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Stamp: Germanophobia

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Germanophobia is fear or hatred of Germans :( and it is heartbreaking. 

You will not believe how many people still hate them for WW1. It's un-fucking-real. I remember one woman saying something like, "I hate them for killing my great grandpa. I'm going to teach my kids to hate them." Wan't Hitler all about hate? yes he was, and you teaching you kids to hate the newer Germans is now better than Hitler. I hope each of her kids falls in love with a German, marries them and has kids with them :trollface:

Every single German I have met, has been a decent person and has treated me like a human. In fact Germany is the polar opposite of what it used to be, it is now one of the most accepting country's in the world. Gay marriage is allowed there, and they can adopt kids also. They have some of the cleanest waters in the world, and the environment is wonderful itself. Plus education is better there than in a lot of countrys.

When I graduate from high school, I want to move and live in Germany. I actually started believing in God when I learned more about Germany, I swear, it's like God made that country just for me :D
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To be a German is a privilege.
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splatter789Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really love the way the German language sounds, and it always confuses me when people say it sounds scary.
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StrawberrypixelDAHobbyist General Artist
I want to move there one day but I'd take my mom with me since she would be sad to not go XD

Also I'd probably only live there half the time cause it would be too damn hard to leave all my friends behind
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Renaikum0Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for this stamp :heart:
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No problem :)
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Dark-Line-AdoptsHobbyist Digital Artist
Gay marriage isn't really allowed here.
They can marry..... but with different rights... Facepalm1 
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Oh I'm sorry, I was told they can marry and have the same marriage rights as straights. 
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Dark-Line-AdoptsHobbyist Digital Artist
That is so stupid XD
Why do they have different rights? Is the marriage nothing special anymore then?
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horrorkinqHobbyist Artist
I remember in high school once everyone for out u was German would post swastikas on my locker and desk. Good job America. :thumbsup:
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Wow :| 
And Americans wonder why they are so hated by other countries :|
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horrorkinqHobbyist Artist
Specially here in California. since my blood family is here in the americas
I'll stay, but I want to leave cali so badly ;;'
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I thought CA would have been better when it came to that stuff?! 
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horrorkinqHobbyist Artist
It's shitty. Going to Idaho, when people for d out. People were asking me : wow do you know German ?? Have you been there ?

Lol I'd rather not love here in Cali.
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America in general is shitty isn't it :no: Fuck America.
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horrorkinqHobbyist Artist
yeah, I mean I still leave here so i won't say athat but
it does suck in a very real way.
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honeybxxHobbyist Filmographer
I love Germany. I'm going to visit there next summer, after I finish my German lessons.
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I study German and studied abroad there for 5 weeks and I can definitely agree with this stamp. The country is beautiful and the people are very decent. I'd love to live there if I could. It's very depressing how some people can be anti-German, when they are only being judged on something that happened way long ago and had nothing to do with it. You don't see us going anti-Japan after Pearl Harbor.  
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ladyblackbird13Hobbyist General Artist
Mine too. I hate how that view is stuck in their heads and how they put us all under one hat! :(
And your opinion is so utterly cute! Let me hug you and here's a cookie! Hug Cookie 
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veekaizhanezHobbyist General Artist
I have some friends from Deutschland, even I used to have German boyfriend, but they treated me nicely not like some others from my own country.
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waterfuzzyHobbyist General Artist
They shouldn't hate ALL the people there. Their country is deeply sorry for WWII and they teach their children that.
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You're very right. Thank you. 
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SebistaraHobbyist Digital Artist
love you!

Germany once after the tribes were united under one banner they formed Frankia which splitted later to France and Holy Roman Empire, which formed Europe very much
-Germans are actually pretty friendly for like a hundreds of years. Even Napoleon spoke about their good Soul.
-When WW1 was about to break out, not any of the other nations tried anything to avoid the bloodshed. Instead the politicans wanted war to curb down Germanys power, didnt wanted a strong Germany in europe.
-Hitler actually tried to find a way without war to remove the Treaty of Versaills, yet the german Military got provoked by the other countries. (to be honest, the Military got really into those provokations)
-What Hollywood-movies dont like to say is that in the Wehrmacht (the Military Forces of the third Reich) werent only with Germans. People from all different ethnical Backgrounds and religions joined and voluntered. Even arabians, Indians, irish. Even French People joined the Waffen-SS.
-Germany didnt wanted to conquer the world, that would have been an economical nightmare. Even ruling whole Europa is really fucking difficult.
-Though the crimes some battalions did on villages and jewish People, the Germans were seen as liberators in east europe since they suffered by Stalin. Mostly the ucrainians supported the germans strongly after the sovjets slaughtered countless of thier people. It often happened that the soldiers of the Wehrmacht gave starving russian civilians Food.
-When they attacked France they warned the goverment about bombardemants so they could evacuate the civilians from the cities. They also warned the english, yet the civilians didnt got evacuated.
-most of the imprisoned People in the Concentration Camps died in the near end of the war through starvation after the allies bombarded and destroyed the Food-supplies.

