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When I see people who trace artworks and recreate an original design after it or just simply trace it entirely and later on get bashed, criticized, and mostly harassed by community like deviantart, I feel really sad. I mean tracing and claiming it on your own is bad but I also felt bad because this is how I learn and begin my art career. Back in 90s where social media, internet, or even pen tablets are not the norm, I usually buy notebooks with anime pictures on the front page just so I can trace it and create my very own character out of it. I traced every notebooks with anime drawings on it, those text cards we used to collect back in the days, those anime stickers of card captor Sakura that I usually put in my journal notebook like a collection or those Yugioh on the binder.

When I see beginners tracing art, I simply view them as learning art. I agree that if they do, they should keep it to themselves but I also kinda disagree because the beginners like most of us, needs encouragement and that can only be obtained if we praised a bit of their work even if it means tracing. When I was learning art by tracing, I usually show it to my friends or my family and the way they smile and praise me, motivates me and encourage me to make more and develop. In our age currently, we rarely do that. We usually use social media for anything so that's why people used those means to make such share yet they get bashed. I felt really sadden and I kinda want to help and protect them. As an artist myself, we all started somewhere. Learning takes time and to see someone who can't draw to be discourage just because to others eyes, he or she is taking credit out of someones hardwork, let me tell you this, have you ever ask yourself a question when and how you learn art? If you say school, I bet the teachers probably did had his or her work traced by you or you traced some work long before too and possibly developed your style.

This is why, I don't want to promote it but I kinda want to help and protect them from vicious comments that drives a potential artist away. I can give you all who make this harsh comments the finger. You guys have no right to call yourself an artist if you just keep all those skills you possess to yourself. I hope that karma will hit you because you guys are insane. We all learn from a source. Don't think that your so smart just because you think you possess a talent. Talent is nothing without your initial skills introduce and that could only take place if the passion is observed and encouragement fuels that. To take those away from a potential artist makes me hate arrogant artist.

Also just a reminder to people that trace, isn't it that bad to credit an original work? I mean, if that's the price of learning, why bother claiming it whole? I just hope, all of us learn to be fair to create a community without one side benefiting all.

After - MATH Story

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 11, 2018, 7:21 AM

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A guy met with a cute girl at the local store.
He really likes the girl.
He ask her phone number.
The girl gave him her number but in a form of mathematical question.
She said she wanted to get to know him well so call her.
He was happy, he tried solving the math problem.
He cannot solve the math problem as the numbers never came out correct and his formula is wrong.
He decided, he wants to learn the formula to solve the problem.
He went to school to study math subject and learn how to solve the equation.
He made a lot of good friends who helped him study.
He also get to meet a girl who tutor him for the test.
They become really close and got into relationship.
He has passed the test and graduated.
He finished the school and hoping to marry her, his tutor.
He completely forgotten why he went to the school in the first place but he was married to his tutor and they both become math teachers.

He never solved the mathematical question that is the cute girl's number.

Plot Twist: His tutor is actually the same girl he met at the local store. He just didn't recognized her properly because she cut her hair bob and wore glasses but she was the same girl he met at the local store.

I know that only few read my journal post... anyways, I might be in deviantart for a while.
The thing is, the mood is coming back. I almost give up due to me having no time for it but I know, animation, anime itself is my only way
to succeed what I wanted... to become an animator and game designer.

I can't make any promises but expect me doing lots of uploads this year unlike previous year of me with dead activity.

See you laterz!
Hi everyone,

I won't say I'm back because I never left but I never go to DA that much unlike my prime years of 2010-2013.
Ever since I started doing a hobby doll collecting, my digital art suffers however my animation career risen to the point I'm doing commission per contract for extra money.
This is the reason why my doll collection booms from $50k to almost reaching $100k (51BJDS - 22Lifesizedolls)

I'm sorry to those I promised art but I was trying to restore my activity however I just can't find a motivation to even start now that my art is running smoothly in Animation and doing free art or animation on my free time kinda distracts me and often in mind I have available clients I can make money from with my animation.

Still, I'm sorry but yes, I'm not dead, I'm a live.

This contradicts to the rumor I died. lol

Anyways, haters always choose the most gruesome way but yeah. I'm an active doll collector on Twitter:: and even made a doll only posting account here in deviantart so I can only post my doll collections in there instead of mixing it with this main one. >>> :icondollavidaloca:

I will never promise anyone anymore but if you saw me started uploading a lot again, that's where my activity goes back but for now, please don't look for me. If you do, visit twitter or my facebook page.

Anything else, either goodbye or see you later. Either way works.

Mata ai masho



Only 1 is to be picked in month of May for Free Request and the lucky winner I picked is:: Samulady's Tissue.

Congratulations Samulady for sharing your OC. New Beginning#2 June should be upcoming next. Prepare your OC and make sure it's eye candy. (Because I'm picky)

1 Free Anime is still Open.

Submit your comic/manga that only contains 6 panel.
If you submit something with more than 6 panels, I will only do the 6.
If you submit something below 6 panels, you're making my job easier.



Hi guys! I wanted to change the mood and probably try something a month.
As you guys unaware, I work two jobs and only active on Tues and Wednesday. (My days off from both jobs)

But still I want to try something new out of the box. How about Free Art and Animation every month? I will only pick
1 suited for the request and you can't get another one until 3 months later or if I personally like your character or your storybuild.
This is limited offer as I plan to establish commission soon. I just wanted to smell good to my watchers again after being inactive.

