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Second opinion and new casts

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© 2020 rizzo-cast
Created in DAZ Studio 4.12 with the Genesis 3 female model and rendered with the NVIDIA iRay rendering engine of DAZ Studio 4.12.


Harper (Not the result she hoped for but at least the neckbrace is gone) - Previous picture: I want a second opinion
Melinda (Has a new room mate) - Previous picture: That's the spot
Finley (Doc) (Explaines to Harper why the new casts are necessary) - Previous picture: Busy day in the ER

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mabauterklammHobbyist Writer

Melinda wouldn't be able to wear a lot of clothes in the near future, but she didn’t let go of shopping on her smartphone. When some day she would be out of the hospital, she'd want to adorn herself with new sunglasses - from the new brand "Ray Banana".

Only incidentally she heard the doctors talking to her new roommate. What she heard struck her as incredible. The woman named Harper, who lay next to her in bed, was not only more casted than she was, but had been able to use two of her injured body parts!

The doctor's explanation was astonishing: the injury was already there after the accident, but it was not noticed. That is called the "banana effect": As very fresh fruits are hard, while old and ripe fruits are soft, the limbs could be the same.

To Melinda this explanation definitely sounded strange!

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hello, can you make in future some cast less fiber and more plaster? its to repetetive when every cast have that fiber lookiing material, also some people including me can like more plaster casts instead of fiber.

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I like plaster too. Of course this picture is all plaster, so that's cool.

The well-ventilated shoulder spica for Miss Harper is especially nice, btw.

Sometimes fiber can be used with good effect to highlight different casts in the same picture, for example, when there is more than one patient in the picture.

It appears that Rizzo uses plaster at least 95% of the time. Very good.

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it looks more like fiber on his pictures.
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Wonderful, Thanks!!

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aliencasterHobbyist Writer

The neckbrace was removed, but she was given two new casts. It's a lovely trade-off... I hope she'll asks for a third opinion (and her jaw will be casted so that she cannot complain :-)

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RIZZO CAST a certainty and a guarantee of wonderful images. In this world you invented this genre and started it many years ago. You are practically the king of the cast picture. Melinda was already known that she was very sexy with her glasses, another view of her in her bed amazes us more and more. Harper immobilized in this way is even sexier than her previous image. I also find the position of the un-plastered foot and its fantastic large diaper very realistic. What about ... We hope to see other angles and other images of the two characters. Personally I would like to see diaper changes with these two characters. But I know you will amaze us with new ideas and adventures.

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goblin775Hobbyist Writer

Btw, just noticed that they have a common past - so it's nice that they meet her again (or better: eventually ...) ...

Construction problems
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Apparently Harper wasn't familiar with the saying:

"Be careful what you wish for, you might get it"

Now she's getting her second opinion from Doctor Finley:

Miss Harper I'm afraid you have severely injured your right arm (broken in two places)

and your right knee (almost beyond repair). Your right knee will probably have to be replaced after your other extensive injuries heal. We can't be sure yet about your left knee. Your foot and ankle should be fine in a few months. Hopefully your shoulder will heal properly. That too might have to be replaced eventually.

Your body can only deal with so much trauma at one time,so we'll defer the

knee replacement for sometime in the future when you can get around with crutches. Your knee will be painful but you can at least hobble around until it can be completely repaired, maybe sometime next year.

I guess the only good news is your neck injury wasn't severe, so we eliminated the neck brace. At least you'll be able to turn your head to talk with visitors and your roommate.

Good day, Miss Harper.


Melinda thinking to herself:

I think that's that bitch that was taking pictures of me on the street

like I was some sort of freak. I vaguely remember hearing tires screeching and a scream just as I was going into that hole.

Just now I heard that same scream when they were trying to position her in bed with all the slings.

It looks like she's hurt more than me. At least I can still use one arm.

Yeah...that's her...that bitch.


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I concur with the second opinion. :D

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... except the Philadelphia collar.

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Yeah, now you mention it her head does look a little too mobile for her own good. :D

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Jetvoidfox96Student General Artist
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goblin775Hobbyist Writer

Well, she had it coming ... :D

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