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Seven Devils

"Holy water cannot help you now
A thousand armies couldn't keep me out
I don't want your money
I don't want your crowd
See I have to burn
Your kingdom down"

Inspired by "Seven Devils" off of Florence + the Machine's new album, Ceremonials. The city is based on several photos I took of the Prague sky line. I let myself stay pretty loose on the line work and coloring, despite being particularly obsessive about these things normally, and I'm surprisingly happy with how it turned out.

Ceremonials is one of those albums that inspires very specific cinematic sequences in my mind every time I listen to it. Some day, I hope I can get little cameos like this one drawn for every song.
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how beautiful!! wow, this is particuarly fantastic
CrushMyVelvet's avatar
Very, very pretty. I really like this one. Nice work. (:
RivkaZ's avatar
Vielen dank, darling! :blushes:
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This is so crazy-full of movement. So I writed you comment fic. :blushes: I moved it to Kyoto, because of the Great Tenmei Fire (1788; it burned for days, and nobody knows who started it, but it was clearly arson).


Aiko woke to the sound of crackling. It shouldn't have been loud enough to wake her, but something about it made her eyes snap open and her breath catch. It kept on gently crackling as she looked around, crackling like crumpled paper, but there wasn't anything. She rubbed her forehead, called herself a silly goose and told herself to stop worrying so much, and threw her blankets back over her head.

A very small orange light flickered on the edge of her blanket, and she only saw it out of the corner of her eye, but her heart was racing again and her window stared at her like a taunting eye, whispering You will be afraid.

An eye with orange light inside.

She kept herself coccooned in the blankets as she crawled across her bed, stuffed bird left safely on the pillow with his face down so that he didn't have to see. One hand rested on the windowsill, supporting her and clinging to the cold wood, and the other pulled open her shutters.

Silly goose, she told herself as she slumped against the sill, eyes closed. Everything was fine. There wasn't any orange light.

But there was still the crackling. And behind her eyelids, she could swear the light was still flickering. Unless she took a really good look, she wouldn't be able to sleep. And there was nothing there, so it was okay to open her eyes and look into all the corners she hadn't seen before—the sky, the ground, and the left. She didn't want to look to the left. The light came from the left.

It came from a woman with hair like coal dust and hands like kindling, her skin as hot as the devil, gripping a banner that flapped like a live thing in heavy winds that blew in a different direction. When she ran her fingers against the wooden walls of the buildings, they bristled with reluctant flame, and crackled awake.

The woman knelt under a street lamp to stroke a cat, its fur blackening as her hand got close, flashing into howling pain as she touched it. It ran, yowling, under a building, still burning.

The woman stood slowly, creakily, taking a moment to stroke the beam of the street lamp. Aiko tucked herself deeper into her blankets, hoping the woman wouldn't turn around, that she would leave and Aiko could get her mom. The woman turned a corner, and didn't look at her.

Aiko relaxed. But then she saw the tail of the long banner, stretching, reaching around the corner, pausing in front of the window—and brushing Aiko's blankets.

She screamed, and untangled herself from the burning blankets with some difficulty. Her hair got caught, but she beat it until it went out, stopped burning her scalp and licking her face. Tripping over the tangle, she scrambled across the room to her bird doll, scrambled to get her mommy, but the crackling had gotten louder, and the fire beat her to the door. When she spun and ran the other way, it beat her to the window, dancing between the slats of her shutters, and laughed at her.

That night, Kyoto burned. The great fire was never forgotten, and the arsonist never found.
RivkaZ's avatar
;________; .... You... you wrote me a story? YOU WROTE ME A STORY? For my picture? I... You.... I.....
....Come here and let me hug you. I will straight up break you in half with affection. There are not adequate words in the English tongue for me to describe how awesome you are. I will make one up. "Miraweculor". There. That's what you are. Miraweculor.
This is so ludicrously good that I am both weeping with envy and pride. You have to post this somewhere. Your genius must give a mighty roar from the rooftops and make itself known to the trembling earth.
...Oh bebe. Y u so excellent? T__T :heart:

CheckeredFoxglove's avatar
:blushes: I like my new word very much.
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German, this is incredibly neato. The colours are super lovely, and I think I am developing feelings for the background. Also, naked lady. More, more!

AND NOW I want you to draw something for "If Only For a Night", kaythanks.
RivkaZ's avatar
;w; <3 thenkyuu!

Omgish yes. All the songs. Every song. *____* ...(how do you make text tiny I don't understand these magics)
TariSaralonde's avatar
Yesss, du eet.

<small)> and </small)>, dear one. You know what to do.
Also, you can stack them. Now you can have tinywords for every occasion!
RivkaZ's avatar
:'D ..... the tiniest words! so tiny... :heart:
TariSaralonde's avatar
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