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Haakon and Big D

By rjakobson
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Lol.. The nice thing about being literal is I seldom take things poorly from anyone.

But to be more specific Yes it's a very intentional choice. It's not so much a painting as a description of what I see. In this case a boy and his dog at a specific moment in time that's all that image holds for me. Where and when and all else that's going on... Are just blurs in the back that fade away.

I've got several like this I'll be uploading over the next few days, they're kind of a thing with me right now.  Taking photos I've taken and reworking them digitally. 
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It wasn't meant to be a criticism.

I know you generally work in digital, yet the image has a sense of oil painting.  It could be viewed as a work in progress.  Or simply a statement of 'There's what's important, I don't have to paint the rest.'  It might be seen as a dream in progress, again with only the important parts realized.

I don't have to tell you it's good, since I follow you because you're good!  Really good!
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Interesting.  Only painted the important parts of the image.
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I'm a bit lost with this one being rather literal. You would only paint the important parts of an image - everything else is background and background should not distract... so yeah. 

It's digital art.