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By rjakobson

I am ... really not an artist.  I'm passable (at best) with various digital art programs but... I will never be an artist.  An artist has the ability to see things I never will and so I keep playing and playing with digital art, but I'll never be an artist.  It's the difference between someone who plays music, and someone who's a musician. 

Having said that, keep in mind that although I'm not an artist... I enjoy creating things, and I enjoy exploring creativity, so I'll keep creating and enjoying what I can do and pushing myself in that regard. 

I just don't want to be considered an artist.  Too many people throw out that title thinking that by saying it often enough, they'll be an artist and I'd rather not add myself to that group.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to be an artist. 

In fact, more people should aspire to it, or at least to letting the creative side of themselves off it's leash a bit.  But if all it takes to be an artist is a title then it kind of defeats the purpose of it.  I'm not an artist. I'm someone who enjoys and practices art.  When, I wake up at 2 am and have a concept and it's something no one has ever seen before and I have to push it out on paper.. then I'll be an artist.

Right now, I'm just someone who appreciates what they give us, and works very hard at producing things I enjoy - sketches, digitals, video, all of it.  This is for fun for me.

If anything I want to create and enjoy what I create, if people think that means I have some artistic skill that's great and I'm humbled.  But I'm here to enjoy my creative efforts and those of others. 

Thanks for stopping by, and looking at my stuff. 

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