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RookXDapple Kit Tryouts

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Published: March 16, 2018
© 2018 - 2019 Riverthunder
-These designs belong to Riverthunder are only to be used in Two-Clans. You cannot take the characters from the group unless you ask for special permission and you are granted it.
-Name, sex, and design must be kept the same as what is provided. The base personality should also be kept. The rest is up to you.
-The kits will be born on March 29th. You MUST complete their app before this or ask for an extension from the group, otherwise, the kit will be stillborn (and Dapplecloud will be heartbroken).
-Tryouts will end on March 22nd.
-The True Password is Leafcloud, and should be provided in the Plans for Them section of your tryout. The second password provided is a fake; do not add it.
-In your application, please credit Riverthunder for the design of the kit. They designed all six kits.
-This is not first come first served; you may not get the kit you tryout for.
-The password is RookXDapple.

Please be sure to read Rookleaf and Dapplecloud's biographies!

Rookleaf:  || The Timid and Lonesome || by CattNaps
Dapplecloud:  Dapplecloud Two Clans Application by Riverthunder

Name|| Midnightkit
Sex|| Male
Clan|| RatClan

-The firstborn and leader of the litter, he often leads the group on adventures.
-He was named after Dapplecloud's father, a kittypet named Midnight, and hopes to meet his grandfather one day.
-He loves all of his siblings dearly and wants them all to be friends and stay close as they age.
-He spends a lot of his free time trying to climb the dead monsters in the RatClan camp so he can perch up high and watch out for his siblings.
-He wants to make Rookleaf and Dapplecloud proud of him more than anything in the world.
-TAKEN by CattNaps

Name|| Icekit
Sex|| Male
Clan|| RatClan

-He was named for his mostly white coat, which reminded Dapplecloud of leafbare ice.
-A regal kit who is very gentlemanly.
-He is protective of his younger brother Kingkit and close with his brother Snowkit.
-He is close to his father Dapplecloud and often sits next to him listening to his father's stories.
-He loves Queenkit but has very little patience for her bullying behavior.
-He often follows Snowkit on his adventures, trying to warn Snowkit against his plans and watching when they go exactly how he predicted they would.

Name|| Snowkit
Sex|| Male
Clan|| RatClan

-He was named for his white markings, which reminded Dapplecloud of leafbare snowfalls.
-A jokester with a love of pranks.
-He is very close with Icekit, and is protective of Kingkit as well.
-He wants to see Rookleaf and Dapplecloud become mates.
-Despite Kingkit being a bit of a crybaby, Snowkit will always include him and won't stand for anyone else picking on him.
-Snowkit loves Queenkit but has a rocky relationship with her because she picks on Kingkit.

Name|| Flowerkit
Sex|| Female
Clan|| RatClan

-She was named because her calico patches reminded Dapplecloud of a flowerfield.
-She is a sweet kit who loves to make friends.
-She likes to decorate Dapplecloud and her siblings' fur with flowers and feathers.
-She sees herself as above petty fighting, so she usually ignores Queenkit's bullying, although Queenkit is never deterred by this.

Name|| Queenkit
Sex|| Female
Clan|| RatClan

-She was named after Rookleaf's mother, a kittypet named Queen.
-Has the minor ban trait of Loss of Orienteering Skills, meaning she has a very poor sense of direction and will get lost often throughout her life.
-She is a bit arrogant and can be a bully to her siblings, especially Flowerkit and Kingkit because they won't fight back.
-She wants to explore and Dapplecloud has to keep a close eye on her to keep her from sneaking out of the camp.

Name|| Kingkit
Sex|| Male
Clan|| RatClan

-He was named after Rookleaf's father, a kittypet named King.
-He is a crybaby and it's easy to upset him.
-He likes to follow after Icekit and Snowkit on their adventures.
-He wants Queenkit to be kinder to him.
-He has a desire to be a medicine cat, so he likes to try and watch Rookleaf at work without letting on what he wants to do.
-TAKEN by Riverthunder 


Gender and Pronouns|| 
Personality (3+, 3=, 3-)|| 
Short Biography|| 
Plans For Them (At least 3)||  

