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My son, created this idea when he was about 10 or so... and it's evolved over the years.  Imagine our surprise to find out the name was now in kind of the public domain... :D  This is about the closest I've come to getting some of his ideas on paper. 
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Whatever the concept/powers for this piece, the artwork is stunning!  i hope to see both you and your son in-game!
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Pray tell what iit has to do with CoT
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It's my sons Toon from CoH... And hopefully it'll be his took in CoT when its available.  Is there an issue with that I am unaware of??

Still working on a costume version of the toon...…
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Nah I just wanted to know the story.
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Yeah, actually years ago when he was about 10 he came up with the character.  He's had him around and created stories for him ever since, he's 21 now.  He played him on CoH and also on Champions for a bit but like a lot of us, never got into Champions. 

I've done a lot of sketches for people and really haven't done anything for him.  So - decided I'd give it a shot and it turned out well enough I wanted to make it so he could get a print (hence the print thing). 
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Champions is sort of a Joke and a pale comparison to the Tabletop as far as I understand.

great character designer system, terrible aesthetics. 
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I used to do table top games when I was younger but never have the time to sit down and get the rules for most worked out in my head where I'm comfortable enough to just relax and play. 

Back when Champions came out (as a table top) I had it and played it, and it was fun.  The MMO I got into only because of it's association to CoH, and it's okay.  I tend to scream through levels on it though and the sense of community there isn't what it was with COH so it never really caught my interest much after I got a couple toons maxed. 
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