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1:I love drawing at home.(I have like 848 drawings and more in A4,A5 and others) And i love Deviantart.I love deviantART! 

2:I'm talkative.(My classmates hates that... Some of my friends don't mind.)You talk too much!
3:I love Video Games. Like: Violence, Platform, Funny and more! :bademoticon: Tracer Icon 2 

4:I lived in Singapore.Singapore flag

5:My favourite colour is Red and Black.

6:I have a big sister.(She loves K-Pop and other else. She even loves DC Comics.)

7:I love Horror movies.Yup.Meow :3 

8:I spend time on my Desktop.(Imac)Personal Computer 

9:I like Electro, Pop, Rock and other types of music.Music 

10:My birthday is 11 April.

11:I love Youtube. I always watched Youtube. Sometimes i spend on Facebook for fun.

12:I always draw different styles and draw like 'cartoony' version when i draw video game characters.Pencil 

13: Even though I'm not good at Digital Art, i drew it for 'fun' or just tried. Only I'm good at Traditional Art.

14: I've seen a few of Anime. My favourite anime is Tokyo Ghoul, One Punch Man and Death Note. Love Anime. It's cool!