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Chapter 1: Prison Break

"Jack! Get back inside! You'll catch your death out in that rain!" Jack's mother called out to the pale black haired boy who was laying on a large boulder looking up at the Holy Land sky. He was only ten years old, unable to understand what had happened five years ago when New Boston became the Holy Land, nor was he able to understand what was going to happen in the next two days. After taking his gaze away from the cloudy sky Jack made his way back into the house. It was a nice was house, nothing too special but wouldn't be considered a dump either. Cracking his neck he made his way to the dinner table, quiet. This wasn't like him, he was normally a very cheerful person, that or getting angry for no reason and starting a fight. His mother sighed "Are you okay Jack? You're acting kind of quiet." she asked. Jack merely shook his head yes. His mother simply shook her head, a little worried. Unbeknownst to him or anyone around him, there was a change happening in his body, one that would change him and the coarse of history forever.
After praying and having a nice dinner with his mother and father, Jack went to bed at eight o'clock, which was extremely strange for him. His bed time wasn't until ten and even then his parents practically had to wrestle him into submission before he would go to sleep. Something was definitely up. "Fred, I think somethings wrong with Jack." Elena put her book down and turned to her husband. The two were laying in their bed together. Fred rolled over to look at her "I'm sure it's nothing, he's a growing boy. And besides, with all the fights he gets into he's probably just tired." and gave his wife a kiss and went back to a more comfortable position to sleep "Now go to sleep."
"Alright..." Elena replied, turning off the side table light.


"Hey, isn't that the kid that can't bend an element yet?" a girl said in a hushed tone to another girl.
"Yeah, and he's almost eleven!"
"Talk about late bloomer."
"I know, right!?" the girls broke into laughter.
Jack clutched his fist passing by them and took out his music player on full blast, most likely a metal-core song. Cracking his neck as he opened the door to his class, the teacher walked up to him, kneeling down to get at eye level with him and taking out his head phones so she could talk "Hey honey, so I heard about your predicament. Look, there's nothing to be ashamed in being a late bloomer, there are many others like you. I'm sure with an attitude like yours you'll be a super strong earth elementalist!" she said, one hand on Jacks shoulder and the other swinging to put an emphasis on 'super'. The kids around him all broke into giggles and laughter. Jack just turned his head away from his teacher "Can I go to my seat now?" His teacher scrunched her face and stood up, turning around to face the class "Now stop it you all! I don't want any of you making fun of Jack! Don't you think he feels bad enough as it is?!" the class all stopped their laughter at Ms. Turner's words "Now face forward!" she said, walking forward and giving a wink back to Jack. The entire class looked forward at the white board, quiet.
Thee o'clock, class was over. Jack, making his way out the building, held onto his backpack straps and music player. He was blaring something by Bring Me The Horizon through his head phones when he suddenly found himself on the ground. "Hey late bloomer! Pretty nice having the teacher stand up for you huh?" a ten year old boy, a few months younger than Jack, along with two other boys started laughing at him. Jack took in a deep breath, noticing his music player was now about five feet away from him. He reach for it as he attempted to get up but was kicked back down by one of the other boys while the first one went and picked up Jack's music player. Coughing a little bit from the kick, Jack remembered 'One more fight and you're expelled'. "So this is that music player you're always listening to? Man what is this?! What're you a Satanist or something?" Jack cracked his neck as he attempted to rise to his feet, getting kicked down again. His breathing was more sporadic, but he remained calm. "Did I say you could get up, Satanist?!" yelled the boy with Jack's music player. "If you keep this up I might just..." he held out the music player and set the entire thing ablaze "No!!" Jack tried to get up again but the loop continued. *huff huff* "Do that one more time... I dare you..." said Jack, attempting to get up once more. This time when the foot came Jack grabbed it, pulling the kid down to the ground and decking him in the face three times, breaking his nose and two teeth. Now on his feet with his back pack off, Jack got into a bad boxing stance and looked at the boy who set his music player on fire. The boy rose his arms "Alright, you wanna go Satanist, let's go." waving his hands in a 'come here' motion. Jack went forward, punching the boy in the face four times before the kid retaliated, setting his stomach on fire. The boy was now on the floor, spitting out blood when he shot another fire blast at Jack's pants. Jack ran to the grass and rolled to put himself out as the third boy helped the fire elementalist up "You dirty Satanist! You broke my nose... and two teeth!" The fire now finally out Jack got up, his eyes were different from their normal black, cheerful eyes. They were full of anger and intent. A stare fit for a warrior. His long hair was now burned and somewhat frizzy. Jack's breathing was now harsh and rushed, he was pissed. A line of thin almost clear steam came from both of Jack's middle knuckles. He, somehow, burst towards the fire elementalist and punched him so hard in the stomach he coughed out blood on to Jack's face and fell to the ground, unconscious. Truly strength a mere ten year old could never posses. Jack continued the onslaught, getting on top of the child fire elementalist punching his face back and forth. Suddenly he turned his attention to the other boy who stared for a moment "Y-y-you're a monster! You killed him!" and fell to the ground. He began crawling backwards which turned into a run after rising back to his feet from Jack, who just seemed to smile, like a cute little boy with blood covering his face.


