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All Legends Have a Beginning

So it'd been one hundred and twenty years since that day... Ah, where to begin... Well, you see, on April 22, 2022 there were these meteors that hit practically everywhere on the earth. There were earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, you name it and it was there. We later started calling this L-Day, or Launch Day, but that's getting ahead of myself, gotta set the scene right? Well, it was about a week after L-Day that the natural disasters cooled down and things returned... sorta to normal. I say sorta because... well it wasn't normal at all really, the governments and countries all tried to cover everything up, but no one believed their shitty lies. So many died in that one week... But we'll get to that later, I need to tell you about these meteors. Now they weren't just meteors, that had... something, even today's scientists aren't sure, but something in it that mixed with soil and made a new life form. This life form started out as things similar insects and the worms, small creatures, and within a month we had a full on new species on our hands, as big as humans, some even bigger. They were all similar but different at the same time, kind of like how humans are similar but all different in one way or another. 
Now here's where things get freaky. Humans started changing, and with the world in the state it was now in, things just got worse. See, we all started getting these... powers I guess would be the correct term. Well, not all of us, but for the most part we did. The change was very subtle at first, but it slowly became more intense. It was all different for each person, no two people had the same ability and they were just... changes, upgrades, downgrades, just... I guess mutations would be the best way to describe it. At any rate, with the internet down and the governments basically playing pretend at this point, this new race that came from the meteors raged war with.... well... everything. They were a bunch of blood thirsty creatures, and I mean that literally, they ate us and all other forms of life. The world changed drastically within about two months, a sort of universal connection between humans was created, we started calling these monsters "Yaoke" and people with powers started getting recognized as "Users".

Then, he came. Yuuyake Yuugure, a man like no other, his power was different, it was as if he had two. See, there was a basic principle that was recognized pretty quickly about the powers: All of the abilities given all had some sort of connection, it wasn't like someone could fly and shoot lightning from their ass. It was more like all they could do fit together in a logical way of thinking. Anyway, back to this Yuuyake guy, he had the ability to completely control matter and his body couldn't be broken, not even his hair. He was the definition of God.
Out of the blue one day this guy and nine others claiming to be the "Yuugure" just showed up and annihilated almost ever Yaoke in a week. Now I could go more into detail about this, but I am trying to get to the position of today, Yuuyake's story is for another time... maybe. So to sum things up, they totally wiped out nearly all of the Yaoke. Yuuyake Yuugure became our God, he created a monarchy and forced all the countries into submission. He created what is now known as the "Kingdom of Yuuyake" and regained order. This man saved the world and created world peace within a years time, and the kingdom was and still is very free spirited, no communism or the lot. 

Now let's time skip one hundred years from L-Day. After the Kingdom of Yuuyake was signed and everything, Capitals were made to kind of differentiate the land. Each of these Capitals was ran by somebody who answered directly to the king and queen, who ruled in the Freed Capital. Freed is the main one and is both where the castle for Yuuyake's family is, and basically all of what North America was. New Boston, somewhere around where Russia used to be, had a coup d'état by these guys called "Purists" .
These purists think themselves to be "pure" because they are people that cannot use these powers that a lot of the population started getting after L-Day. They claim those that do have powers are Satanists, and have turned their back on "God". Really they were just a cult, but I guess they really go to show that even a cult can change the world... drastically... See, these purists discovered that they could bend the four elements of the world, fire, water, wind, and earth. They learned to gain absolute control over one element each, except their leader. Maverick, truly and remarkable warrior, he was in his thirties at the time and was in charge of the New Boston Capital. At the time he was an incredible business man, great fighter in quite a few forms of martial arts, and was rather charismatic. He was and still is the only one to be able to control more than one element, more than this he's manged to master and control all four! Leading this assault in New Boston, the place was quickly renamed the "Holy Land". 
So one thing I want to make a note of: The art of controlling one of the four elements appeared with the purists, however there is a difference between purists and "Elementalists". Elementalists are those that don't have their own special power, purists are the same but they follow a god and their pope.

Now that I've got that out of the way, here's where our story truly starts, only from my point of view.
So my character Jack Evans in my role play chat room (#LegendsofRPs) has gone through many changes. From originally being my OC Raku Church, to a remake of Leon from my soon-to-be manga series, to becoming Jack Church which was still just a remake of Leon just with a different name. Now he is his own person with his own style of everything with his own world, the world of my RP room LoRP. In which with him becoming a real OC (now in my top four of OCs) I want to give him a story.

This is a general prologue to give an understanding of what the world of LoRP is. The Story of Jack Evans will not include any of the characters from the RP room (with the exception of cameos which will be thanked in the description of the chapter they appear in). If you like the way it is and enjoy role playing you might wanna check out my chat room. [link] I do plan to turn the story in the chat room into a readable book. It will be a collaboration and most likely will not be sold (neither will this one but this one has a higher chance of being sold)

I will be posting the chapters as they come. If this gets big enough I might just turn this into a real book and get it published!

All characters are owned by be as are the ideas, this is an original work with an original concept.

Chapter 1: [link]
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