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By RizunX
Edit: OKAY, it's been at least a year since I wrote this and I'll make a few things clearer:



I DON'T OWN Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2 because I'm not that awesome. The game is by :iconnummyz: and you can go play the game on dressupgamesjr.com .

You play as Soffie stuck in the Dream World and you must find a soul mate to escape or else you're trapped forever. This guild will not cover every question, but will help you determine how to get which of the several different ending you want to see. There are 30 days which gives you plenty of time to pick the right answers, but only for ONE character's path. You can start another's path, but it's extremely hard to get the best ending for two characters (you will need over 2000 dollars).

Best Endings (YOU MUST GIVE THEM THEIR GIFTS ON A DATE *I usually go on multiple dates with the characters*) :

Cero likes:

Bunny (Plush bunny; 1st page)
Magic Cards (black cards; 1st)
Black and Yellow Gloves (1st)
Crown belt (white belt with a crown; 2nd)
Black and yellow boots (2nd)

Tips for Cero: He's found in the forest as a mushroom RANDOMLY. He's a brown mushroom. Eating another mushroom after the 20th one turns you back into a human. He likes the purple drink (on the farthest left). Stock up on money by looking for mushrooms and the matching card game. Only sing to him when you are closer to him. While selling musrooms, you can check if he's there or not. He likes girls who don't ask for anything in return of a favor.


Gage likes:

Gas Mask (2nd)
Spray Can (3rd)
Red Sneakers (1st)
Heart band (2nd)
Mustache (1st)

Tips for Gage: Gage is found in the green door and is obsessed with art more than Cero is. He's a tsundere character so listen to his story and praise his art. He likes the green drink (second farthest right). When he asks you out, ask him if he means it "date-wise". Show him sympathy. He'll warm up to you eventually.


Riley likes:

Wing Eyepatch (2nd)
Blue Stripe White Gloves (2nd)
Blue Charm (3rd page)
Blue Sports Band (1st)
Kitty (1st)

Tips for Riley: He's found in the red door and is in love with sports. He's very athletic and sweet, never joking around when asking questions like "will you be mine" so answer him a "yes". He went to school with you and his story is sad, so listen to him. Sing him a love song. Buy him the pink drink (second farthest left). If Xam tries to hit on Riley, make sure you beat him up. ;3


Angel likes:

Black shoes with blue ribbons (1st)
Heart hairclip (1st)
Top Hat with bow (2nd)
Black bow (2nd)
Panty Hose (2nd)

Tips of Angel: She's found in the teal door and was sick as in reality. Like the others, make sure you listen to her story and offer comfort. Compliment her. When she asks you if you've gone out with a girl before, tell her there's a first time for everything then wink. Give her the blue drink (the farthest right).


Neutral Endings: Complete the character's dialougue, but don't give them all of the presents. You'll ben eternally friends and you go back to reality with a gift. Yes, you have to give them at least ONE item on a date.


Bad Ending: You stuck der forevahhhhh. You do this by starting a path and you can finish it, but NOT giving ANYTHING to the character you chose or giving them an item using the "gift" button.


Terrible Ending: You're stuck asleep for eternity in a nightmare. You do this by not doing anything. I mean NOTHING. At all. As in. Spam click the end cycle. 8D  


Twist Ending: Eat the brown mushroom by clicking "MUSHROOM *EAT*". :)


Note 1: The best ways to get money is by playing the matching game in the game room and sell mushrooms.

Note 2: Eating mushrooms will do nothing unless you eat the brown one.

Note 3: The drink each person likes is the same color as their door.

Note 4: You can't date Xam D; (Talking to Xam will take 10HP so...)

Note 5: When ever anyone asks you a question and one of the answers is "I don't like to be alone", click that answer.

Note 6: Don't answer anything that says you're better than you are.

Note 7: Next to the menu button is a button with a "?" on it which tells you that you must give all the correct gifts. It also gives you basic hints.

Note 8: It doesn't matter what order you give the gifts.

Note 9: The game might crash so it's recommended that you SAVE your game.

Note 10: If I missed anything or you have questions, just comment or send me a note.
© 2011 - 2021 RizunX
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WOAH HOLD UP GAGE GREW LIKE CATS EARS OR SOMETHING! Screenshot 2018-01-27 at 5.58.56 PM by hotpepper102  
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first thing i did after i read this ATE THE MUSHROOM
so like right after i wrote this comment and went to the game, the mushroom never appeared weird right?
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What about the best ending?
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I ate the mushrooooommm
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Yep me tooooooo TvT 
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awww so I got Cero's best ending :3 it was adorable! I also got Riley's best ending I recommend Cero's
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>.< yush, gage is my soulmate..
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I just noticed that when you and gage kiss, gage doesnt have his clothes on O,O like look at it.
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This is for the second one right? Are there any cheats for the first one? Are they like, similar?
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I reached over 1000 for Gage but it doesn't give me the best ending but just eternal ending. Why doesn't it?
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Did you give him all the gifts he liked?
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For best endings:
Try to go on at least 5 dates, to the kiss scene.
Make sure your relationship is over 1000.

The easiest way to ensure this is to spend the first 7 or so days saving up about 5000$ between games and mushrooms (I prefer games, if your good at matching it's an average of 100$ a game) Buy one of each gift for your partner (which should leave you with half remaining), and befriend them over the next 5 days. Once you can give gifts, give them all the gifts, then (depending on money remaining) work for more money to buy the cheapest item about 4 times, then go on 4 dates giving them once each time. Don't forget the drink prices when going on dates.
Make sure you reach the end of dialogue to where you no longer can choose what to say, and have about 1000 experience.

Possible problem:
For safety measures, if you have enough cash buy all the gifts over again and give them one at a time per date to ensure the game understands you've given the gifts.
Do NOT give all the gifts at once on a date, it doesn't do any good. (I did that my first time and presumed the game didn't need me to gift Angel anymore DX)

Tip for Cero Playthrough: He appears randomly, but seems to continuously appear after you say "I'll help you" (or whatever the exact words were) Check every day first thing for him, and if he's there use up ALL your hp talking to him until he's cured. If he's not, spend the day farming for cash.
For me, he appeared on the very first day!
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Riley was my SoulMate ~ ♥ Such a sweet boy, his ending is my fave and he has the most beautiful smile ;v; !!
Thank you very much for your help :hug:
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I loved this game SOOOO much! I got Cero. In the first Kaleidoscope, I wished there was a feature where I could date him, and I got it qwq 
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Thank you so much for me! I can remember being so unhappy when I played this game so many times but I always went to the real world on my own. Thanks!
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I've tried like a billion times the thing with Cero, but I only get his Normal/Good ending, and I can't get the Best Ending. Sad..Sad..Onion 
What am I doing wrong? I've done the chat without mistakes, given the gifts on the date and after that bought the purple drink, then kissed? (went to mall), I've bought all of the gifts and haven't talked to anyone else but him. Why can't I get him? Bunny Molang Emoji-75 (Hopeless) [V4] Germany (Disappointed) [V2] 
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You can date Xam c:
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Oh, gosh. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been trying to figure out how to et the best ending for FOREVER!
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Ooooooh so that's what I was missing.

I have over 1000 EXP with gage but got what I think would be the 2nd or 3rd best ending. I didn't know about the gifts, thanks for the help

can you do one of these for the first kaleidoscope?
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