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Sania starts workout in her with light weight only 100,00 tons.she can run faster than sound lifting these weights
Godess kareena
Muscle godess kareena she easily lift 1000,0000 her gym her lightest dumbeel is 50,000 tons

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Superman was flying over the central states of India to find a small town where he had listened news about a group of extraordinary women. He didn’t believe that news: girls doing amazing feats of strength. Nobody in the world except he and some other superheroes could do that things. But the Daily Planet, his work when he was Clark Kent, wanted to know something more about those girls, and Perry sent him to that town. He traveled alone and decided to fly. It was more quick than any plane!

Superman landed on a small school near the end of the town. He saw a group of children and walked to them. They were four girls. “Look! He is Superman!” said one of the girls.

“Hey, girls. Have you listened something about some girls with strange powers here?” asked the kryptonian.

“Sure! We have those powers!” Answered a young woman who appeared walking. “My name is Alia Bath, I was 24 years old. She is my cousin Soni, 10 years old. And the younger girls are Dali and Pahi, both of them are seven years old”.

Superman remembered she was a famous actress on India, one of the most beautiful girls he had seen before. But he was amazing, those girls were normal girls, how could do the things that some men had told him last week?. “Please, show me your powers.” Said to the beautiful actress. He didn’t believe the girl and smiled when he saw the girl walked to a car parked near the school. The girl took the front of the car with her left hand and easily lifted the car over her head.

“Well, this is too easy! But sure you believe me now!” The girl toyed with the car, juggled it over her head to the other hand. Then, she started to spin the car over her index finger. The two tone car was absolute weightless to her. Superman was absolutely amazing, that famous Boollywood actress could do a feat of strength that he thought only Superman could do.

“And...your...your...friends are so strong...” he asked to the girl. Then, Soni said to her cousin: “Pass me the car, sis!”. Alia Bath threw her the car. A weight that normally had to crush any person, but the 10 years old took the car on the air with her two hands and started to applied pressure over the front of it. “Perhaps you like the little cars!” said while she started to deform the front. The steel was deformed in seconds like butter, sounds of metal broken and the motor collapsed listened on the car, finally, the little girl throw the car to the floor. The front part was reduced to a deformed ball of steel.
Superman asked the girls what was the limits of their strength. Alia Bath answered him: “We don’t know. Do you wan to arm wrestle me to prove it?” The girl offered her right hand to the most powerful man in the world. Superman accepted and took the girls hand. “When you want to start, you can do it! “ said the beautiful actress.

Superman started to applied pressure: at first he only put a small part of his strength, only a few tones of force. But the girl didn’t surrender. He increased her strength to a level of force that could crush the hardest material on Earth. But the girl didn’t surrender still.

“hey, Sup, when you going to start?” asked the girl. Superman was humiliated, even with all his strength he couldn’t do anything against the girl. “Well, Sup, my baby cousin gave me more competition than you. Why do you use two hands?” She said while her friends laughed at the pathetical efforts of Superman. The kryptonian put her other hand over the single hand of the girl, and applied all the force whose powerful muscles could do, he could move a mountain with his muscles, but that young actress was laughing of him because she was far stronger than him.

Alia Bath was delighted, even the strongest man in the world was a pathetic weak to her and her friends. She curled her fingers and only push with her little finger, she started to move Superman’s arm to the table like he was a two year old. “Hey, Sup, I have more strength on my little finger than you in your entire body” she said while slammed his arm on the table.

Then Dali walked to the table. “Hey, Alia, I want to arm wrestle too!”. The seven years old took Superman’s hand before he could break the hold. The kryptonian didn’t want to arm wrestle her, but he couldn’t do anything to avoid it. The contest started again, well, call contest to this situation was a fake, the strength of the man was insignificant to the girl, and again he couldn’t do move a single inch the seven years old girl arm. “hey, he is weaker than I can imagine. Only a little stronger than the normal men on the village!” Superman didn’t want to lose a new test of strength against a little girl and push with the other hand. But again the strength of her two arms combined was futile against the single arm of the seven years old girl, who pinned Superman’s arms like nothing.

Superman was frantic, he wanted to go out of there, but when he tried to fly, the little girl didn’t allow him to do it. “Don’t run, Sup. We have to do a lot of things with you”. She started to applied pressure over his hands and Superman fell to his knees by the harm that the girl was caused to him. He could listen the noise of his bones collapsed by the strength of the seven years old girl. The girl spun Superman’s body and took him like she was carrying a book, only with one arm, and started to run at amazing speed to her house. The rest of the girls followed her. Superman tried to hit her on her legs and arms, but although his arms were free, the power of her blows were insignificant to the girl. The most powerful man on Earth totally outmuscled and dominated by a very young girl.

Finally, the girls arrived to Dali’s house. She opened the door and ran to one room. When they entered the room they could see a girl played with a doll, she was Dali’s cousin, called Vaji, only two years old. “Hey, Vaji. I bring a bid doll to you. Do you want to play with it?” asked Dali to her sister while she offered Superman’s body to the small child. The two years old took Superman like a big toy, she pinned her arms to the floor with her left hand while with her right hand played with his hair. She didn’t use any strength to do it, only with the natural force of her moves could beat any effort of the man to break free. It was amazing, the most powerful hero, the strongest man in the world, no more than a doll to a two years old indian girl, his entire strength no more than a very small part of the strength of one finger of the little girl.

Vaji lifted the man over her head, spun him with only one finger and finally threw him to Pahi, the friend of her cousin. “Pahi, do you want to play catch with me and my doll?” she asked. Pahi threw Superman again to the two years old, and she caught him in the air like a ball, and threw him to her cousin, Dali didn’t catch him, simply hit him with one finger and the force of the hit threw Superman to her cousin. During some minutes the girls toyed with Superman like he was a big toy. Even Soni only need take a deep breath and exhaled a blow to threw the poor kryptonian to other girl. All the powers of Superman wasn’t anything to the amazing strength of those small girls.

Superman tried to hit the girls. But the first time he punched Alia Bath, she broke some bones of her hand against the far harder skin of the young woman, who only needed a little flip of her index finger to send Superman fly to other girl. This time Superman tried to punch little Pahi, but again his powerful blow on the girls abs only harmed his hand, and again the girl gently slapped Superman on the face, sent him near little Laura. The little two years old girl took Superman’s body with her arms and hugged him like a doll. “He is my favorite doll!” she said. Superman only could listed some bones broke and fell to the ground unconscious... by the strength of a two years old girl.

Superman awoke a week later. He was on his secret base on the North Pole. Some kryptonian robots were working in his wounds. He had some fingers on his hands broken, four ribs broken, and some internal damage. Nothing serious, except his ego. Some had with him.

He wasn’t the strongest person live on Earth. Those girls could do anything and nobody could stop them.


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