For free art, I only draw girls for now. I would do male later. Just post me (not on notes) your OC on the comment below. I'll be
picking a character that I would like to draw. The easier their design, the more I would choose since I barely have 48hours of free time.
Don't expect me to finish them as fast I used to be. Remember, my time is very limited and this is free request so expectation shouldn't be
required but I'll try my best to finish it.

For free anime, I want you to do a manga style manga with 6 panels on it. Make sure you detailed the manga good. You can provide storyboards
for accurary too but Manga would be fine. I'll be animating those 6 panels for the length I prefer. Remember, you're not paying me anything for
this so I'll decide the length and no expectations. I'll try my best to finish it. Don't expect a perfect quality but I would try my best to make it
as perfect as it can be. If you want more then you can start paying me $7PVS for low quality (960x540p) and $25PVS for HD (1920x1080p)

I'm just looking for a past time. Don't bother me if I'm working already. I just wanted to imply my free time and effort.



Note:: 1 Free Request / 1 Free Anime means 1 Free Request to one selected person each month. That means only 2 person will get the request monthly not one each account. Sorry. I can't promise a lot to people. I have barely time but at least I'm trying my best to do something for a change.


皆さんが気付かないうちに、私は2つの仕事をし、火曜日と水曜日にのみ活動します。 (両方の仕事からの休み)




無料アニメ ::




注:: 1無料リクエスト/ 1無料アニメとは、毎月1人の選択された人に1つの無料リクエストを意味します。これは、2人だけが毎月1回ずつアカウントをリクエストすることを意味します。ごめんなさい。私は人々に約束することはできません。私はほとんど時間がありませんが、少なくとも私は変更のために何かをするために最善を尽くしています。


I'm going to do this lil' by little. So the FFZ game that I was trying to remake on 3D would now be impossible.
I gotten another job so I'm really going to have a major time draw back weekly. I plan to stick to two jobs for at least 5 to 6 months just to pay off the car I bought.

3D modeling is time consuming and I have no time anymore. If I want to achieve something I will just remake it in 2D or at least 2.5D style but 3D won't.
I can draw better than model. Instead of FFZ it would be::


Similar storyline but more story driven and introduction well explained especially during the first few episodes of the story.

If you haven't downloaded the game yet here's the link again::…
If you rather just watch the gameplay than play here's the 1hr video >>>…

The link to mediafire above is new because of the first release having reset glitch where a switch don't met causing the player unable to proceed.

Again, if you want to be part of this project, now is your chance. You can contribute an idea to the project and get credits.
It's anything from plot or plot twist to a new character design or NPC dialogue or etc. at no cost. Why not try some?

The Game Designer and 2D Animator,
I'll only buy Nintendo Switch I guess when New Pokemon game comes with it.
I bought my Gameboy Pocket when Pkmn Yellow is out.
I bought my Gameboy Color when my cousin gave me a Crystal version.
I got my GameCube when Pokemon Colloseum is available.
I bought my Gameboy Advance when a friend of mine gave away his Ruby version.
I bought my NDS when Pokemon Diamond is given to me from a friend who I kept borrowing his DS and he got tired of it.
I bought my DSI when I bundle it with Black and White.
I bought my 3DS when I bundle it with Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.
So until a new pokemon comes out, I'm fine not having any Nintendo Switch.
CONTEST:: STEP#4 ANIMATICS - 2/8/2017 - 4:28AM
Thanks to the Anicepts, this animatics had made it easier wosh!!
CONTEST:: STEP#3 Anicepts by RJAce1014

Anyhow, this is the animatics for the Valentines Contest animation. It seems that it would take me almost a minute but there's a work around with that since basically most of the frames are on loop anyways. I have 5 more days to finish this due.

I going to take my 15 minutes break off my animation job and go back to do Sketchimation when I return. Mostly, since Cacani should be used to be part of the contest, I will do most inbetween with the softwares and color everything with Sai. Do all image sequence with Anime Studio... easy peasy!! Be back I'm hungry xDD
#cacani #cacanianimation #anime #animator #animatics #contest

CONTEST:: STEP#3 ANICEPTS - 2/7/2017 - 11:55PM
This is the photo concepts for my animatics using my dolls. This is to give people a hint on how I use my dolls for my animation or an aid for my client before the animatics. In this case, Chichiriya looks a lot like Canary and Haikuya with RJ.

I shall create the animatics soon so I can get started with the animation. Doll Powa!!

CONTEST:: STEP#2 STORY - 2/7/2017 - 10:11PM
Okay this is very original story and scene and only Canary and RJ can pull xDD

So basically in this mini story, Canary and RJ is in the middle of a fight with a monster. Canary was captured but RJ freed her. Soon after getting back to their feet, RJ and Canary made a heart shape hand together as they cut through the monster in heartshape cut on a move they called "Heart Struck." The monster explosion animation is also heart shape and while that effects is happening, RJ and Canary kiss together and a tiny heart launches into the sky exploding hearts with the text saying "Fight for your love this Valentines." by RJAce1014

To make the context of the story much clear, I shall proceed with scripts and animatics. Stay tuned!

CONTEST:: STEP#1 PLAN - 2/7/2017 - 9:42PM
Okay I'm planning to join that animation contest by Cacani. I would feature my major OC, RJ and Canary for this contest. I'm going to make the story now since the deadline is Feb. 13 and all it takes is minimum of 3 - 10sec animation.
I'll post all the progress here for public viewing, thankies!!!…

It's sad that some of my artist friends online thought I quit art altogether. I was actually in hiatus for online shares but I do make money with it and use the money for my doll collection and other hobby. I quit the shares but didn't quit art. As a matter of fact, I seldom use it at my job where I draw labels using markers and/or when I'm bored.