Designs by Riverthunder
Bases by DogeManiac 
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Name|| Queenkit
Sex|| Female
Gender and Pronouns|| Female She/Her
Clan|| Rat
Personality (3+, 3=, 3-)|| 
+ Confident-
She is not the type of cat to back down, Queenkit is very sure of herself and confident in her abilities
+ Curious- She is very interested in learning new things and discovering the world around her
+ Chipper- Queenkit is very cheerful and lively kit, rarely feeling a negative emotion
= Independent- She is quite able to do things on her own, and doesn’t feel the need for others help very often
= Authoritative- She demands the respect of her siblings, using it to her advantage when she wants something done
= Questioning- Queenkit loves to ask her parents questions about everything
- Arrogant- She believes she is more competent than everybody else, especially her siblings 
- Harsh- She can be overly cruel, not on purpose, but usually just because she gets impatient 
- Rough- when playing especially, Queenkit tends to roughhouse with her siblings and sometimes hurts them on accident 
~ (Mysterious) Protective- nobody can mess with her family- except her.
~ (Mysterious) Ambitious- She really hopes to do something great one day, and become a powerful member of the clan
Short Biography|| Although she was born the second to last kit, Queenkit is not afraid of her older siblings. In fact she can be a bit of a bully to them, especially Kingkit and Flowerkit since they don’t fight back. Her siblings do not like to play fight with her as even when she is just wanting to play, she can get too rough. Queenkit loves to sneak out of the nursery to explore, but her parents always seem to find her before she can make it out very far. She always seems to get turned around and confused when she goes some where new, and it concerns her parents a litttle. She hopes that one day she’ll be able to explore the whole territory.
Plans For Them (At least 3)||  
- I’d like to see her eventually be able to explore all over the place, finding new things and more places
- Accept that she needs help sometimes and she can’t do everything on her own
- Probably not have kids but definitely make some close relationships, maybe even make good relationships with her siblings.
Password: Leafcloud
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Name|| Queenkit || Queenpaw || Queen...?((still in the process, not sure just yet))
Sex|| Female
Gender and Pronouns|| Her/she
Clan|| R A T
Personality (3+, 3=, 3-)||
+ Energetic - 
showing or involving great activity or vitality.
+ Honest - free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere.
+ witty - 
showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor.
= Emotional -
(of a person) having feelings that are easily excited and openly displayed.
= Crisp -
(of a way of speaking or writing) briskly decisive and matter-of-fact, without hesitation or unnecessary detail.
= competitive -
relating to or characterized by competition.
- Arrogant - 
having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities.
- Clumsy -
awkward in movement or in handling things.
- malicious -
characterized by malice; intending or intended to do harm.
~ (mysterious) Dependent -
requiring someone or something for financial, emotional, or other support.
~ (mysterious) Hateful -
arousing, deserving of, or filled with hatred.
Short Biography|| 
Queenkit was among the last two kits born in the litter of 6. She was a result from a fling between Dapplecloud and Rookleaf. Queenkit often picks on her older sibling, Flowerkit and her younger sibling, Kingkit. Kingkit gets bullied more due to the fact he puts up a reaction and cries to his parents. Queenkit has also shown signs of losing track of where she is a lot. Her parents arent sure why she is like that and hopes she grows out of it.(spoiler, she doesnt) Dapplecloud has also been on her tail while she is out of the nursery and will often drag the small kit back into the nursery due to her walking into the wrong dens, or even out of camp. Queenkit often gets a little too rough with bulling and often tries to force fights with her siblings but often turns out into play fighting.
Plans For Them (At least 3)||  
-Grow a hate(?) towards certain siblings for certain things or other cats
-Oof a family!
-Get that baby a scar at some point due to her lack of tracking and stumble in the wrong place at the wrong time.
- Also the password is Leafcloud
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Name|| Queenkit
Sex|| Female
Gender and Pronouns|| Female
Clan||  Rat
Personality (3+, 3=, 3-)||

+ || Adventurous
Queenkit is very outgoing and ready to try new things, always on the move. She loves to sneak out and do new things, on her own or with a sibling to follow her. She's not scared to jump into a new project and loves finding herself in a whole new place to explore. She'll crawl through every space available to her in camp and still want more.

+ || Confident
She's full of confidence, brimming with faith and self-assure of herself. She's not scared to take charge, believing she's the best for it. She's not scared to say what she wants and to do what she wants either.

+ || Independent
While she doesn't mind having a group to follow her orders and explore with her, Queenkit is perfectly happy on her own, often slipping away to enjoy herself and do what she wants.

= || Self-critical
Queenkit is aware of her disability and instead of dragging her down, it makes her try all the harder, to fight to be the best anyways. She's aware that she'll have to just do more work to keep u and is totally willing to do so.

= || Intense
She has a very intense personality, from her likes and dislikes to more complicated and simple things. Everything about her can be described as intense and she's not going to hold herself back for you.

= || Stubborn
Doesn't take no for a answer or listen very well. She'll go ahead with a plan even if you say it's dangerous or isn't going to work. Her mind is made up and not easy to change.

