not posted anything in such a long time now.  Probably due to a lack of enthusiasm to draw.  However, I've begun working on a new art piece.  I don't know exactly when I'll get it finished, but I'm pleased with the outine already.  It's just the shading I have to worry about now.  Hehheh.  

But, things are looking up for me just now and I hope to have a successful picture at the end of my hard work.
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Something new.

It's taken a while, because things have been very hectic.  But, something new is finally up.  I'm thinking on putting some more up, but it'll have to wait for now.

I have this thing, where if I see something and it calls to me, I have to take a photograph.  Don't ask me why.  And my latest piece, it just... called.  So there it is.  I have it available as a print, mug, coaster, stuff like that, if anyone's interested.  A bit scenery in one's life is good, I say.  Well, enjoy.
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I can't show off my latest piece of art.  I just can't get the whole things scanned properly in my tiny scanner.  And when I do get it on the computer in a satisfactory way, the picture is faded and doesn't show off the full potential of it.  I spent the last 3 days working on it and I don't want to submit something which isn't showing off all the shading I put in.  I will find a way to get it on the computer and then show it off.

I like to get others opinions on things, it helps me feel better and more inclined to improve my art.  Well, I'm getting ready to go to my friend House Warming Party tonight, so that's what I'm going to do right now.
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I don't normally do this sort of thing, but I decided to make my OWN wallpaper.  Normally I just use something off the web or a random doodle or something like that.  But now I decided to work and make my own.  It didn't take me longer than 45 minutes to draw the feathers, but it was tiring.  I just wanted something simple but nice at the same time.  And the result is my Fetahered Fall art.  Anyone can use it if they wish.

My sister prefers it in stretch mode, but I prefer it in tiled.  To each their own I suppose.  

Anyway..  I gotta get back to my main piece.  This is the second day I've been working on it and I've not finished putting everything in yet.  Some things have detail, but that's about it.  I will be working on it tomorrow too.  No way am I getting it done today.  I'm really proud of it overall.  I've never done such a huge art piece in my life.  (painted A2 sheets for High School Exams don't count.. there wasn't as much detail).
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Oogie what you say?  Oogie boogie.  There you go.

I have updated again, with Dragon Princess (old and crap thing) and Oyana - The Dragon Princess.  I really like this one though.

I love the shading on it and the few details I did put in.  The more I look at it, the more I come to like it.  I was really pleased when I got some of the folds on her clothes correct.  Normally, I don't do that sort of thing because I can't.  But this time I just didn't think about it too much and doodled it roughly before I finished it.  And hey, it worked!

Anyway, it was all done in pencil, nothing else.  It took me maybe 2 hours in total to complete it.  I've been unwell, which is why it took so long for such a small piece.  But now with all this art I've been doing in my time of being unwell, I can't stop drawing.  When I finish one piece, I start on the next.  Whatever it is that come's into my head at the time.  My next one is on A3 and I don't know if I'll be able to show it to you guys when I'm done because the whole page doesn't fit in the scanner.  Oh well, I'll see what I can do if I can.

Now I have to do loads of stuff I have to do that I missed out on while I was ill.  I think I managed to answer a total of 1 emails this morning.  I was bad because I was going to do it after College yesterday.  But curse this cold of mine, I flopped on the bed and that was me for the rest of the day.  So, I did it a few minutes ago.  Heheh.  My bad.  Anyway, lots of other stuff to do now.  Waaah.  I will come back with more artiness later?  Yeah.
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My second art update in 24 hours.  I won't be updating so often in the future, but I've been finishing off some pieces of art I'd started a while ago and decided I could show them off.

I'm pleased with the overall result of this one.  It's done in my usual pencil and shading style rather than in colour and inked.  I put more detail in this one than I normally do, but I think it complemented it quite nicely.

The head is my favourite part of this one.  Normally I have a lot of difficulty drawing a dragon's head (or any animal to be honest).  But I just relaxed and sketched a shape for this one and it seemed to work.  The part I really like is the eye.  I just can't stop looking at it.

The thing I don't really like about the picture though, is the right fore-arm.  It doesn't really seem to flow with the rest of the picture.  But, I did my best and I can live with it.  It could certainly have been a lot worse.

More art will be coming when I finish them.  Not rushed though.  I hate to rush things.  Enjoy.
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... for the journal as well as an art piece.

Well done me.

It's honestly, and I mean absolutely honestly, it's the first piece of full colour and page art that I've done since I finished art at High School.  I'm very pleased and can't wait to do more, hopefully improving with time.

I don't normally colour things, especially with paints and computers, but lately I've wanted to try different things and also try and improve my talents in certain areas.  So, my first piece is a combination of types.


The background was one of the most annoying parts.  I drew a very light sketch in pencil of where I wanted things to be.  Ie, the horizon (most important) and the layout of the canyon(ish) area.  It wasn't exact, but then I never did like to go into details with backgrounds.  Once I was happy, I gave the sky a go with some paint and left it to dry.  Then I did the same with the ground (all one colour) and let it dry.  Afterwards, I took a different shade and added some boldness to certain parts of the ground where it would have shadow, deeper areas, darker rock, that ssort of thing.  After that dried, I took another darker shade and added lines to emphasize areas such as the horizon and noticable cliffs and cracks.  Then I touched it up with a few details.  As for the sky, I spent a little time and shadded it so it looked better.  Scanning next.  I scanned it in at 300 dpi (unlike my usual 150 dpi).  I gave it a slight cross-hatch effect and saved it at 29% the original size, ready for part 2.


This was fun but annoying at the same time.  I sketched in roughly my character and added some rough shapes for wings.  When I was satisfied at where things were going to go, I straightened things out by drawing it completely and finsihing it off so you could see some small details and new where all the lines went.  I then inked the drawing.  Next, I scanned it onto the computer at 300 dpi.  (Must be consistent when scanning - unless a different look is desired).  I slowly, and as carefully as I could with the mouse, coloured in the picture, adding shadow where I felt it ws necessary.  When I was satisfied with the colours, I reduced the image in size to 25% the original size and cut it out.  I pasted it on top of the background and set it in palce.  I attempted to smooth the edges, but left it standing out enough to show the contrast in art style, and made sure everything was as it should be.

Then I saved it all as one image.  I then uploaded it here.  Phew.  It took me all day to do it.  But, I'm happy and will be doing more soon, but not immediatly.  I have to draw more comic strips now and write some scripts for next month.  Hopefully I will get another piece finished some time soon.
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