I upload my doll collections as a filler to keep my activity online. Basically if no one heard from you within 6 months, your rep goes down and the chance of you being search to google will also have impact. This filler, journal post, and polls are the ones the kept my gallery being seen on google when they search for me on which is a directory for my clients as well. I know you might be tired of me doing photography instead of Animations or digital art but I was having three jobs before and now two. (One as Full-Time and the other one is freelance.)

So I didn't quit art just to confirm. I'm still an artist from start til end but I just don't post art much online anymore and if I do, it has to be OC. I'm tired of fanart being stolen and I can't do anything about it but at least my own copyright I can legally sue anyone I feel the need to haha. (I have money for lawyers now too) Since I do Frame by frame animation, I bet you that I draw thousands more each drawing you do irl so basically, my skills is always sharpen by inch everyday so I didn't stop and lost interest. I stop uploading online but basically due to my copyright contract with my clients. I can't upload any commission works without their permission and most of my clients from official to low time wants to claim it whole so I can't do anything about that since I'm getting paid in the end of the line on which I use for my hobby and collections.

Anyways, consider myself art hiatus online. I might be entering 3D Model/Animation soon so don't loose hope on me. The 3D animation demand is high and clients often go for 3D than 2D now a days. (WTF happened to classic animations? Do people think 3D stand up more? Go to Japan and see how they value 2D.)

Thank you for staying with me and if you decide to unwatch me for this reason, go ahead, it's free. To those who stick with, wait for my return. There's more stuffs in my bag of goodies than before only that I need time for myself. I'll keep uploading my collections whether you like it or not to keep my activity online especially in deviantart. Thank you very much and good bye! C:

Your fellow artist from Ar to the Jay,


PS: Sometimes at work during the boring hours of no customers and all prep work is done, I draw most of the time till the end of the shift. Sometimes since culinary is still art, I make food art. Here's some of my notable works at my workplace.

My drawing of Litten vs my coworkers and done under 5 minutes.

My drawing of Litten after finishing cutting the Hoggie Rolls.

My drawing of Brionne after finishing cutting the Hoggie Rolls.

Doing prep work is never been easier without my sense of making lables and drawings. This is my weapon before New Year.

Each time my coworkers got back from a long vacation, I have a surprise for them.

It's hard to get a vacation in culinary since the job is mandatory but if you ask your manager nicely with a cute monster, they might reconsider xD I do have my whole Bday week vacation on October.

My coworkers draw me back. I do that to all of them and seeing this after my vacation makes me happier.

This is the drawing of my Manager at the Deli. She's very nice to me and like my artworks. Heck, I drew her just because of that haha.

This is the anime version of my Manager at the Deli when I gave her my gift. Pretty much, everyone I gave gifts at my workplace gets a drawing. (I spend $500 on gifts for all of them)

Each of those gifts get a drawing hahaha

This is Food Art, I made a Butterfly Chicken BBQ Pizza using Sourdough as my dough hahaha

A Chibi version of my Cashier. She actually displayed it on her wall and her boyfriend got mad at her haha but I tell you, I just draw bro, no feelings for anything lolol

My Cashier ordered a hotdog. Well, I draw an actually dog on her To go box hahaha


Happy New Year 2017 > Sorry Old Year 2016

An Animation Studio is offering me a job as a Storyboard Artist OMFG! Of course, due to my interest, I asked if there's an animator position. The Agent said after some exchange message that I'll start as SB Artist and work my way up into animation as a key artist. I was shocked since this is unnerving and too good to be true but I asked the requirements because usually a Degree comes with the offer but he said all I need is a HighSchool Diploma and experience and we can talk about that on the interview. Could this be the start? *shivers*

I don't know if I should take the offer. It's a small studio in LA so if I were to take the job, I would have to move to LA. Haha, I'll think about it. I'm also afraid to take on a new job too even if I like animation. xDD It wasn't my plan. I have to talk to my dad about this.

If I take this opportunity, I have to abandon my current Job, all the projects I'm working on, and also have to move to LA along with my stuffs. Maybe I should turn it down because it looks so too good to be true. I mean studios usually require animation degree to even get hired and I have none so it's bogus but I have to go to LA to find out. Either way, I'm not at lost. I'm still going to do Freelance Animation and culinary job if I turn it down but I can't decide right now. I'm pretty much enjoying my life freelancing and getting paid top dollars.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone I know! You know what guys, thank you for taking care of me and I'm thankful that I know you guys.

I wish you all luck in life. I'm not selfish but I wish if my life time gave me a chance to organized all people here that I know come altogether at one big party and celebrate "Universal Friendship Day," I would do it just to see you guys once again.

And to those I don't know but know me or to people I just met online, thank you for trying your best to know me or getting to know me.

I have a simple life and not granted with riches nor my family is ever rich but because I work hard everyday of my life, trying to break my arms and bones to reach a perfect life same as middle class, it makes me live a life like it. I'm not boasting too much but I believe my awesome career in life and work is not someone will take and say "I can do it." It takes patience and I hope you too are all inspired.

Thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU!!! AND I'M OUT MODOPOOKAAARRRS!!!!! C:

Hello everyone! I sincerely thanked everyone who greeted me happy 24th birthday yesterday. It means a lot to me and makes me feel as if at least people care for me even online. Although I have no time to read through all the greetings nor have time to make replies, if one of those greeting replies has some special gift for me, kindly note me about it just to be sure your gift for me won't go to waste.

My birthday party was simple yet satisfying. I intend to celebrate it as grand but I guess it was just a simple as it looks.

I posted this image on facebook around afternoon since no one came when I invited people. It turns out they came around 8:30pm by surprised. Friends and family members coming from work with still their uniforms and others was told for the opportunity. So I was lonely sad till the night but me and friends had a drink late around 10pm and we did rotate shots while talking about work and also about highschool and about how they kept getting detentions for being stupid hahaha. Brings back the times when I was a teen. I'm really getting old. 24yrs. old seems young but to me, when you get off the teenage label, your life begins fully and responsibilities kicks in. We're going to be independent at one point in life and it's always a struggle doing everything at your best.

To those still in schools, enjoy your school life and don't put it to waste. I may not be the popular kid in school or popular only because I stand up to my bullies but at least I made up a lot of friends that now can relate to me as we get old and bring back those old times we we're still goof and immature hahaha. Treasure the moments and don't do drugs.


To be a great artist you have to be pursuant of your career. You have to put much time, effort, hardwork, etc. and be yourself. As an artist I shall share my Q4 and that practice makes you perfect. (No one started as a master.)

Q1: Are you an Artist? (Yes or No)
- - (Yes) - Go practice.
- - (No) - Find a picture online you can trace.
- - - - - - - Start practicing.

Q2: Is there someone better than you? (Yes or No)
- - (Yes) - Keep practicing and be better than that person.
- - (No) Find someone better than you. (Rival or Senpai)
- - - - (Rival) - Keep practicing until you beat your rival.
- - - - (Senpai) - Take the list of advice and technique and keep practicing.
- - - - - - (Challenge Senpai) - Take your senpai on to a challenge and see who's better.

Q3: You're tired of practicing or bored or demotivated. (Artblock)
- (Video Game) Play a video game for an hour to distract you and go back to practicing.
- (Go to bed) Sleep/Nap for an hour, wake up, keep practicing.
- (Positive) Each hour you take a break, your rival practices and becomes better than you. Don't waste time on breaks and go back to practicing.

Q4: You are practicing right now.
- (Good) Don't stop.
- (Watch TV/Listen Music) Entertain yourself but focus more on practicing.
- (Hungry) Grab a peanut and orange juice and take a bit and zip while practicing.

If you think you art isn't good, use this Q4 and get better.
If you think you're good enough, find a rival. You can always count me as a rival or senpai.
If you think you're superior than I am, good, continue your goals and look for someone better than me.

After doing this, you think you're the best? Remember there's always bigger fish out there so don't stop.

If you think you're the best always remember that there's always an Asian kid ready to humiliate you.
(Just so you guys know, I'm Asian too from South-East Asia.)

Always aim higher and remember that art itself is an idea of creation. It's infinite. Good day artist!

Weird and also crazy. I tried to sleep while listening to country music and I had a weirdest dream ever. Since the music still plays inside my dreams, I have no idea to turn it off inside my dreams.
If I do turn it off as I wish in my dreams, it's still on and plays. This drives me nuts and I realized I was sweating for an hour trying to escape the music that still on and nowhere to turn off.

My dream took place at work where my boss asked me to turn off the stereo but i stripped everything and there's no stereo on me but the music is still playing. I always kept my phone in my pocket so they blame it on the phone but there's no where it's playing music at all and even turned off in front of my boss yet the music still plays.

Now talk about weird, why the hell I am dreaming about my workplace. Attachment? Damn lol hahaha anyways that's crazy. Must have been because I work too much that I started dreaming about my workplace and co-workers, this is bad. Anyways, 
I just woke up and post this one on facebook but I had to tell dA as well. C: Hazy Crazy Weird Beard! ^~^
  • Listening to: Country Music Medley
  • Reading: I don't read books. It's for kids.
  • Watching: Anime shows or your mom.
  • Playing: Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition PS4
  • Eating: Panda Express: Orange and Mushroom Chicken
  • Drinking: Raspberry Ice Tea
Today Aug. 25, 2016 marked my 10th year here as a resident in US. It all started back in 2006. We left NAIA Terminal Int. Airport in the Philippines at 11:24p.m. Aug. 25, 2006 and arrived at LAX Int. Airport in LA at 9:42p.m Aug. 25, 2006, an estimate total of 16hrs. of flight. I was really scared at first. I was never good at English and embarrassed or ashamed to not understand anyone there despite having studied at ACM Private School in Taguig on which English is strictly taught.

What's your first impression of the country?

My first impression of the country is it would be a really cold place. Like what we watch in the movies back home on which it always rain snow in US, so me and my dad only brought all long sleeves with us and jacket. Neverthought California on August is actually summer and really hot. Since we stayed in PalmSprings on which most of my relatives lives, neverthought there will be a vast valley and deserts in US. Maybe I wasn't paying much attention on the cowboy movies my uncle use to watch when I was a kid lol.

So how did I like this country so far?

We started back in 2006. It was a struggle. Despite having so many relatives here, after those few months, we're on our own. Living a life here isn't as simple as many thought as it is and we have little to no money to begin with. But after few years of confidence to get out of relying on others, our life here turns out fine and I felt nothing is changing each year I live here.

