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Ramadan Mubarak



Salams everyone + early Ramadan Mubarak!!!

Hope you like this...and if you then the wallpaper pack for all sizes and different colours (with an added extra) is here: [link]

fav and comments appreciated :)
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I can't find the comment I made ,and i wanted to add to it.

Here it is again.

Changes needed for Islam.

1 - Stop calling it the true religion

2 - Replace the lunar calendar with the solar one.

3 - Make Mecca and Medina an autonomous state free of Saudi Arabia's tyrants.

4 - Shave oif the beards

5 - Stop persecuting "apostates" (like St.Hieronymus)

6- No pressure to learn Arabic.

7 - No legal penalties for breaking "ramadamn"

8 - No mutilating women.

0 - remove the fatma agaimst Salman Rushdie.

10- atone for all the invasion attempts of Euriope (Spain 711, etc.)

It's late and I get mental blocks, so I'm not sure I totall recall the orig. comment.