- || Aggressive
Can be a little rough and a pusher cat, not always aware how hard she's pressing on someone. She's like to rough play and roll around and winning.

- || Arrogant
Thinks she's right even when's she's not. She doesn't like being wrong and in the bad so she'll put up a front and pretend she isn't. Can be a trouble making problem for her.

- || Dishonest
Does have the tendency to lie, mostly about breaking a rule or sneaking out. She'll simply pretend she wasn't up to trouble.

o || Prim
Though a fan of sneaking off and having adventurous, she doesn't like to get too dirty and likes her coat to be clean and fresh feeling. Often thinks she's above playing in dirt just for the fun of it.

o || Playful Short Biography
Queenkit is the fifth born kit in her litter, second to last. No one would know this from the way she's acts however, she's always in the leader and wants to be the one who makes the decisions.

She was named after her father's mother, a kitty-pet by the name of Queen.

While she loves to play with her siblings, she can be rough and a bully to Flowerkit and Kingkit. She just wants them to listen to her and do what she wants.

She loves to go around and do anything she can, including sneaking out for a bigger play space. This can be dangerous, as she has a awful sense of direction, bad enough to make her parents worry and be suspicious about it. She's unaware of it as a kit and goes off as fast as she can.

She knows that Rookleaf is her father and does love her father, even if he's rather busy and worries over her. Absolutely loves her dad and does try to behave better in their eye-sight.

|| Plans For Them (At least 3)||

-Relationship with siblings gets worse and eventually she does feel bad about it and tries to fix those links, up to the others if it works.

-Gets lost in Pigeonclan territory at least once and causes trouble around her.

-Gets into a fight of sorts, maybe after getting lost near the border.

-Learn that she's always right and has to lean on  her family and friends for some things, even if it hurts to admit it.

-Maybe put up a big fight about her disability, saying nothing is wrong.

-Get close enough to a sibling to admit all these problems to.
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Congratulations! You won Queenkit! Please complete the application by the 29th of March, or your kit will be stillborn.
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Name: Flowerkit || Flowerpaw || Flowerpatch/Flowerstream
Sex: Female
Gender/Pronouns: Female, She/her
Clan: Rat
Compassionate - feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others.
+ forgiving - ready and willing to forgive.
+ tolerant -  showing willingness to allow the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.=
= noncompetitive- not involving competition; not competitive.
chummy - on friendly terms; friendly.
= artful - (of a person or action) clever or skillful, typically in a crafty or cunning way.
- flamboyant - (of a person or their behavior) tending to attract attention because of their exuberance, confidence, and stylishness.-
- Timid - showing a lack of courage or confidence; easily frightened.
- regretful - feeling or showing regret.
** Witty - showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor.
** Overimaginative - having or showing creativity or inventiveness. 

Short Bio||
Flowerkit being born into a litter of 6 by a fling between Dapplecloud and Rookleaf. Flowerkit seems to be the sweetest of the 6 and often walks around camp picking up feathers and flowers to decorate her parents and her siblings pelts. Flowerkit has a very happy personality and often ignores Queenkit's constant attempts to bully her. Flowerkit doesnt often fight with her siblings but she will sometimes make smart remarks to Queenkit to get a reaction out of her.

Plans? ||
-To have flowerkit become a warrior, but have her stick around camp caring for kits and decorating nests-- almost like a perma queen.
-have kits of her own
- more plans possibly in the future.

Pass: Leafcloud
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RiverthunderHobbyist Writer
Congratulations! You won Flowerkit! Please complete the application by the 29th of March, or your kit will be stillborn.
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HatsukoLinStudent General Artist
Name|| Flowerkit | Flowerpaw | Flowerwind
Sex|| Female
Gender and Pronouns|| Female she/her (Maybe think about making her a transboy when she reaches Apprenticehood)
Clan|| Ratclan
Personality (3+, 3=, 3-)||
+ Sweet
+ Friendly
+ Open-Minded
= Soft
= Lovely
- Escapist
- Gullible
- Ignoring
Short Biography||
Flowerkit is Born to Dapplecloud and Rookleaf with her 5 Siblings. She is a very Sweet Kit and loves her siblings, even when Queenkit bullys her and Kingkit.
Plans For Them (At least 3)||  
- Letting her get a Family
- Her becoming a good Warrior
- Making her a Transboy (50/50 Chance)
Password || Leafcloud
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Name|| Snowkit
Sex|| Male
Gender and Pronouns|| Male
Clan||  Rat
Personality (3+, 3=, 3-)|| 

+ Compassionate:
Snowkit feels for others, he has an immense amount of sympathy. He goes out of his way to help others in expense of his own well being. Snowkit is the typical "can't stand seeing others being bullied" personality. Justice is important for him, he won't stand for unfairness and injustice. The idea of a clanmate getting horribly injured, bullied, or emotionally hurt- it's physically painful for him

+ Observant:
No moment should be forgotten or missed. Everything happens for a reason. Every action, every sentiment, every move everyone makes, it's a part of something bigger. Snowkit never wants to miss a moment in the life of this clan. He wants to be a part of every single chapter in his clan's history. Being known and remembered, never forgotten.