-Germans are placed like warmongers who eat Little children
-People still believe that its the Germans fault for WW1
-the fire-bombs on cities were total ok (some leftists and Hippies in Germany even want that Dresden gets exterminated again)
-People like to stay mute about the crueltie red soldiers did to captured soldiers and civilians, leaded by the Propaganda which seekded to kill all Germans
-when the Trümmerfrauen (ruins women) rebuilded the cities after loosing their husbands/Brothers/fathers and even got raped, leftists and Hippies like to place their monuments away, because "it glorifies nazis"...
-If People dont Support the political parties who wants to hurt their identity, freedom and existance, they get called nazi and even get hurted by the Antifa.
-most of those who fought, in foreign countries or at home defending Country and Family, and are still alive, get pushed as murderers and horrible People´
-if you are german and joy too loud and too happy about a Goal the german Soccer Team made, you get called a nazi who wants to kill nongermans
-there are People who still want to exterminate the Germans - every single one - and never ever think that it would be racist.

its really depressing....

About your "its like god made that Country just for me", there is a joke-saying: "God kissed the earth only one time, and where he kissed the earth there is Germany."
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DrawingsAreForever29Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your comment is amazing! My great-grandfather was a survivor of the battleship Bismarck and my great uncle's plane was shot down and he survived during WWII. By the way, my great-grandfather's name was Friedrich Junghans. His name is on this list of survivors: www.bismarck-class.dk/bismarck…

As a person who has a strong German heritage, I find it absolutely and utterly heartbreaking that people still have hatred for Germans and want to get rid of every single one of us. I was told once by a Jewish kid that he hated me because I was German and he was Jewish and he even called me a Nazi. My heart was broken that day. Not all Germans during WWII or any German for that matter were part of the Nazis, my German relatives included.

I wish you were able to favorite comments on DeviantArt because I would favorite your comment right now. It brings hope to my heart that they're people like you out there in this world full of hateful bastards. 
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SebistaraHobbyist Digital Artist
actually that is really interesting. my grandfathers from both sides survived, while the father of my father fought in Stalingrad (got captured but released later) the father of my mother got recruited in the Hitlerjugend in Breslau but his mother grabbed him and took him with her when the city was evacuated (which was a good idea since the whole Hitlerjugend was killed in that siege, though they were the last ones who held the line). Though i wish there were more survivers of both sides in the war.

Its really sad to hear. Believe it or not the nationalsocialists never planned to exterminate the jews but to keep them away. They also even planned to give them their own state where they can live in peace, though it wasnt todays Israel. Yet it escalated when a newspaper brought the message "jews declare war on germany", thats where the nationalsocialists got triggered. It also didnt helped that the propaganda-chief of the sovjets was a jew (who was also responsible for the genocide of the ucrainians and the balts, later on germans and everyone with blond hair and blue eyes, even if they were slavic)
Many jews had the choice to leave germany, even before the war breaked out, the problem was no country wanted to take the jews in their country, not even the USA (who both supported germany and the sovjets).
Friends of our Family who are half-jewish moved into brazil, i dont really remember why, but it was mostly because the father of the family found a good job there. Their Lifes never was in danger in germany, yet they got viewed as war-victims later. And they were all like "what the fuck?".
There were many people who didnt supported the nationalsocialistic government and yet had an actual good life. Its like: "I dont care if you like me or not, as long as you are peacefull, do your work and help your society everything is so fucking fine for me!"
I didnt met many neo-nazis in germany yet, at least 3 i guess (im not really good in social interactions), they were actually peacefull people who like to discuss and even accept critical comments on some of their viewpoints. Surely not all have brains but some of them but at least SOME.

Well, its nice to hear that i can do at least something good for other people.
You may not fav a comment, but you can know that i like you and wish you having a nice day~
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