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SR Comic: Pg 69
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Published: December 28, 2018
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Hope you like it! 

Special Note: Holy Flippity-Floppity Carp! You guys have to understand how momentous the upload of this page is...not because of the number (which is an unfortunate coincidence), but because this page marks the last SR Comic upload of this year...and that means I kept my upload streak of pages EVERY FRIDAY for an ENTIRE YEAR. I'm really quite proud of myself.

To mark this occassion, and the coming new year, I'm going to upload a new page every day next week. :) Thank you all for reading and following the story for an entire year! Hopefully, the streak will continue ;)

Pg 70: SR Comic: Pg 70

Pg 68:  SR Comic: Pg 68 by RiverSpirit456

Pg 1: SR Comic: Pg1 *Redone*

Original version (for those who still want to read/compare the old pages, I won't delete them) : Scarlet River: Pg 1

Written Version:  Scarlet River P1        The moon was a sliver in the sky, only dimly shining on a winter night. Darkness clung to the snow-covered forest below; deep shadows lying beneath the bare, black branches. Through thick swathes of snow a young cat struggled forward. Her head barely cleared the surface of the cold, white substance, and her brown, silver-striped coat was plastered to her sides, revealing a jutting ribcage. She had been running for many suns and moons now, relying on instinct and a darker resource...one that the kit tried hard to ignore.      
        She took another faltering step, her paws numb.  I have to get help. She thought faintly. Her next paw-step slipped, and she fell into the icy drifts, weakly shivering. Through half-closed eyes, she stared up through the bare arms of the trees. The sky was dark and clouded, the claw-like moon half covered. She struggled to stand, but there was no strength left in her thin, bony le
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wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee adventure awaits!
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GeorginaMegJe Traditional Artist
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StackableGoldHobbyist General Artist
"Figures" anyone else thought of gmod at that moment?
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Congrats on a whole year of not skipping an upload!!!!!!
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DemonFlareonHobbyist Digital Artist
the last upload of the year is page 69
(im sorry)
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HolyN3vilStudent General Artist
2nd panel. Stone is just questioning his life choices right now
EeveeOP's avatar
He might be wondering why starclan must be so cruel to make him her brother XD lol
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JadeRavenwingStudent Digital Artist
Hurp. All caught up. :c Now to wait for more. o3o
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Tigerclaw014Student General Artist
Good Job River! jackspecticeye [Two Thumbs UP! V.1] THE BEST LAID  
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90pringlesHobbyist Traditional Artist
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hey what app did you do this on?
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littlebird2014Hobbyist General Artist
Pff, great way to end the year; with the last page uploaded being the 69th one, haha. This page is adorable though! I can't wait to see what happens next. fantastic job as always !!! <3 <3
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HrafnFjodrHobbyist Writer
Damn, that streak is amazing, though! Great work! I hope I'm able to keep up with my stories, too, haha
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So colorful and pretty! 
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Stone being Deputy xD that's mean ECHOSTARRRR
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mystic-eclipse17Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh, so i stayed up late enough that my brain thought you uploaded this one thursday again? fantastic, i'm still not going to bed
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ShadowGingerWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
intense running scenes shall follow this page
HEARTSONGDROWNEDHobbyist General Artist
I stayed up waiting for this.

I am pleased.
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Lass1eHobbyist Digital Artist
Im so proud of you River!
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Congrats river! Hope you enjoy your college break! :D
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