No money... so how did you get here?

Before going to America my dad save up for 5 years and didn't enroll us to school in 2006 back in Philippines to save us up to ₱100000 at least from doing mechanic like fixing cars, selling all the crops we harvest during summer in Nueva Ecija and other more and more struggle just to pay up for our green card and passport and of course a ticket the we owe my aunt that is thrice (three of us) the money my dad saved over 5 years in Phlippines. The pocket money my dad has after all of those from ₱100000 becomes ₱20000 (or estimated $400 back then) which is not enough for us here in US.

Getting a job and an apartment

Getting a job and an apartment wasn't easy in those few months. First of all, there's many procedures to even get a job here and experience comes first so my dad has to really start from the lowest position in able to build that experience and an average apartment here would be around $1k monthly. All of us are shock too to hear that a monthly apartment here would cost the same amount my dad has been saving doing lots of hard work back in Philippines for years. At least we manage to find a cheap house on our first look out that started around $600+ monthly. That's just the rent, we have to also pay the electricity and water and also have to feed ourselves too and spare some for my mom in the Phlippines that has no job to this day but as a homemother that takes care of my little sister and only rely on what my dad send to her. At start my dad would off get $10/hr and a monthly salary of almost $1.2k. If you add up our spending, my dad could only save less than a hundred bucks out of his entire monthly salary which completely not enough for us despite my dad at that time was planning to buy a used car. Not having a car while having a job is a bad idea here in US. If you have no car here, you have no power at all.

Getting into school

It's also a struggle getting me into highschool since they don't accept my studies in Philippines. I have to take a certified entrance exam just to enter highschool since there's no middle school back then in Philippines and it wasn't free. I have to fill my grade 7 and 8 class to be able to enter properly but having to pass the entrance test, I manage to enter freshman year fine in PSHS despite of having to repeat Freshman twice. (Freshman in PH and Freshman in US.) During my sophomore years, I have to get a work permit from my counsilor in able for me to go part-time. My dad is struggling and I feel bad for him everyday so I wanted to not ask him for money anymore and make some for my lunch and other stuffs for my school.

Years of crisis

Because of so little savings and my dad needs to pay my aunt for the ticket he owe, my dad was forced to two jobs in 2007 and almost got killed in a hit-and-run car accident on which I don't know what will happen next. He got out with a broken arm but the car he recently bought was totalled. After recovering he enter our first debt in hospital bill since we can't afford insurance back then. He also somehow got a patience to fix the car and still here with us till this day. we can't really afford a new car that time too. It was our only choice but to rely on what we have and have time to fix it. The landowner decided to raised our rent because of my dad's job. I believe they mentioned lowering it before because my dad doesn't have much from before but now they decided to increase that $600 to a $900. It's crisis, we have to deal with our rent and now the hospital bill that is eating my dad's bank account and there's no way for us to really get anywhere but to endure it. Sometimes, at least, I eat on my aunt's house and bring us food just so we can eat for the night.

Ways to communicate back home

Back then our only way to gain access to internet is at library, highschool library, or internet station. We have a dial-up from our phone but even skype there would not be much unless it's broadband. This is usually why, I ended up going to my aunt and uncle's house often to use internet. There's nothing for me back then anyways. I have no video games to play with since I left it back home in PH and I don't have a lot of friends to hang-out with or I should say, I'm not that popular much and people tend to push me away. That's why highschool years is really rough for me except senior year on which most of my moments are there. I met lots of friends but only at that one point.

At least a 2008, my dad was able to afford broadband connection leading us to go further getting a timewarner for communication to my mom and our own internet. I'm used to waiting four hours just to load a 2 minute video on youtube xD.

Breaking away from the cage of crisis

We started to recover after 3 years of agony and able to find a cheaper house rent that we stayed and live in till this day. After I graduated from highschool PSHS 2010 and gotten a full-time job, real life begins there and our struggle just begun. Even as of now, it's still a tough life despite of having many perks given to us in comparison, it's still one hard tough and risky decision and yet end us up in succession. It may not be an easy start for us to present our lifestyle in the country but it's a good one since we come from a poor lifestyle in the Philippines and we have a survival instincts with us to help us survived those rough years into the edge.

You probably don't know my reasons why I have two jobs. I didn't choose to have two jobs if my only reason is to buy things I want including games, dolls, and other things that made me feel less poor but because of the debt my dad can't pay, hospital bills that is so big that starting to choke my dad's credits, my mom in Philippines who also needs money as source to live, and contract to the devil that suck out your life on which we call insurance.

I maybe able to afford most of the things I want including a screen tablet for my art that everyone thinks I am a spoiled rich kid with lots of money but my money comes from hardwork and time I put on to it. If I was rich, we would never rent a house but rather buy our own house. Still, today, we only rent despite of restrictions, I'm happy the way it is. I just started to enjoy life further so it just begun.

Thank you to all those people who have given me a chance to like this country better even people I met online despite of my homesickness, after 10 years of being here more than in my home country that I have been for 13 years, I can consider it my second homecountry I grew up.


In conclusion, I hated to first couple years of our life here in US. They keep telling us that here in US, we have tons of opportunity and have a better life but it turns out we're about to give up those few years of our crisis but we managed somehow. It turns out today, I like it than before. Not only that our life is now stable, there's much more that comes to us than what we expected. It's not bad but this is how my lifestyle here in US and I like it this way from now on. Hope that in the next years, things are gonna be even better than what today is.


