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My new avatar. Its the same woman from the picture "selfie"
  Selfie remake by rizzo-cast
but for this special shooting I put her in a little bigger cast.


Sam (Minerva DSS)  - Previous picture: Selfie remake / Next picture: Photo shooting with full body cast

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Awesome picture! Probably my favorite that you've done. It's great that she's in such high spirits about being in this cast, because with both arms immobilized there's absolutely nothing she can do to remove it or get out of it on her own :D

I just saw the FBC follow-up as I was in the middle of writing this comment, but still wanted to post this.
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Thank you. Do you prefer her in this cast or in the FBC?
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I definitely prefer seeing her in this cast over the FBC, though much of that comes from my strong preference for DSS casts over FBCs. I love seeing a woman stuck in a restrictive cast that she can't remove or escape from, but I don't find it nearly as interesting to see someone reduced to an inanimate object. I like seeing someone attempt to do everyday things in a DSS, showing how helpless they are in the cast, and there's no "everyday life" in a FBC. I could picture her going out in public in this DSS, maybe meeting some friends for some drinks at a bar or something like that, and of course that isn't possible in a FBC.

I also prefer symmetric casts (or cast combinations) in general, both in which body parts are casted and in how someone's limbs are positioned, so I like this picture much more than e.g. the "photo shooting" series starting with… . I think the short pleated skirt in this picture is very sexy too!

I didn't mention it before, but I also really like the Minerva and thumb spica additions to this cast and the follow-up FBC :)
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I totally agree. That’s why I don't make FBCs that often. As an artist you are limited by a FBC as much as the model that’s stuck in it. There aren't many settings where you can show everyday life with a FBC. That’s why I prefer casts like two LACs or two LLCs or a DSS where the model is severely restricted but able to participate in everyday activities.

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Dam if I was a single young man, this would make amazing bedroom poster, would love to see her in the Rizzo Modelling Agency sometime, maybe throw in double short leg walking casts with big toe spica's and her in a crowded bar, this is really good stuff, phew think I need a lay down.
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Thanks, gald you like the picture. Maybe she is alreay moddeling for the agency :-)
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That's really great! Just a question: have you ever considered using orthodontic appliances in your fantastic pics as well? I think that it could be a good idea, also considering that I love casts AND braces, as many other people do, I guess.
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Thanks. The problem is that I don't like orthodontic appliances. So I probably won't add any.
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Well, if you don't like them I honestly support your decision not to use them.
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Sie sieht sehr glücklich in ihrem Gips aus, ich hoffe wir können Sie mal in einem
Full Body cast bewundern
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Hoffe ich auch! Full Body,Krankenhausbett und Tractionen ;) (Wink) 
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Full body cast ja, Krankenhaus leider nein. Vieleicht später mal.
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Egal was es wird,es wird sicher wieder toll ;) (Wink) :) (Smile) Hug 
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absolute dream cast AWESOME !!!

maybe her undestructable smile can be enhanced ==>> with orthodontics ?!?!?
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I like her smile and I don't like orthodontics so I won't add any. Sorry.
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No Selfie for week now, but still smiling! Great picture again. I like the DSS and would be glad if I can care for her.
The next step should be a hip spica on her right leg and and the end a whole bodycast as already mentioned.

Thanks for sharing.
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I guess she also enjoys it, when other people take pictures of her. Don't have any plans yet of extending her casts, but I like your idea.
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It'll be difficult to hug her I bet. But she's so cute.
I always appreciate the idea of a fullbody-cast, but in this case I'd suggest a "big-ass" inside.
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I would at least try to hug her ;-) The next fullbodycast is in the works. Don't know yet when it will be finished.
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Sie ist richtig süß und der Gips steht ihr gut! Ich hoffe wir sehen sie mal in einem Ganzkörper Gips! Sie ist zum verlieben!;) (Wink) Hug Heart 

She is really cute and the plaster is good for her! I hope we see them in a whole body plaster! She is falling in love!;) (Wink) Hug Heart 
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Vielen Dank, ich glaube da sind wir einer Meinung :-)
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