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In Windhelm

By RiverSTP
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Made her colors more vibrant and added brown hues. After escaping the Rift, she falls into old habits and steals something in Windhelm...
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this is looking very good! i think the neck length is alright but it bends a little bit strangely, maybe if the side on our right was connected a little further from the chin (which would make it a little thicker) it'd look a little better.

the environment is nice too, though i think the snow on the bridge is a tad too solid, maybe you could use one of those rougher/scattery brushes on the edges of the piles, maybe use a brush like that to add some highlighted details on it too, so it looks more like snow and less like sludge piles, y'know?

other than that, i think this is pretty well-rendered, and i also like the khajiit's markings and colors, they're very nice. does she have a name?

i used to be a sneak-thief like you.... then i took an arrow in the knee...

sorry i couldn't resist haha
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Thanks for the critique! (: I really appreciate it.
Her name is Eowyn, which isn't v khajiit-like but I've decided her parents probably gave it to her to help her assimilate into Skyrim (Eowyn sounds v Nordic or maybe Imperial, I thought)
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interesting. i like that there's a reason behind her name being pretty unexpected for a Khajiit. it makes sense for her parents to name her something that they feel will help her fit in. so she was born in Skyrim then? it's nice seeing characters who don't necessarily originate from their race's homeland
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Yeah, it's funny because that wasn't intentional at all. It was just a 14 year old me randomly choosing a name that sounded cool; now I've pretty much shaped her story around her peculiar name, being caught between feeling like a Nord (who hate her race) and a khajiit (whose culture she knows nothing about).
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this is great :)
the style is interesting too ^^ 
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Thank you very much. :D
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Neck is just a bit too long.
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Yeah, I like to experiment with the anatomy of different races. I've always made khajiits with longer, alien-like limbs. :)
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