If you have Pediophobia and/or Automatonophobia please don't scroll down or even bother reading this.
Please immediately click back or just GTFO of here already lolz jk.
I'm not responsible for the trigger nor would be compensated for your mental illness trigger.
I would create a buffer image for the viewers with phobia to not see the images from below. I'm concerned about it so do me a favor.

(Pediophobia - Fear of dolls)
(Automatonophobia - Fear of humanoid-like objects or beings.)

If you don't suffer from any mental disorders listed above, you may scroll down. Take note, I won't be responsible if connected mental illness has been triggered due to my blog.
Buffer Zone
Nanamimi Cool Zone


Welcome to my blog. This blog's topic is my own corrections to all misunderstanding and of course my intent for this blog is for you guys to not feel less comfortable around my surroundings especially my collections. Please note that I wanted to share my collections to everybody and so I want to make a compare and contrast between figurines and dolls I collect and why people shouldn't be creeped out by them.

So let's discuss more matters with pictures below.


This is a nendoroid. (Idolmaster Uzuki Shimamura) It's a chibi figurine on which adds up to it's cute nature. This is a must have for most anime fans or otakus who seek for their favorite anime character to be a nendo collection. Having said, this chibi figurine comes with 3 interchangable faces on which is an option if you decided to do random photo spree or you can sculpt and create your own faces if you are skilled with it. Everyone likes it and must have and really not creeped out of nendo because they're just kawaii.


This is a figma. (Hidamari Sketch Yuno) Figma is a short term for Action Figure in Japan meaning posable figures. It's a small 1/18 figurine but it the size varies having the 1/6 as expensive as can go up to $200+ on the market. Unlike figurines, figma has interchangable parts including faces and can be pose on which regular figurines can do. But unlike the figma, figurines has more detailed finish on the figure than the bjd likeness of figma. This is again a must have for collectors targeting anime fans and everyone likes it and must have and really not creeped out by it for some reason.

As you can see, Yuno is the smaller 1/16 version (or could be 1/18 or higher lolz) both this two are welcome by entire community of anime fans and they have no problem having any and all. So having that said, let's move to more detailed figurine.


This is an example of figurine on which a figure is lock into position. I present you 1/6 "Bootleg Miku Figure." I said it bootleg because I found the original one and be sold around $200+ and I bought this on the Phlippines in a store named "Comic Alley" for ₱1000 or $18. This store is well known to sell bootleg products so if you're in the Philippines right now, I suggest to go to expensive anime store in Glorietta Makati instead. Anyways, it's not like I can retrieve my money back so I kept her but she still is a figurine.
So back to my topic, she's the example of figurine and she cost thrice the figma or nendo combine. This figure can reach a size of 1/3 as expensive as $400+ but the regular 1/6 is landing around $150+. Usually figurines are detailed that's why they are expensive. In comparison to figma, they have no movable parts so it's not shown in their detailed posing. As ridiculous as it is, only an artist can tell why every details has it's own values and worth. But just like Nendo and Figma, this is a must have and nothing find them creepy in any certain way.

So this is the three figures. The Nendoroid, The Figurine, and The Figma. They vary from sizes but anime fans, collectors, and otakus will die trying to get one and of course, there's nothing wrong doing the collecting unless you're abnormal reject from the world who hates Japan and still think they deserve the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing. In which case, get out of here, none of us here wants you.

So let's see if things changes now for a different. What happened when we combined Nendo, Figurine size, and Figma altogether and put wig and clothing instead of vinyl clothing? I decided to dissect the nendo head and grabbed a wig and clothing from my pureneemo doll and an obitsu body 27cm that has size of 1/6 similar to figurine and combine them altogether.

Tada!! She is now a doll version of Uzuki with a chef hat lolz (because the wig is oversized since it's for bjd 40cm but for the sake of this sample)

Now does she looks creepy now? I didn't change a damn thing besides adding the wig and the real clothing. Her face is still the same as Uzuki from Nendo and I think she looks cute and sexy with those new giant jigs of her. So does your view changes about her now? Well, if not, then you gotten my point about my doll collections having an anime face and not creepy, however if you do then you're fooling yourself in complete sense and manner and if you're an anime fan, I have now the rights to call you a disgrace to the fanbase and should take off your anime clothes and dive to your western cartoon influence. (Not that I have anything against western cartoon but most of anti-anime robots use it as a sample to rant anime.) You see, her face is still from the nendoroid, only that I added the wig and the figurine like body that has a figma function. So how is it creepy and the Figma, Nendo, and Figurines doesn't bother you at all. Isn't that fooling yourself into thinking it's creepy. Maybe because majority think it is? Or because you got overwhelmed with jealousy that anything higher than $500 is creepy.


This is Nanamimi as my model for this blog. She wants to do some photoshoot with me to help me with the blog.

So anyways, how is that made a difference to my dollghters? I treat them like my little daughters as a collector so yes, I feel insulted or offended when people are creeped out by them. i can understand if you have a phobia of dolls but if you have or have not have any phobia and you collect nendo or figma, aren't you a fool to think dolls are any different? (I'm talking about those who look at them creepy and bashed my collections yet they have tons of nendoroid and figma and not bothered by it.)

Nanamimi wants to do Photoshoot after her little sister "Shirame" lend her the gray bonnet. Nanamimi likes it so much that she pose for the camera.

Look at her adorable innocent face. How is it others find that creepy? She has an anime style face.

She can do poses much better than any figma, and really like her clothes. The bonnet really looks adorable on her.

