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fan made poster of my favorite movie of all time, inspired to do by this website of this guy who did this stuff:

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I LOVE that movie! :D I only have it on VHS somewhere though, so I don't get to watch it very often. Do you only like the first one?
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hell no love all four, of course i love the first better than the rest though
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I liked them all too, even if the 4th one was ridiculous. He should have logically died about 7 times. I mean, who goes driving on the interstate bridges in a truck, and survives a jet plane shooting missiles at you? Oh yeah, Bruce Willis does :P
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i like the bold and simple design john! but i am sad to say i don't know what the writing on his arm means, could you explain it to a poor simpleton who hasn't seen the movie as much as you?
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well as my favorite movie, in the scene i try to portray above John McClain (Bruce Willis) is spying on the bad guys, he is laying on top of the elevator they are standing in. The top part of his wrist represents the number of men he has killed and the names are the main men he needs to kill. great movie i can loan it to you sometime
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It's simple, but very nice. Out of all the updated new work I was shifting through, I was drawn to this one without originally seeing it was from you. You do good 'poster work'!
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thanks buddy that actually means a lot. glad i can always sparkle in your eye
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you and your die hard! very cool.. reminds me of little old ladies too somehow
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did them both in the same program, that and i love doing that style
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