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Sweeney Todd Movie Poster

Sweeney Todd Movie Poster
Created in Illustrator CS, vexel art with mouse.

My entry into the Sweeney Todd Poster Contest [link]

Let me know what you think!
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HarleyHostage's avatar
awesome, i love sweeney todd. this is great ;D
im gonna be posting a bunch of sweeney todd screenshots that u probably wouldnt find on google or anything, so watch me, its comming soon ^^
and i love all ur art!
dragonwing1312's avatar
it certainly a bleeding beauty
GRIS06's avatar
pixeltease's avatar
Fantastic!! The eyes just seem to pull you in. :D
rjonesdesign's avatar
I tried to make him look even more ominous than in the picture. The eyes is the best place to do that!
Thank You!
pixeltease's avatar
You're very welcome. :D
cmerwin6's avatar
WoW! Excellent piece. And done with Vector Graphics! Even more impressive!Nice job.
The Hero Maker
rjonesdesign's avatar
Thanks a lot!!! I really like yours too!
InhaledEvil066's avatar
This is going on my list of all time fav's my friend!!!!! Johnny is one of my favorite actors. This is brilliant, damn i love your work!!!
rjonesdesign's avatar
Ahhh, Thank You!!!
InhaledEvil066's avatar
Much :love: I barely get a piece of you these days!! Everyone else is all over you!!
rjonesdesign's avatar
We'll have to fix that then!
RCarter's avatar
nice work, quick question, how much different is illustrator then photoshop? is it better? does it take alot to get a handle of the program?
rjonesdesign's avatar
I like it better.
The main difference is Illustrator is a vector based program, while Photoshop is a raster or pixel based program.
If you are adept at Photoshop, especially the pen tool, then Illustraor should not be a problem. They have some fantastic books, and there are more than a few good tutorials right here on DA.
I plan on making a tutorial myself soon!
RCarter's avatar
dont really use the pen alot, just mostly brushes and the lassos and wand, is illustrator mostly geared towards channels? cuz i use layers more often then channels
rjonesdesign's avatar
Its all abou layers in Illustrator
RCarter's avatar
good ill give it a try if i can find some decent tutorials
quickreaver's avatar
I love that you worked the vector love, unlike just about everyone else, but I'm not sure you caught Depp's likeness. Not sure what it is but.....anywho, nice job! And I kinda agree with the guy above who mentioned the razor. It doesn't look all sharp and shiny and deadly. Whatevs, still a great piece!
rjonesdesign's avatar
Thanks for looking!
M-I-R-I-E-L's avatar
This is wickedly good!
rjonesdesign's avatar
I think it's amazing. :D

You'll make it for sure.
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