"The blood results confirm it! This boy, Jack Evans, is a user and a Satanist!" yelled a doctor to the jury in the court room. Jack's mother burst into tears into her husbands shirt. Jack looked to him, his hair still burned in areas from the other day "I-I'm sorry mama-"
"Shut up you filthy Satanist!" Jack's mother yelled with all her might to her one and only child, her voice echoing in the large court room. Jack's eyes widened as he gritted his teeth and leaned away from his mother. Shock, confusion, sadness, guilt. These were the things you could read just off of Jack's face.
"As declared by Pope Maverick Torsten Jekyll, all users will be sentenced the death penalty for crimes against our lord and savior. You will be given three months jail time to repent for your sins and then be beheaded by guillotine." the judge slammed his gavel on the table. Two officers walked up to Jack and cuffed him. He whimpered, unaware of what exactly was happening "N-no... Mom! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to get into a fight! He started it!" and shook fiercely, trying to break free from the cuffs, tears ran rapid from his eyes. It dawned on him that the boy from before, the doctor, and the judge had all called him satanists "I-I'll change my music! I'll listen to whatever you want!" he pulled and fought the officers, unaware that was far from the real problem. Snot began to drip from his nose "No! Mommy! Daddy! I'm sorry! Don't let them take me! I promise I won't fight anymore! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Jack roared as he broke from the officers and fell to the floor in a fit, yelling "I'm sorry!" as many times and as loud as his little lungs could.


