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Chrono Cross Sprite Preview



So, here you have it. Just a preview of some of the Chrono Cross sprite edits I'm working on. Once again, these are done in the style of RPG Maker XP.

These are FAAAAR from being finished, I just wanted to get them out into the open so ya'll could see what I'm working on.

From the Left:

1) SERGE: Still undecided if I'm going to go with the brighter color palette (like here) or if I'm going to dull out the tones. His hair is a bit shiny and he sort of looks like a child...I'll have to add a few lines of height and maybe lengthen his shorts a bit.

2) KID: Still working on her color palette and details in her jacket. Also, she is still sporting the default 'ponytail' head in XP, so I'm working on a custom face/hair.

NORRIS: is having serious hair issues. Also I should look at shortening his jacket a bit.

LEENA: I'm liking her more and more as I work on her, however, her head wrap is getting sort of ridiculous. Also her skin tone is a bit too pink, and in places, she seems washed out.
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