+ Enthusiastic:
No matter how little it may seem to everyone else, it'll probably excite Snowkit. Whether it's a colourful pebble or a nice smelling herb, he's going to get excited. Life and nature are exciting to the tom, living is exciting. He's a free spirit that loves to be happy and enjoy every little thing life offers him. He's optimistic and a great cat to go to to show off something you find cool- chances are, he finds it cool too!

= Dreamer:
Life is whimsical, it's fun, it's amazing. Fantasy? just as great! Snowkit loves dreaming, he loves day dreaming, he just loves thinking about all the grand things in life. He's an optimist and his dreams are always big, always shooting for the stars. This trait makes him quite romantic in many ways. He's hopeful, a wishful thinker. Day dreaming is a common activity for him.

= Unpredictable:
Snowkit tends to be impulsive, do now think later. He could say something and feel something completely different, unintentionally being secretive. Planning was never his thing and he tends to change his mind often when it comes to what he wants to do in life. This trait makes him slightly unorganised and difficult to read.

= Casual:
Snowkit tends to stray away from formalities, which may come off as a little rude. He's chummy and friendly, making it easy for him to skip the formal part of introductions, straight to friendship. He doesn't see a point in being formal, finding it quite cold and distant and sometimes thinking that perhaps he'd come off as thinking of himself being superior.

- Independent to a fault:
He absolutely despises being micromanaged, always wanting to be the master of his own fate. He finds it difficult to depend on others or having to listen to others and be restricted by rules and regulations. It doesn't mean that he won't follow the rules, but it does mean that being dependent on them and having his freedom taken away is a very hard pill to swallow.

- Impractical:
Being a whimsical dreamer, Snowkit tends to be impractical, always going for what feels right. His plans are always grand and usually far too long. He spends far too much time thinking of what it could be. He fantasises about living and life in general that it takes up more of his brain than practical thinking. With that, it also means he will take on other's emotions and make sure he's not upsetting anyone. He makes up for this trait with improvisation, despite them being highly impulsive and sometimes even risky.

- Distracted:
He spends most of his time thinking, dreaming, romanticising. He's always in his own little world, observing everything around him, taking in his surroundings. He's considered absent-minded, unable to be organised and unable to follow strict schedules. He's not always vocal with his thoughts and dreams, but when he is, he's extremely genuine.

Short Biography|| 
Snowkit is the third eldest of the litter. Loving and kind, yet impulsive and sometimes even bold. He cares immensely for his siblings and loves them all, despite his rocky relationship with his sister, Queenkit. He loves watching his parents interact, be in love, supporting each other. He was named after his snow like white markings, and he genuinely loves his name. 

He's often seen staring out and day dreaming, always distracted with the little things. Always trying his best to make his parents proud of him. Despite that, he tries to be independent of them, his own cat. 

Snowkit has a habit of dragging Icekit with him, everywhere. He's the first to be told about Snowkit's new dream in life, always the first to see the new things Snowkit found. He always drags him along when he wants to defend Kingkit and Flowerkit from Queenkit's constant parade of bullying. 

Plans For Them (At least 3)|| 
*Figure out what he truly wants to do with his future. His motivations and ambitions. 
*Learn to be less impulsive and risky via a series of mistakes followed by consequences.
*Learn that a relationship isn't just blindly loving someone. That it requires effort from both sides, not just one. That a relationship can end if the partner is abusive or neglectful, and it's okay for a relationship to end.
*To be more dependent on others and strict rules are sometimes needed to bring balance.
*To find genuine love like Leafcloud's
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Congratulations! You won Snowkit! Please complete the application by the 29th of March, or your kit will be stillborn.