Creek the officer opened the cell door and let Jack inside "This is your new home till your sentence gets carried out." no sympathy entered the officers voice, practically grunting at the fact he had to talk to the boy. By this point Jack was all cried out, he'd watched his feet the entire walk to his cell. When he turned around he found three adults sitting on the floor playing poker. "Hey kid, what'd they get you for?" said the man with long black hair in a pony tail, very skinny, as he moved to make room for Jack to sit. Hesitant at first, Jack made his way to the group and sat. The one with long dark green hair, obviously dyed and equally skinny to the first guy, shuffled the cards and dealt to everyone including Jack. "Hey Stein, cut this kid loose would'ya?" said the pony tail guy. The third man, bald with a big muscular build, leaned in with a paper clip and un-cuffed Jack. "Name's Nick. This is Leon and baldy over there is Stein." said the guy with the pony tail, extending his hand to shake. Jack just stared at his hand then looked away "I... I'm Jack."
"Jack! Now that's a nice name ya got there kid! How old're ya?"
"Woo-wee. Ten? They're really crack'in down aren't they? So what'ya do?"
"Got into a fight..."
Nick slammed his hands on his legs "And they put ya in jail?! What'd ya do, kill a guy?!"
"I... I don't know... They said I was a Satanist... everyone did..." By this point Jack was on the verge of tears again. Nick patted him on the back, his face full of sympathy 
"It's alright kid, you'll be okay." It was a lie, Nick knew the penalty Jack would face, he knew what it meant to be recognized as a Satanist.
The next day Jack woke up, Nick had given him the top bunk for their beds, the other two in the other bunk beds. "Psst, Jack, get up." Nick poked at him causing him to roll over "Good, you're already up. Come on, breakfast, don't wanna miss it." Jack didn't exactly have the greatest nights sleep. He lazily climbed down from the bed, rubbing his eyes as Nick lead the way to the mess hall. He'd wished that all that happened yesterday was simply a dream, but it wasn't. 
"Next." the lady plopping some sort of chunky ooze they called food into the bowls said. Jack went in line before Nick. Cringing at the look of the food. Jack got out of line and waited for Nick to get his "That's all we got." the lady said, closing the metal blinds down to close shop. Nick shrugged, sighed and went to Jack to lead them outside to a table where the others from his cell were. The two were already in-gauged in a card game, plopping some of their ooze over into Nick's empty bowl. Jack took one bite of his and made a face of sickness like no other and dumped his entire bowl into Nicks. Cracking up Nick scooped some back into Jack's bowl "Trust me, you're gonna need it, this is the only time they feed us." Jack cracked his neck "... Dang..." The entire table laughed.
"So Nick, looking after little kids now?" said a huge, muscular, black man. He had to have been seven feet tall and arms as big as Jack's head. "Hey, wasn't your kid around that age?" the man took a seat between Jack and Nick. Nick didn't look at him "You know, when you killed him?" Nick started to grind his teeth "Come to think of it, he even had that emo look this kid's got, didn't he?" Now clutching his plastic spoon, Nick broke it. Stein and Leon stood up, as if about to attack the black man "Shut up R.J!" Stein yelled in a deep voice. R.J rose to his feet, getting right in Stein's face. The difference in their muscle mass was significant, Stein being huge but no match for R.J "Angry? What're you gonna do about it, punk?" R.J's eyes were full of murderous intent, he looked like a thug about to beat down a little kid. A sweat drop fell from Stein's head as he looked into R.J's eyes in fear, even their height difference was significant, R.J like a tower. Nick rose to his feat, gaining everyone's attention "If you got a problem then say it R.J. Otherwise just leave us alone." Now Nick had a gaze of murderous intent, looking right into R.J's eyes "Or I'll kill you."
"Ooooh, scary!" R.J replied in a sarcastic tone, pushing Nick back, almost making him fall but he caught himself. Leon's eyes grew wide along with a sinister smile as he reached in his shoe to pull out a small pocket knife and leaped over the table, letting off a high pitch evil laugh, stabbing R.J in the cheek only to receive a dead stare from him. Leon's smile faded as R.J grabbed and squeezed Leon's hand. *crack crack crack cra~ck* every single bone in Leon's hand had to have been broken. While Leon screamed his head off R.J pulled the knife out and smiled. Stein went in to punch R.J only to get lifted up by his wrist and stabbed in each eye, killing him. R.J threw the large Stein over on top of Nick and flung the knife into the screaming Leon's left eye, ending his screams. Jack was now on the floor, whimpering. R.J turned his attention to him "Hey Nick, you wanna kill him or should I?" and began to laugh as a walked to Jack. "You bastard! Stay away from him!" Nick yelled, pushing Stein off of him and taking the knife out of Leon's eye socket. Nick ran towards R.J, leaping over the table, but soon found a large fist in his stomach. Dropping the knife, Nick fell to his knees "Okay, I'll kill him then. You watch." R.J smiled as he began to walk to Jack again, who began to crawl backwards, tears covering his face. R.J reached and picked him up by his arm. Jack struggled to pulled away, now in mid air "Oh how cute, kid thinks he can fight." Jacks eyes widened "You... BASTARD!" as his body turned into a mini body builder in muscular tone, tiny strands of steam coming from his fists and forehead, landing a punch to R.J's face breaking his skull and sending him flying into one of the giant walls. Jack practically disappeared into a sprint, reappearing on top of R.J's dead body, beginning an assault. Every prisoner there watched in amazement. The guards finally came to surround Jack, but none were brave enough to stop the boy. "W-what the fuck is that kid?!?" a wide eyed Nick said, still over the table, watching the assault.