Look at that pillow I bought her. (It's actually the pillow like when you bought a watch xD) She's inviting you to sit down near her or lay down next to her.

She was trying her best to not look creepy looking and making this poses for the camera xD

She seems bored now but stay still honey. One more shot and that's it. A shot along the figurines.

As you see, Nanamimi has the 50cm obitsu body (1/3 doll) and bigger than all of them. Here all of them, the cast of this blog. Yuno Figma, Uzuki Nendo, Mio Pureneemo, Nanamimi Azone Amane, and Bootleg Miku Figurine.

Now excuse me as Nanamimi plays with her nendos ^_^


You want something creepy? I think they're creepy too and unlike my dollghter that has anime face, this one has faces of a child and looked like ready to talk to you when you're alone. Even as a doll collector, I'll avoid collection of porcelain. I heard that they sold lots of haunted one on ebay which is creepy enough.

:Porcelain dolls Image Preferences:…....

As you see, even I found these dolls creepy. It feels as if their eyes is about to blink. I also think the same to those American Girl Doll. And everytime I see their pictures, I heard a small kid laughter in the background. This is why I stick with Japanese Anime Dolls. Even barbie sometimes lol or Lalaloopsy xD

So please, to those who call my doll collection creepy, please identify the word creepy. Are you an anime fan or not? Do you possess or collect any anime related products? If so, do you take comparisons before being judgemental? Or are you just fooling yourself base on what others think about it.

To all of you who call it creepy, this is a journal blog I could link and/or tag for you to read and heard my comparison.

Thank you so much for reading this and I appreciate you have time to even bother reading it despite me spending my own time to type this. Please give it a moment and share to others who you think has the same problems about dolls unless they have phobias.

Thank you!

Hi my dear friend, watchers, stalkers, etc.

This has been criticized in the past and people started talking about how thrashy my page is at loading especially to those who have a serious slow internet access. Now don't get me all wrong, my profile page is supposed to be a welcome page and a page to be look upon or reflect my gallery and hobbies and supposed to be viewer friendly on which no one suffers from viewing it from time to time. At the same time, I wanted to show case as many art and imagery as possible without intention to harm. I also wanted my page traffic for visitors who often comes by so it would be bad for them to keep loading my page just to get an update or recheck about my page. Now I ran a test before updating to see how much bytes it takes to load my page and how big is the page actually was. I was using PINGDOM for the test. Test your own page if you'd like::

Now I don't feel much pain loading a 35.3MB. I'm paying $300+ on time warner to boost my speed to 200mbps, so this loading will be less than milisecond to load. I do understand the pain since I started as a dial-up user, downloading a 1GB takes me about a month or more. Then I jumped to broadband and 1GB user takes a week or two now until I decided to get TimeWarner Cable for $20monthly at 1mbps and started having 1GB download in 6-8 hours. After getting the $99, 1GB takes 3hrs or more but since I jumped the boost to 200mbps, that 1GB download now takes less than a minute. This is why I don't feel much of the pain however, there might be user using dial-up or whatever for all I care about. (Seriously, who uses anything today less than 1mbps.)

Anyways I made all the image of my page in smaller size without less quality and everything is small now. After taking out things that made my page upto 35.3MB, I made it litterally 10x lower than the average loading. So you can visit my page 10 times the pain you did yesterday. Here's the Pingdom results:::

Here's both comparison::

BEFORE 35.3 Page Size

AFTER 3.6 Page Size

As you can see, the page size now is really 10x smaller than my regular one. So please try and visit my page right now to see what I meant unless you have 10 or 20 or even 300mbps, you won't even feel it, I swear and if my results are lies, try check my page at Pingdom yourself to see the same results.

Now for question again and again how I test my page, use Pingdom or other sites you prefer. Here's the link at the Pingdom::

Anyways, I'm doing this for all of you, my watchers, who always visit my page and other visitors who does to including guest, new deviant, fans, haters, my stalkers, etc. (I know I have stalkers or else everyone's mouth is shut since I'm too important to be talk about so I believe I have few stalkers here and I know your purpose but I also care for you too.)

So enjoy my page and see my gallery for the real quality art.


Do you remember the auctions I won just for the sake of giving my girls having a big brother and of course a big sister? Well, they're finally here. (1 week late from the blog)

So let's start this dress up unboxing and I'm thrilled to show you Oniichan. I'll start with Haikuya first.

Here's the head of Haikuya from a DDH09 Head Mold. I kinda customized his eyes but since the eyes that comes with him doesn't fit his oniichan look.

I'll be using the Obitsu 55cm for this one making him more taller and look eldest than everyone.

Here's the interior of the box. As you can see it comes with the head.

I have to take out the head parts so I can connect it on Haikuya's head on which comes the hardest part of this unboxing.

I have to put the springs that comes with the obitsu as I'm so lazy to buy a neck adapters at Yahoo Auction Japan and besides, the price for the adapter is beaten by the shipping fees so nope.

What's so bad using the springs. It's difficult to put in but cheaper option.

Here's the wig. It looks a bit long but I might cut it later depending on how he actually looks later on.

Here he goes with the wig on.

It's time for us to connect the bodies.

(Chichiriya):: "Papa, I got the clothings for onii-chan. I picked it up for him."
Nice one Chichiriya! I wonder what he would look like with those dress.

(Chichiriya):: "I also wanted to dress him up. ^~^"
You what?! No, that can't be. That's not right.

