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TF2 Spray pack 2

By RJD37
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My second TF2 spray pack!
Includes 27 VTF sprays (2 animated ones), JPG previews and again a readme file:D

I spend more work on some of these sprays, than I did with my first pack, although some are very simple as well, nevertheless still funny:D I also included my TF2 classes sprays to this pack. I hope you like it:D
© 2008 - 2020 RJD37
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Can I have download
pikapie's avatar
Psst you misspelled Pikachu. :3
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Yes I know, at the time I didn't care for a spellcheck. :sherlock:
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how exactly do you get yours to come out eligible? The ones I made using my paint tool don't come out like their supposed to because the text is all blurred upon applying the spray.
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FFS stands for "For Fucks Sake" ;)
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could i use the dispenser one wit hyour credit ?
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Of course! That's why I posted them up here in the first place! :D
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im defenetly using one X3
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I want that scout one but I've got no idea how to get it :C
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Their hilarious... xD Good job!
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ah! good ones!
i saw the gay bar one somewhere on a map a few days past =3
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Thx! I've also spotted a few of my own sprays around in a few servers. I find it a pretty cool thought that people are actually using these! I Never really thought they'd become this popular.
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^^ well they are cool enough to be if you ask me!

(tho a lolcat i saw somewhere was hilarious too)
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Wow, man. Quality over quantity.
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wow, thanks!:D
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These are all quite amusing. xD
I love the ones at the top with all the exclimation points.
Thats exactly how I feel about those stupid Engies. |8<
And the red dot thing? Awesome. I'm going to torture some noobs with that.
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great! glad you like 'em!:D
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There's a lot of really excellent sprays here. The character ones, especially... *goes to download*
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''GAY BAR >>>'' LMAO. XDD I love all of those. :'D Will download those later when I actually start to play TF2 again. I have other stuff to do right now, but I will get to it. xD
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go RED Team! I :heart: the spy! xD
RJD37's avatar
hahah you really like the red spy don't you?:D
thanks for the fav:D
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