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RatClan Family Adopts by Riverthunder RatClan Family Adopts by Riverthunder
-These designs belong to Riverthunder are only to be used in Two-Clans. You cannot take the characters from the group unless you ask for special permission and you are granted it.
-Name, sex, and design must be kept the same as what is provided. The base personality should also be kept. The rest is up to you.
-The True Password is Raincry, and should be provided in the Plans for Them section of your tryout (so you should have four plans). The second password provided is a fake; do not add it.
-In your application, please credit Riverthunder for the design of the cat.
-This is not first come first served; you may not get the kit you tryout for.
-The password is Pigeon.

Name|| Midnight
Sex|| Male
Clan|| Can be Kittypet, Loner/Rogue, or RatClan, but NOT PigeonClan

-He was a kittypet who met and fell in love with a warrior of RatClan named Crystalsight and fathered her kits

-He only met his kits once, after Crystalsight begged her sister Seedstrike to help her bring the three kits to meet him

-He deeply loves all three of his kits and spent his only day with them holding them close and cherishing them

-You can decide if he decided to leave his Twolegs and become a loner to return to find his kits, or if his Twolegs moved back to the city. You can also decide if he has any interest in joining RatClan to be with his kits and grandkits.

-He only met Dapplecloud once when he was still a kit, so he has no idea that Dapplecloud is transgender, nor that he killed his mentor in self defense.

-His history should fit Dapplecloud’s:…

Name|| Whitetail
Sex|| Female
Clan|| RatClan

-Smokepaw’s older sister from Troutjaw and Nightshade’s first litter.

-She, unlike Smokepaw, had a littermate- Perchkit- whom she was extremely close to as a kit.

-Perchkit was halfway through her fifth moon when she died of an illness, meaning Whitetail spent the majority of her childhood with her sister.

-Whitetail doesn't have much to do with Smokepaw at all and hardly notices his existence. You can decide if this is fear that she will lose him if she gets close to him or if she legitimately hates him for being their parents’ third kit and surviving when her beloved sister did not.

-Her history should fit Smokepaw’s:…

Name|| Tigerstrike
Sex|| Male
Clan|| RatClan

-A retired RatClan warrior

-He loves his grandkits dearly, but Koipaw is lately the only one who will actively put off training to come see him, probably because he often tells them how much they remind him of their grandmother, who he talks about with a special kind of devotion that Koipaw wants in their life.

-He was mates with the permanent queen Koiheart, a former kittypet who asked if he would take her to join his Clan after revealing he was going to be a father.

-He deeply loved and respected Koiheart, and often tells stories of her battle prowess and bravery despite being a former kittypet and a permanent queen.

-Koiheart lost her eye shortly before she and Tigerstrike were planning to retire, when the dogs tried to attack the nursery. She didn't die in the attack, but while she was recovering her wound became infected and she died.

-Tigerstrike is a bit bitter that Koiheart was taken from him just before he would have the excuse of retirement to spend all his time with her. He doesn't blame her, of course- but he does have a certain amount of anger for StarClan now.

He fathered two litters with Koiheart. Their first included Yewclaw, Fishwish, and Sycamoregaze. Their second included Heroneye, Wrenjump, Finchwhisker, and Peonythroat.

-He loved everything about Koiheart, including her kittypet heritage, and was saddened when she removed and hid her collar in hopes that RatClan would better accept her without it. This is the same collar Koipaw later finds, so he will likely have a very excited reaction to seeing it again.

-His history should fit Koipaw’s:…


Gender and Pronouns|| 
Personality (3+, 3=, 3-)|| 
Short Biography|| 
Plans For Them (At least 3)||  

Designs by Riverthunder
Base by DogeManiac 

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WhotchaBerry Featured By Owner Edited Apr 11, 2018
off here I am again xD
Name|| Midnight
Sex|| Male
Gender and Pronouns|| male || He / him
Clan|| Kitty-Pet
Personality ||
+ Kind
Midnight is a kind and thoughtful tom and dislikes treating other badly for no reason. He likes to help and enjoying chatting with any cat who wants to.
He's not on for agreements and going against a leader's decision. He likes being a follower and having a pattern to follow along to. He's more likely to agree with you then to bicker or argue and will easily follow you along.
+ Sweet
A charming, bubbly kind of cat. he likes to cuddle and brings things just because he likes you.

Will hardly ever lie and will tell you the truth unless otherwise asked. Can get him into trouble but he doesn't like lying enough to bother to.
= Obedient
A follower. He'll follow you and do what you want with little give. Unless it's something he thinks will hurt another or get him in trouble, he'll just go with the flow.
= Curious
Likes to explore and get his head into things. Has been all over the city and in every crevice his two-leg's apartment has.

- Conformist
A follower, Midnight also follows what's expected of him as a kitty-pet and not a wild cat. He doesn't try to argue that he is, indeed, a kitty-pet. He does what other kitty-pets do and is fine with that. A part of him doesn't long for a more exciting day to day life.
- Messy
Has never had to clean up after himself and so is messy when left to his own devices. Doesn't really know that he's so messy.
Shy and nervous around strangers and hesitant to act boldly around them. A cautious cat.