"For starting a fight, destroying part of the building, killing three people, and almost starting a riot Jack Evans' three months to repent has been reduced to one." Jack said to Nick, reading his sentence the prison warden gave him. "That's a load of shit!" Nick yelled "R.J is the one who started that whole damn thing! All you did was stop him! Grrr! I'm so pissed!" Nick punched the wall next to him, leaving no marks. After he cooled down he laid on the dirty floor "So you got a month huh?"
"That's enough."
"Enough for what...?"
Nick swung the upper half of his body up, still sitting, a smile pursing his lips "For our escape."
Jack wore a face of confusion "B-but how're we gonna do that?"
"Have you seen yourself fight?! You're like a freakin' bear! That's gotta be your power, Boost!"
"Yeah, you're a user right? All users have their own specific power. From what I can tell yours lets you boost your strength in speed. Boost!"
"Sounds about right... but, Boost?"
"Yeah, that's what I'm naming your power."
"Sounds... kinda lame..."
"Ah shut up, you don't know what cool is."
Jack looked down at the floor their entire conversation, it was clear none of this was cheering him up. Nick noticed and looked down as well "... Hey!" and perked right back up. Nick made his way to the toilet and reach in deep, still smiling. Jack looked at him with a confused and disturbed face "What're you doing?"
"Shut up."
"That's disgusting..."
"Shut up!"
"Got it!" Nick pulled out a pair of scissors "Leon had a thing for sharp objects." he said making his way to sit behind Jack "What're you doing?" Jack started to turn around but was stopped by Nick. "Your hair, it's all burnt up and frizzy, ya need a hair cut."
"Says the guy with hair almost as tall as me."
"Ya know, you're awfully rude kid."
Jack stayed quiet, letting Nick cut his hair. About twenty minutes later Jack's hair was now short and spiky, no longer all frizzy and long like a bad emo hair cut. "Much better." Nick said in accomplishment. A guard started to walk by "Shit!" Nick jumped up, tossing the scissors in the toilet and trying to scoop the cut hair from the ground out of view, Jack caught on a quickly and helped. The guard walked by and shined his flash light on them "What're you two up too... What's with this hai-" the guard was lost for words, noticing Jack was in the cell, giving off the same look R.J had, filled with murderous intent. He slowly shook his head no. The guard became pale in fear, knowing full well what happened earlier today "S-sorry for disturbing you... Sleep well." and began to walk along the hallway of cells. Both Jack and Nick looked to each other, wearing serious faces and suddenly burst into laughter. Patting Jack on the back "That's a good stare you got there kid."


Four weeks went by in no time, tomorrow would be Jack's execution date. Nick had spent the entire time showing Jack how to fight and how to concentrate his power, Nick not being a user himself but still a rather smart guy, was able to figure out most things about Jack's power and practically put it to a science. In just a under month he'd figured out that Jack's power is fueled by the water in his body. When he burns off the water like a car burns gasoline it creates muscle mass and makes him both stronger and faster. This is why steam starts to come off his body when using the power and how he is able to raise his strength to super human levels. He also has the ability to charge up kinetic energy, turning his skin somewhat read and can release the energy in punches and do much more damage than he normally would.
Nick, surrounded by nine prisoners including Jack with him sitting on the table, was about to re-explain the plan. The other rest of the prisoners were at their normal areas as they only had one part in the plan. 
"Now, you four iare gonna grab the guards attention with these fire works by setting them on the four corners of the court yard. Then all ya'll need to run as fast as you can to the center where the other four will be waiting. There's only about six guards out in the court yard at all times, the others are all sleeping or somewhere upstairs in the building. The eight of you lead all six to the center with you and the rest of us will surround them. This whole thing should take just over two minutes. The guards on the inside will need at least three and a half to make it out the building." Nick turned to Jack 
"Now this is where you come in. Up to the point that we're fighting the guards you need to be at the wall opposite of the building charging up kinetic energy so you can take down that wall. By the time we start heading over to you that wall needs to have a big ass hole in it. Can you do it?"
"Do I have a choice? I mean it's this or die tomorrow."
Nick gave him a blank stare at first but smiled and patted him on the should "Good talk!"

"Jack! Hit that wall as hard as you fucking can!" Nick yelled running to the wall where Jack stood with every prisoner running behind him. 
"Hey! They're making a break for it!!" yelled a guard pointing to the crowd of prisoners.
"Shit! They got out faster than I thought they would've!"
Jack's entire body was red from charging up the kinetic energy, he began to twitch "Gyahh!!!" he went to punch the wall but decided that wasn't enough, so he dove head first right into it, breaking through and sending a giant crack to the top of the large wall. "Everyone book it! The wall won't hold!" Nick yelled as he made his way out in a hurry, he looked back to notice the back end of the prisoners were fighting off the guards. 
Without warning the wall came crumbling down, giant rocks fell. "Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!" Nick repeated as he jumped from rock to rock, apparently he wasn't as weak as you'd think. "Fire!" a earth elementalist guard yelled, launching boulders at people. "Drop the water barrels!" water came tumbling down from the top of the building, not even touching the ground as at least seven water elementalists shot the water, suffocating a few prisoners to death and knocking most back. "Jack!" Nick ran by, picking Jack up in the process "We gotta get the hell outa here!" Nick ran as fast as he could, only a few prisoners managing to make it through the wall before it collapsed, sending chunks of rocks, a few body parts, and a lot of blood flying everywhere, but it stayed tall enough and stabilized to where it could keep the rest of the prisoners in. Nick kept hold of Jack and ran as fast as he could with the other prisoners.