(Chichiriya):: "Don't worry Papa. I always wanted to dress up Oniichan first. :D"
Hey, wait a second! Don't go....

(Chichiriya):: "I'll first wear him the blue undies I picked up for him. This will make him feel cozy."

(Chichiriya):: "Here we go!"
WTF!! That position.... it looks wrong. She looks like blowing whistles...

(Chichiriya):: "OuO Oniichan!!!"
OMG!! You gave him a hard on... Hey wait! Haikuya, you pervert. That's your little sister. How dare you! Turn away from here you nasty pervert.

(Chichiriya):: "^u^ Don't worry too much Papa. I'll cover it up with this pants."

(Chichiriya):: "Here you go Oniichan. Just raised your legs and I'll put it right in..."
Ummm... It's hard to see my kids growing up so fast.

(Chichiriya):: "Eh? It looks too big for him. Maybe I should tie the back a little."

(Chichiriya):: "Here you go Oniichan! It will look good soon. I'll tie a double knott."

You call that a double knott? Mine was 100x better than yours.

(Chichiriya):: "Oniichan!! Haha~ I got your clothes here. Be ready to warmed up as I warm it up for you."
Warm it up? What does that mean?

(Chichiriya):: "Haha~ Papa you're too jealous of Oniichan right now. He's getting all my warmth."
WTF, so you wore the clothes you gave him? Why not give him a new one, not the used one.
(Chichiriya):: "Don't worry Oniichan. My cologne is still in it and it does make you smell really good."

(Chichiriya):: "Let me put all the buttons for you. Haha~ :D"

Hmmm... the clothes of choice is very girlish. I should buy him a manly clothes instead...
(Chichiriya):: "No papa! You don't understand this fashion. He looks more charming than manly."

Well, I won't deny. His hair is kinda looks grown on him. It looks fitting but it would look better if it's a bit shorter.

Either way, he does looks charming. Fitting for a big brother.

Although, I still have to get him a proper clothing and not the reused clothing of my daughters. He seems to need it better.

(Chichiriya):: "Oniichan, I can't hold it much longer anymore... I... I..."
Chichiriya, what are you doing?

(Chichiriya):: "SUKI!!!"
HOLY SHIZZLE!! Hey siblings shouldn't kiss lips to lips. Bad bad bad bad. Haikuya, put your lips away from her lips. Chichiriya you too. That's incest!!

Are you guys even listening to me? HEY!! HEY!!! STOP EXCHANGING SALIVA... Gross... Oh well.

*Sigh* I hate to break to you, they flucking look adorable together.

In Haikuya's case, I can't believe my little sister is this cute and cheerful.

As long as they get along together. I'm more than happy. Hope they don't take that siblings love way too far.

We'll dressed up Haiate next but since she's reusing an already dressed body, all I need now is to install the head and go through the frustration process.

There they are! Chichiriya, Oniichan, and Oneechan. Like a happy family! Hope you enjoy this blog post xDD


I won another Mimidolls DDH01. I'll make a review of them next week when they all arrive.

I won her fair and square. I bid for 150k yen and she was sold out to me. She came from the same seller as Chichiriya making her a younger sister to her. She will be using the Obitsu 40cm for the review. Same body size like Nymamori making her look like a loli.

I won her around 40k yen and yes, she's as adorable as Chichiriya's makers dolls. She will be using the Mini Dollfie Dream 3 body base which is same size as Obitsu 40cm for the view.

Both of them are same as Nymamori. The imoutos of my doll family.

With their oniichan around. I can finally relax and take vacations. Their big brother acts like a father when daddy is not around. This rules applies to all big brothers out there or even little brothers.
When I make a blog like this, I always "beats the egg until it turns yellow" to make it interesting as it is.

Okay enough of that haha I made this up but when I say "Beats the egg until it turns yellow" means strive or keep doing something good until you succeed. It could be another term for willing to do more, be the sample, be the role model, or just something to influence to be better at or can be doing it thousands of times until you become someone.

Lots of examples
"A successful business man beats the egg until it turns yellow to the top of the corporate ladder."
"My dad beats the egg until it turns yellow to get us out of poverty."
"I draw a lot and beats the egg until it turns yellow to present my artworks."
"The tutorial Annie Mae created on her blog beats the egg until it turns yellow on most of my artworks.
"An animator needs to beats the egg until it turns yellow to create an animation.

This is also made up be you can also use it for positive means or adjectives.
"My car beats the egg until it turns yellow on performance."
"My girlfriend beats the egg until it turns yellow against other women."
"I will beat the egg until it turns yellow out of you if you don't listen to me."

You can use the term at the start of a sentence depending on what you're previously talking about as a conditional approach.

- You're asking your parents if you can go out to watch movie with friends and your parents saw your room dirty.

You: "Mom, can I go watch movie with my friends?"
Mom: (Looks shocked on your dirty room) "Well, beat the eggs until it turns yellow then you may go."

- You have an exam next week but you want to get a PS4 while on the market.
You: "I want a PS4 so bad."
Dad: "If you beat the egg until it turns yellow, then you can get scrambled egg for dinner."
You: "I will crack it open first thing in the morning so I can beat the egg until it turns yellow."

- You're asking a girl out. Melissa is not ready but wants to wait.

You: "Melissa, you soft boiled my heart with your warm love. Can I take you out sometime sunny side up?"
Melissa: "Beat the eggs until it turns yellow everyday and I'll be waiting to scramble mine for your dinner."