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Dark Sin
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Published: January 12, 2019
This is a commission from JoannStrife! :iconjoannstrife:

Characters: Nettlefoot (black-furred tom), Miststorm (tabby silver she-cat), Mapleshade (tortoiseshell she-cat), and Ryestep (calico tom)

Hope you like it! 

This happens sometime after Dark Kin

Speedpaint: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EMnxc…
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EmeraldarcbreonStudent Digital Artist
The best part is Ryestep in the back looking batshit crazy and I love it. x'DD
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Yep, he has a smile that could put even the joker to shame.
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MissPeppermintSpiceStudent General Artist
Good, good, your journey to the dark side is almost complete!
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Wow. That's nice, ish, good?
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RayJayOStudent General Artist
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Herrieli000Hobbyist Filmographer
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Story for everyone to enjoy:

Nettlefoot sled through the dark forest which seemed positively crowded now, as busy as a disturbed ant hill with clusters of cats turning in every clearing, racing along every path and slashing though every sludgy river. As Nettlefoot continued pad through the greasy gray trunks that were lit by a unnatural glow his sense alert if any of dark forest cats were anxious to lunge at the riverclan warrior. Suddenly Nettlefoot stopped in tracks sniffing the air catching the sent of ShadowClan. "Sneaking around, Miststorm?" Nettlefoot asked as a silver tabby she-cat with leopard like markings lunged from the shadow at black-furred tom. Nettlefoot jumped back as dodging Miststorm attack as the she-cat lunged at him again but this time her claw dug into back hind leg. Nettlefoot let out yowl of pain before unsheathing his claws two cats collided with each other in a tangle of bloodstained fur, claws and teeth. Locked together, still wrestling Nettlefoot and Miststorm rolled over into a clearing, first one on top and then the other. Nettlefoot then pinned the ShadowClan deputy onto the ground as scent scarlet blood stained his noise along with strong taste of iron. He looked down to see claw marks marring the she-cat hind legs, cheek, and flank, Had he made those wounds? Nettlefoot saw jolting horror that he had Miststorm pinned in killing position. "N-Nettlefoot, Don't!" Miststorm stammered with angered horrified look which the black tom had never seen before, Nettlefoot then caught the strong scent of two cats Ryestep and Mapleshade. "Why you hesitating?" The Torishell asked as sickening smile loomed over Mapleshade face as she continued "She's just playing you for a fool, if you don't kill her now. She'll likely attack you again. So it only seems befitting to end her life now. " The she-cat said with a satisfied purr which sounded like two dead branches sliding together. "Yes, she attacked you so there's no point in being remorseful." Ryestep said as malicious yowl came from the calico tom" Do it! Tear out her heart while she still lives... I want to hear her scream!" Ryestep yowled to Nettlefoot as he kept Miststorm pinned.
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BinxDiAngeloStudent General Artist
where can I find out more lol
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0-0 geez, darkforest cats are brutal!
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Yes they can. Ryestep especially is the most brutalist of all, next to mapleshade of course.
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But wait until you see him in the prequel, Ryestep, i mean.
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ScarletWolfFireHobbyist Digital Artist
10/10 story! Wants to know even more!!
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I'm glad you like it.
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phoenixthefox1Hobbyist Digital Artist
I-I would like to know more about this story
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Glad your enjoying it.
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sequxoiiaHobbyist Digital Artist
*sips water* ok then
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Don't worry she's lives.
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You didn't want her to live? Well sorry if i disappoint you. But she lives.
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lmao alright, i was saying "damn" to you stating that she lives, i just like it when characters are killed, pack on the weight of regret! kill! kill! kill!
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