♥  Out-going
When with a friend or on a more rare day alone, Midnight is very out-going and likes to go far and wide in search of something fun. When comfortable, will also talk far more then usual.
♥  Adventurous
Though timid and shy, he loves t explore large areas and will peek into any spot he can find. He'll try to avoid trouble though and isn't afraid to run away if it calls for it.

Short Biography||
Midnight was born a house pet with a kitty-pet mother and a stray for a father. His mother, Moonlight was a calm happy kitty-pet and had three kits total. Midnight's siblings, Sugracube and Francis, were just as calm and happy as he and his mother were.

The small family grew together until they were old enough to be adopted out. Midnight wouldn't see his siblings until much later as an adult exploring the city. They're happy enough as house pets and aren't as excited to explore as he is.

The two-legs who bought him took him to heart of the city and there he was able to explore and look about, a collar dangling from his neck. The bell makes it hard for him to hunt but he doesn't mind at all, liking his pet food just fine.

One day, he ran into a group of cats who called them selves clan cats and were rather tough looking. He didn't understand what they were and tried to avoid them as much as possible, scared of them. He ran into a Ratclan cat again one day but she was very kind to him and was a very pretty she-cat in his eyes. The two chatted the day away and saw each other often as the moons went by.

He and Crystalsight grew very close and while Midnight longed to have her close by at all times, he understood that she had a family and home with her clan. He didn't want to leave his home to be with her though, scared he wouldn't fit in. So they continued their forbidden relationships, seeing each other when they could. One day, Crystalsight came to him with the news she was having kits! He was ecstatic at the news and couldn't wait to see them. He could only support his mate from afar but he hoped it was enough for her.

He'll always be grateful for Crystalsight and her sister, Seedstrike for giving him the chance to see his little bundles of joy. He sat that day with them quietly, simply looking them all over and enjoying their warm presence in his life. He wanted to see them again as soon as possible and truly wanted to. His two-legs however moved very soon after this event and he wasn't able to see Crystalsight and his kits before he had to go. He longed to see them once more and his days became a muddled mess of longing and sadness. His owner's comfort was nice but he felt he was missing what was most important. Moons and moons passed when one day, his two-legs started acting odd and one seemed to be sick a lot. He didn't understand why but one day, a new two-leg came and took him away to a new home. It was in the city! He didn't like his new two-leg much, they were rather different to his old ones and he felt worse then ever living in that new small home.

Now in the city again, he hopes to find his old mate and kits, desperate to see them again.

Plans For Them (At least 3)|| 

- RP them being new tot he city again and going out to find clan cats
-Finding out what happened to his mate and kits
-Meeting Dpplecloud again
-Meeting his grand kits
-Eventually have him leave his two-legs to join his family.
-Have him become a warrior
Riverthunder Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Congratulations! You won Midnight! Please complete his application ASAP! <3
WhotchaBerry Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018
yup! <3
pippydog Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Name|| Midnight
Sex|| Male
Gender and Pronouns|| He/Him
Clan|| Loner
Personality (3+, 3=, 3-)||
Midnight is a polite cat, never trying to stir up trouble with strangers over nothing
He has a good head on his shoulders and can solve problems by thinking through them logically
Once Midnight wants something, he doesn’t let if go, actively pursuing it as long as he can.
Midnight is usually a pretty level headed cat and doesn’t intrude onto others
He tends to be worried about both things he can and can’t change
Although a kittypet, he is fit and capable of caring for himself, especially after leaving his home
Midnight is traditional in his ideas and thoughts, especially concerning gender and relationships 
He tends to dismiss the feelings and opinions of others, favoring his own
He has a peck of empathy and has a very hard time relating to others points of view 
Short Biography||
Born to kittypets in a large litter, Midnight grew up very happy living with twolegs. Around the age of 6 moons however he was given to a different twoleg family. He missed his siblings and parents but was still rather happy. The twolegs treated him well, giving him food and toys and letting him roam free outside. One day as he was exploring around the forest, he met a young she-cat about his age. Her name was Crystalsight and the two became fast friends and later fell in love, Midnight looked for her every time he went outside. After some time, Crystalsight told Midnight that he was going to be the father of her kits. At this, Midnight was both overjoyed and anxious. He knew that kits would have to stay in their clan but he desperately wanted to be part of their lives. After the kits were born, he pleaded Crystalsight to find a way to let him see them. When he finally met the kits, Midnight was instantly in love with them, they were perfect in everyway. He spent all his time with them that day and was saddened when they left, however he felt hopeful to see them again. Unfortunately his twolegs left the city before he could again. Midnight was severely distraught after this and laid around the twoleg house depressed. However, he became determined to meet them again and left his two leg home, traveling in the direction he hoped was the city. It took him many moons and e ran into many challenges but he finally reached the city. Now, he continues his search for his 3 kits 
Plans For Them (At least 3)||  
1. Meets Dapplecloud and learns about his true identity (probably is resistant to calling him a male at first but eventually comes around after a while especially bc he cares about him so much) 
2. Meets his grandkits and is SUPER emotional when he learns one is named after him.
3. Maybe join Ratclan eventually 
4. Possibly find another mate??? Maybe not
5. Raincry 
Riverthunder Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I'm so sorry, you didn't win Midnight ;7; Feel free to try out for Whitetail or Tigerstrike (or both) if they interest you, though!! <3
pippydog Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
No hard feelings! I might try out for another if I have time!
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