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I am so sorry

By rizzo-cast
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Created in DAZ Studio 4.12 with the Genesis 3 female model and rendered with the nVIDIA iRay rendering engine of DAZ Studio 4.12.


Gemma (Is sorry that she pushed Airlie) - Previous picture: Courtyard accident
Airlie (Is grumpy because she can't move and needs a cigarette) - Previous picture: Courtyard accident

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i would love the blond one be paraplegic..always an amazing job

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I would love to see her walk in that 🤩
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A good opportunity to stop smoking, and to learn not to get distracted, and not to sit in dangerous places!

But we love to death these clumsy girls ...

Great 1-2, a real knock-out, bravo!

Thank you!

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Nice cast!!! Thanks!!!

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QuantumBanana Digital Artist

Very nice!

What do they call those "pants" type casts that only cover the thigh-to-hip region?

SudDePaaz's avatar

Pantaloon cast perhaps?

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goblin775Hobbyist Writer

Ah, Gemma‘s injuries come a bit as a surprise (but a nice one). And Airlie obviously didn’t fall as deeply as I had presumed - probably there was a kind of ramp behind that wall, not an opening for a basement...

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Here we are at the Smoker's Rehab Clinic....'s the orthopedic ward at Phillip's Medical Center.

There for a minute I thought they were testing a new stop-smoking therapy.

After their misfortune in the courtyard, the ladies were swiftly transported to the

nearby med center.

Gemma was less severely injured because she fell on top of Airlie and was

cushioned by her...body.

Still, she won't be walking to the tobacco shop any time soon.

This is a non-smoking facility which is just as well since neither girl can get to a cigarette machine and Airlie can't even flick her lighter with all her fingers encasted.

Gemma, like a brave commando, is trying to console her comrade Airlie.

Apparently the med center didn't have a gown that would properly fit Airlie.

I hope she doesn't get a chest cold. For her it would be doubly serious.

By the time Airlie's arms and hips have healed, she will have forgotten about smoking and her lungs will be healthy.

Can you imagine Airlie with healthy lungs?? OMG

Some will say "this serves them right for teasing poor Adaline".

Yes, Adaline does have the last laugh.

She still has two arms and one leg that work very well, more than can be said for Gemma and Airlie.

Besides, Adaline is not worried, she has a lifetime warranty on her new shoes, ho,ho,ho!


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Quick result, and yeah, hasn't Gemma got a neat little undercarriage. :D :heart:

Banana, the true superfruit. :D

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mabauterklammHobbyist Writer

The head nurse was having a serious conversation nearby.

"The new patient Airlie is supposed to be acting strange. Do you know ... Oh my gosh, what is that on your arm?"

"This is my brand new tattoo: It shows a watermelon shaped like a moon. Do you like it?"

The head nurse was speechless for a moment, then she ignored the apparently not serious question and returned to the real topic: "Do you have any idea what's wrong with that Airlie?"

"To be honest, it can only be because of the cigarette withdrawal. I swear I haven't done anything."

The head nurse was still looking stern and so the nurse continued to justify: "Really! I let both patients watch the series of these Twilight films on the TV to pass the time. You know, with the vampires and all the other fantasy character stuff. After that she was a bit strange. Since I asked her later whether she would like to have banana cream or melon compote for dessert, she hasn't said a word... "

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Jetvoidfox96Student General Artist
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Nice peek under Gemmas hospital gown there!

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aliencasterHobbyist Writer

Airlie's casts look cute and cool.

But in the real world, was there cast like this? I mean: why are the arm casts connected to the body cast if the shoulders are not broken? If they are broken, too, why didn't the surgeons apply shoulder spica casts?

SudDePaaz's avatar

I suppose it really does, as was already said, improve ventilation and patient comfort. Although some might want to disagree. It also offers better ways of maintaining skin integrity and general hygiene. A lighter, more open cast can be worn for much longer than if the armpits, for example, remain inaccessible for weeks and months on end. Things like boob sweat can also be an issue for some patients depending on their physique, level of physical activity and the climate/season. Again the benefits increase over time.

Cost control is paramount, too. A more modular, open construction that still offers the required level of immobilization can save a lot of expensive casting materials. Also costly is the cast techs' time on the clock while the next patient is already waiting in line. The bigger the cast, the longer it takes to apply. If there are ways to eliminate the need to periodically renew the cast at all, or to at least lengthen the intervals, then that's certainly something that will be done

In the end, casts are not only used for fractures. The seemingly paradoxical orthopedic use of Petrie ("broomstick") casts for Perthes' disease springs to mind. The hips are affected but not casted, while the legs are casted but not affected.

Wound access after surgery in the clavicular area would be another example: Look at the treatment of palsy of the brachial plexus, aka Erb's palsy. A 2017 real-life case in Solihull, England even made the rounds in the tabloids: Headlines like "Furious mum pulls disabled daughter out of Solihull school after being told makeshift uniform to hide body cast broke rules" and "Mum's fury as disabled daughter taken home from school in uniform row" say it all really. That patient had to wear the cast for 12 weeks.

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aliencasterHobbyist Writer

Oh, thanks for the detailed and informative answer!

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mabauterklammHobbyist Writer

I guess because it looks cute and cool. :D

I am not a doctor, but I think, a broken humerus is treated with some kind of shoulder spica, too. And this kind of cast provides a better ventilation.

aliencaster's avatar
aliencasterHobbyist Writer

"She who laughs last, laughs best"

I suppose that Gemma stopped laughing.

Well, these kind of casts are the best to prevent someone from smoking :-)

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AnklefreakHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you for the fast contiue. The banana peel damages more than I thought.

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