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Name|| Icekit, IcePaw, and IceFang (or possibly Icestream)
Sex|| Male
Gender and Pronouns|| He, Him
Clan|| RatClan
Personality (3+, 3=, 3-)|| 
+The voice of reason whenever one of his littermates decides to meddle into mischief
+ Loyal- He sticks to his siblings and tries to offer them polite advice or even defend them 
+Personable- Very gentle and sweet, loves to hear stories from his father, 

=Quick witted- not a bad thing but when used in Bitte disputes it becomes a hassle
=Anxious- when his littermates aren't at his side he often worries over them because of some's sharp tongue or mischievous ways
=Compatible- chumpy with most of the clan he interacts with (right now parents/littermates) but if someone's gossiping he'll stay to hear

- Cannot stand for bullying, this has led him into arguments or heated staring contests with QueenKit and any others messing with his family
-Hardheaded, once he forms an opinion of his own about something or one, it's hard to change his mind. Sometimes causes him to not listen to certain cats
-Brutally Honest, because he finds the truth nice and his idea of protection over his siblings, he has a tendency to be too honest when talking to cats about their flaws or wrong behavior

Short Biography|| 
Icekit feels as if he's the most knowledgeable of his brothers and sisters mainly because he often predicts how one of Snowkit's plans will fail, but also lifts their spirits if one's feeling anxious or down. He has a big heart and in that, his family takes up majority of it. He's very close with Snowkit, despite the constant pranking, and loves to laugh and run errand with him. He loves Queenkit but dislikes how she can bully others, this is something he cannot stand for and will call her out on in hopes she'll fix it. Whenever he's heated or has the time, he likes to see his father and spend as much time as he can learning and listening to his father's tales. He's patient and kind, often trying to help Rookleaf with their self-conscious mind.

Plans For Them||  
A mate and at one point, maybe to have kits of his own
To be a very skilled and fast running warrior, picked a lot for battles or patrols because of his loyalty and quick pace
To be able to become an elder that constantly rambles about how silly the apprentices are and tell stories of his siblings and days of action

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Name|| Icekit | Icepaw | Ice... (i'm still deciding, prolly Feather,Fall or Fur)
Sex|| Tom | Male
Gender and Pronouns|| Male, He/Him/They/Them pronouns 
Clan|| Ratclan
Personality ||

:bulletgreen: Well behaved - Despite his young age, he's a gentleman of true heart. He'll help anyone out, specially ladies

:bulletgreen: Familiar - This trait might be confusing, but it's gained due his love for his family, and his fear of loosing his loved ones 

:bulletgreen: Friendly - Being loyal to his age, and familiar ways, he joins in with the trait of "Friendly" he doesn't judge when it comes to a new possible friend!

:bulletyellow: Grumpy - In a way, he's grumpy, but not because he hates fun. But because he worries of his siblings crazy ideas of "play", he still joins the game~

:bulletyellow: Shy - Even as a gentleman, he has a slight touch of shyness, he might grow out of it once he gets to know his clanmates, but for now, he's more reserved.

:bulletyellow: Needy/Pendent - Shy and Familiar has their downs, even if common for a kit, his "needs" go beyond normal. If he has to move somewhere, he needs his siblings with him.

:bulletred: Mature - This trait is uncommon for a kit to have, yet a couple of kits gains it. Being too Mature for his age, makes him incapable of understanding some of the loves of other kits such as "Catching butterflies" or "Playing with rocks". Yet, he does have fun playing with Feather, Goin on adventures, etc.

:bulletred: Introvert - His quiet and distant personality of bigger rank cats, left him to be more private than his siblings.

:bulletred: Snarky - Sometimes he might sound rude, but his type of humour and sometimes of speech, is more snarky than the "Usual"

:bulletpink: (Mysterious) Inteligent/Smart - His well behaviour, and other traits, prooved him to be inteligent. 

:bulletpink: (Mysterious) Picky - He's very picky for what he likes and/or eat.

Short Biography|| Icekit's the second eldest of the litter. He was born from Dapplecloud's and Rookleaf's fling. Even as the product of a fling, he loves both his parents equally, and considers them his family. He's been facinated by the transmale calico's work as a Warrior. He often dreams of becoming soemone's inspiration, yet, he doesn't wish for power over the clan. He has a special huge bond with his younguer brother Snowkit, he'll always hang out around him, as an extra task, he also defends and protects his younguer brother Kingkit, as his love for him is huge, as same as the love for the rest of his siblings. Despite being close to Snowkit, he keeps some secrets to himself. A little something Icekit's being amazed of were every type of Birds, he loves to watch them fly trough the open sky, and despites eating them. 

Plans For Them|| I want him to most likely stay united with his siblings, for him to have a happy life with his family. And for him to someday find a perfect someone to keep on the generations of little gentlemans ;)  

Leafcloud (likes apples <--- random thing dunno why RIP)
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Congratulations! You won Icekit! Please complete the application by the 29th of March, or your kit will be stillborn.
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You don't know how hyped i am to rp with him, Thank you guys so much!! ^^
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