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Four Seasons, One Tree

Slowly warming up to this piece. I like and dislike plenty about it, meh, I guess it's in the eyes of the artist....
It was a fun switch up from drawing animals, and this was inspired by Earth Day being soon!!!

Done on the tablet and PSE.
(c) me. no stealing the artwork please.
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What is your favourite season?
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haha Definitely summer :) Then not far behind is winter (as long as there's some snow!) fall would be next, and sadly spring is last... but I think it's because it feels so short to me because I am excited for summer!

What's your favorite?
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Spring.Because it's not hot as summer or cold as winter,and because autumn is depressing.Then it is winter,because I love the snow and the mountain then looks more like a fairy tale world.Then summer,because of my birthday and the fact that I am still free studying and homeworks,and finally autumn.
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Ahh good reasons, I think summer just turned out to be my favorite because of that birthday dealio haha but now I like it for swimming and turtles :)I actually have least favorite months as well, because they are not quite the best part of whatever season they are in! (March and November.. limbo months!)
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Mine favourite months are April and May.I hate only September,for obvious reasons...