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The Flames of a Hero

By RiverSTP
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...can reforge the shattered

This is the 2nd part of a series I'm doing where I transform members of STP into my interpretation of their human counterpart. It's Pureblood! ... and he's from the world of Skyrim. ;)

This is Pureblood (Nord, M, 38), the blacksmith who operates out of Whiterun. However, he was born in Falkreath with the name Blythe, his father being the jarl. Along with his sister and his brother, the three grew up playing together in the woods. Aside from his father's volatile temper, his life was pretty good; especially since he was in line to become jarl. However, this was not to be, for when Blythe was about 7 years old, he was willingly kidnapped by a group called the Dark Brotherhood. There, he was taught the ways of an assassin, and grew very close to certain members. By the time he was around 18, let's just say the Dark Brotherhood went to hell and all turned to chaos (trying real hard not to spoil anything). Nearly everyone was slaughtered and Blythe was left injured, with a scar across his chest and alone. He grew to love blood and violence, particularly after the loss of his faction. And he was good at killing. It was because of this that he abandoned his old name, and titled himself Pureblood. Tired and grieving, Pureblood returned home to Falkreath, where he recovered, but quickly left because he couldn't show his face to them after what happened. All the while, the scar on his chest was a daily reminder of his past. Pureblood traveled a while until he came to the city of Markarth and decided to settle there. While there, he kept to himself, and avoided possible spouses. However, he did become the lover to one woman. She became pregnant, but died during childbirth. Their daughter made it out, but not for long. She too died. Coming to see that Markarth now held more painful memories, Pureblood fled, visiting briefly with his elderly mother in Falkreath. He learned of his father's passing and that his brother was now jarl. But Pureblood didn't stay long enough to see his siblings. He fled again to make anew, and eventually came to Whiterun. He did not intend to stay, but Eorlund Gray-Mane had taken him in as a smithing apprentice. Pureblood was skilled at making weapons in Skyforge, so Eorlund chose to make him a full-time blacksmith for the Companions. As of now, he remains a quiet, mysterious individual.

Pureblood belongs to RigorM0RTIS
Check out his pack! -> Seasonal Trackers Pack

Also, congrats to Pure for being the first male I've ever successfully drawn. :D
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OMG! This is amazing Riv! I absolutely love the back story you have given him! I can totally see Pure as a blacksmith too. xD
If you're not to busy, how would you see Slay? I'm curious. Your interpretations ad drawings are amazing!

Keep up the great work! :D
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Thanks so much, Shiny. :)
And sure! Since I missed Keifer's secret santa, I wanted to do his next, but I'll do Slay after that! :heart:
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You're welcome!
It's okay! Do Keifer's first. I can't wait to see both of them ^^
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Ahhhh I KNEW he looked like a blacksmith. I was wondering why that was.

Interesting reinterpretation of him! Definitely nothing like how I'd draw a human version of him, and not quite the backstory I'd come up with. I like it. The drawing is really nice and the backstory is rad too. As for the drawing itself, the body and clothes are really nicely done, but I think the head is a little funny-looking. It's mostly the back of the head, which is too short.

aside from that, it's wonderful, and it inspired me to do a Skyrim reimagining of him and perhaps a few other characters.

 I DEFINITELY thought of him as being a Nord. His birth name is a bit Breton-ish (mainly Reachman) but a Nord version of him could always have a different name. The reimagining of his backstory is very interesting and is a good conversion from his normal history.

great job, and thank you. :)
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I'm reaaaaally glad you like it. :) It took me a long time to think up a good occupation for Pure. As for the head, I agree. I knew there was something that was bothering me about it lol.
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Ah I love these! Both art and the story behind it is once again awesome.
I really love the stories you have written about all these characters, it fits with the characters on LTW a lot.
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thanks naff ily :heart:
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