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Almost finished with this one

Almost finished with this one
Created in DAZ Studio 4.15 with the Genesis 3 female model and rendered with the nVIDIA iRay rendering engine of DAZ Studio 4.15.


Lilione (Had a really bad day)
Adaline (Is about to get a second cast) - Previous picture: Courtyard accident
Doc Idayra (Almost finished with Lilione)
Nurse Brandy (Announcing the next patient) - Previous picture: Ski hospital

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Considering Adaline's very high-heeled shoes, she'll frequent the Cast Room. Already within an hour, perhaps?

Adaline holds her head in a way that I consider she has a concussion and/or a neck injury. Lilione is damned attractive.

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What is your professional opinion, Dr Statler1967? Should we apply a Minerva cast for the patient just for safety's sake?

A Minervacast is the soultion for heavy injuries. In this yet unclear case I'd recommend a minerva brace. If imaging procedures give us a finding, we should consider a halo brace or a minerva cast.


Good to see you are still making your excellent works, and I kind enough to continue sharing them!

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A few months ago Adaline got her new Louboutin dream shoes at Victoria's shoe store and as she was leaving, she slipped on a banana peel and badly fractured her left leg.

Fortunately there was a medical center nearby and they soon fixed her leg with a nice long plaster cast.

When she fell, the heel of her new shoe was loosened but she wasn't concerned, it has a lifetime warranty.

Now her leg is almost well and soon she will be able to enjoy both of her fabulous shoes, so she went back

to the store to get the heel fixed.

No charge for the repair. Adaline was feeling so good. Her lucky day? Well...not really.

Unfortunately, as she was leaving the store she slipped on a banana peel (again) and now her right leg is injured. While she waits for treatment, they gave her an ice pack but that right leg does not look good.

Adaline just can't win.

Poor Lilione visited the same store shortly before Adaline and she also slipped and now she has two broken arms. As usual, there's a waiting line at the cast room.

Doc Idayra is very dedicated but she's overworked and there is concern about her developing tendonitis.

She may eventually have to cast her own arms (with help from nurse Brandy).

"Physician heal thyself"

That banana tree is a cornucopia of casts for the clinic.


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A picture from a real hospital day. So real. Love it.

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Almost finish with this one and the next one is already waiting.

And as we know @rizzo-cast after putting Adaline in a new cast, what is going to happen then?

Yes, most likely the next broken girl is waiting!

And after her... what will probably happen then in this accident prone universe.

Well... let's hope Doc Idayra has high endurance to hang on her long shift before a tenosynovitis will put her out of action in her own pair of long arm thumb finger spica casts. :)

the rage in placid lake 2003

wrong rentgen picture,,,there are 2 bones in lower arm

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The x-ray may be over exposed so the images of the ulna and radius are blurred together.

Dr. Idayra is skillful, she can deal with it :-)

As usual a nice combination of a beautiful girl casts ad high heels. In this special case she will need a lot of support in the upcoming time

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Adaline's torn hosiery is a really clever touch =P

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