"Name: Nick Sanders, age: 36, eye color: brown, hair color: black, height: 5'11, former occupation: Mixed Martial Arts trainer, math teacher at Holy University, crime: murder of his ten year old son and escaping prison, sentence: life." The soldier read the report paper to the white haired woman. "Name: Jack Evans, age: 11, eye color: black, hair color: black, height: 3'6, former occupation: Student, crime: being a satanist, killing Ty George (kid from before) and Rick 'R.J' Johnson, sentence: death penalty." The woman clasped her wrinkly hands, her yellow eyes dull and lifeless. "These two were the master minds behind the prison break, allowing themselves and four others to escape. Fifty-six prisoners were killed, seventy-eight were severely injured and have been given two years extra sentence for an attempt at escaping along with committing severe damage to the prison."
"Such a big ruckus for only six prisoners to escape." the woman sighed "I'll send in Dante to retrieve them." The soldier cringed 
"You mean the wolf?! For just these six?!"
"Yes, he recently returned from the front lines and you know how much he hates taking breaks, what's he call it again?" A man with long blonde hair entered the room, rubbing his neck with a bored expression on his face, his crystal blue eyes sparkling "Dull, boring, and a waste of time." *pop* his shoulder blade moved. Dante smiled, showing his jagged teeth "So who am I eating this time?"
"Ah, you've already arrived?" the woman smiled, unclasping her hands.


Nick took a swig from his bottle of whisky "Gyahahahahahaha! I can't believe we made it out of there!" his cheeks were red from all the drinking "You wanna know the percentage chance of- *hicup* -us getting out of there alive?" his face was mere inches from Jacks. The other four were either drinking, smoking, or dancing around the fire place. They'd made it four miles away from the prison, stole some things from a town, and went another two miles out, now deep into a forest. "Counting in the factors of how many guards there were, plus their skill level, we had a zero point zero seven percent! Gyahahahah! I mean look at how few of us got out of there alive!" Nick fell back off the log he was sitting on, hugging himself in his drunken laughter. A sweat mark went down Jack's disapproving face "And you seriously went through with it?" Nick ceased his laughing and looked down from how he was laying "Well yeah, you'd've been executed if we waited any longer and the entire plan was resting on your shoulders. We couldn't have done it without ya' kid." Jack looked down to hide his blushing. A bald muscular man made his way over to Nick "So where we go'in now?" he took a seat next to him, passing another bottle of whisky to him. The man that was dancing spun the woman dancing with him.
"Well..." Nick was now back on the log, he looked to Jack "What do you wanna do Jack?"
"M-me? Well... I dunno..." he looked around "I always wanted to be a gang leader."
Nick and the bald man, Roy, stared. The couple dancing, Frank and Mary, stopped and looked at Jack. The man with a long grey beard and a hunched back stopped his clapping to the beat the couple was dancing to and looked at Jack as well "Hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!" the group burst into a laughing fit, Jack's face turned a hard red "W-what's so funny!" tears rearing their heads.
"Nothing Jack, just... A gang leader? Maybe they did put you in for a good reason."
"S-shut u-!" Jack started to yell but stopped when a smiling Nick put slapped him on the back "Looks like we're a gang then, and you're our leader!" Nick looked around "Anyone got any problems with that?" the group shook their heads. Jack began to cry a bit, some snot dripping from his nose as he smiled. "H-hey! come on now! Gang leaders don't cry! Quit the water works kid!" Nick patted Jack on the back. He wiped away all the tears and snot with his prison uniform's sleeve "Alright!" and held a huge grin.
"So, all good gangs got a good name! What's ours?" Nick popped open another bottle of whisky.
"Hmm..." Jack took a thinking pose, snapping when he thought of somethings "The Wolves!" The group began to laugh again, sending Jack back into a blushed state "W-what's wrong with it?!"
"Nothing kid! It's works just fine." Nick patted him on the back and stood up "We're the wolves now!" he raised his bottle and began to howl, the group soon followed. Jack smiled and joined in "Aroooo~!"

Chapter 2: Wolves vs The Wolf Coming Soon.

Synopsis: An ordinary boy born in what used to be New Boston, only five when the rebellion started. Now living in the Holy Land, Jack finds himself to be a User. Now face with charges of being a "Satanist", what is this poor ten year old to do?!

Based off of my LoRP chat room, all characters and ideas owned by me.

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Chapter 2: Coming Soon!
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Sad story, but suspenseful. I think with a little grammar fixes this would be a bit more readable but otherwise I like where the story is going.