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July 15, 2006
I simply love the cool buttons in Eminence by ~rjsmith2007. This is a really stylish, usable theme thats great for dark wallpapers.
Featured by abhimanyughoshal


Updated 12-26-06: Eminence by ZERO


*NEW* Toolbar Icons
*4 Substyles
-Compact Menus
*Various fixes
*Wallpaper "Dark Bliss" Included in *.wba File

This is my 2nd skin. Eminence won 1st place in the 9th Challenge at I hope you enjoy my skin!
Thanks, for downloading!


ps: Feel free to post comments, both positive and negative. I am always looking to advance my skins, so let me know if you find a bug (preferably by email if you want to be sure that I see it).
© 2006 - 2021 rjsmith2007
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xanderslasher's avatar
Any chance this will be updated for Windows 7/8/or 10? I would love to see this skin get a new release!
RMK99's avatar

But almost all old WB skins is compatibile in new WB10.

I like it very much!But I don't know how to use it...Who can help me ?
betaza's avatar
I need this theme for my Windows 7 X64 :(
isomniac-A's avatar
i can`t understand .. why when I restart my pc this visual theme disapears and remains classic ?
what`s wrong ?
Rupeeclock's avatar
4 years old, but still working great in the latest release of Windowblinds. :)

With a stone texture applied, it looks fantastic on Windows 7.
I really like it na ^^
warmunkeh's avatar
is there any chance of updating this for vista?
ThoriumKnight's avatar
This is a truly AWESOME skin!
Algrably's avatar
Do i need any special Program to run it?
HYDRATTZ's avatar
Drybananna's avatar
Amazing skin. :Ð Quick question, though:

Im on Windows XP, how do you get that thing at the top of your screenshot with all the apps in one little bar up top?

Sorry for stupid question.
laserCrome's avatar
it's program called rocketDock. google it and get it! i have it too ;) works great!
AKLP's avatar
superb desigin +fav from me ;)
Second skin?

Must be lies.

This is an absolutely beautiful skin, and I thank you for your work.


My only problem is little purple dots at the corners.

I wonder if that's a WB problem.
Nice looking and thank you.
Como devo proceder para instalar? Belo Wallpaper! ;-)
coazher's avatar
How do i activate / get the toolline at the top? The one with links to my computer etc. I love it and im using it now, but would love it if i could get someone to tell me how do do that.
MrGreatape's avatar
lycan2000's avatar
I got it working but i don't have that fancy toolbar thing up the top in your picture, is there a reason for that?
lycan2000's avatar
Man i can't get this to work, well i mean i can i downloaded that program that Windows Blinds 5 and 6 but they are free versions and they won't unlock everything is there like another way to get it to work or something?
Where is the download button or am I just missing it?
LenasArtWorXS's avatar
Maybe I'm doing something wrong here but when I try to use the skin it doesn't show the wallpaper.
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