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By RJBartrop
Acrylic and coloured pencil on illustration board.
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© 2011 - 2021 RJBartrop
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Red sonja coool!
joeltonongkh's avatar
I like the costume! Looks cool!
Roninwolf1981's avatar
Wow! This is amazing for anthro art. This has to go in my :+fav:'s!!!
Shadowrune69's avatar
Especially love the detail of the reflections in the armour! Beautiful work.
Aquilla-Whingate's avatar
An anthro white wolf Valkyrie it quite an uncommon figure, also one with that much of a beef on her wow. I am liking the fact she is muscled, but not so much so she looks like she is on steroids in her your half above the belt for sure. I also like all the ornamentation you have given her as well. the pol-ax, broad sword, the chest plates that look like real chrome I might add, and chain-mail. I think this is a great traditional media and well worth the Daily Deviation, well done. :) :thumbsup: :+fav:
abhishek-mitra's avatar
the metal effect is awesome!!!!
lPixieFairyl's avatar
Love it!! espically the feminacy (makin words up now)
ArwynAtreides's avatar
Wolvencheif's avatar
MY KIND OF VALKYR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D

For Russ and the All Father. :iconswtareljchriplz:<YEAH!
CollinFatRat's avatar
Wow :XD:, talk about Zena warrior princess :giggle:. She looks awesome, wouldn't dream of messing with her.
SteelSkeleton's avatar
Wow. Very nice. Congratulations on Daily Deviation.
OddFacade's avatar
I know she'd snap me like a bug for bugging her, but one smooch would totally be worth it! n.n<3
FluffySpiderz's avatar
Nice! How long did it take you?
TheUltrajester's avatar
It's good to see that your art is getting some positive attention and feedback here, and not just on FA. Then again, your art is awesome, so I'm not surprised.
Mabon-Tail's avatar
Wow... She looks like she means business. D:
K4nK4n's avatar
Such a cool-looking warrior maiden, but what can you expect from a Valkyrie? Where're her wings, though? And I really like her batte axe.
Karasu1994's avatar
This is simply wonderful. If I were a wold I would want to look like her!
princessFirefly's avatar
MakarovJAC's avatar
More like WULFKYR!
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