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This is Keifer (Sámi, M, 29), the shaggy reindeer herder. He lives in the Northern region of the Kola Peninsula in Russia, amongst other members of his culture. The Sámi are the indigenous people who inhabit the Arctic, though over time, its people spread all throughout the Norwegian countries and parts of Russia. Traditionally, they make a living by fur trapping, fishing, or herding reindeer. The Sámi are known for their bright and festive clothes, along with their ability to endure the harsh coldness of their home. In Keifer's village, he is regarded as a strong, bulky, and friendly individual, as well as being rather dense. He doesn't seem to mind the cold one bit and can often be seen coaxing his reindeer about, often throwing them over his shoulder without much trouble. He loves his reindeer very much, and often becomes quite sad whenever he must kill one for food and/or clothing. Emotionally, Keifer is known to be a hardy, loyal, and generally happy person. Also, he may be a big guy, but Keifer is very, very sensitive. He takes everything anyone says about him to heart, which is both a good and bad thing. Other than that, he is rather clumsy and his village has even begun a small inside joke about it, all in good nature, of course.

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oh my god girl I did not notice this until just now!! D8 I'm so sorry you don't even know :c But immediately when seeing this I freaked out LOL I love it so much!! And the description is just perfect<33 You did a wonderful, wonderful job and you improve with each piece :P Happy late bday and I'm uploading your bday gift now ;D