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Jenn (with two "n"s!)
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hey there! I'm Riverfox! Welcome to my DA gallery.

My interests vary between the fan-type of work, my original characters, and some comics (which I'm pleased to say have been improving lately!) I mainly use traditional pencil and ink, which are usually scanned and colored with Photoshop Elements. I'm prone to being silly, random, philosophical or nitpicky, I will usually reply to comments and love to make new friends, and I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ as my Savior.

My MLP Ask Blog over on Tumblr:…
My Main Tumblr:
Ko-fi Tip Jar: (Any help is greatly appreciated!)

Thanks, and enjoy your stay!


*Profile Picture Art is credited to MarMai, author of The Dragon Tutor. It's a great comic and she is a great person, go check it out!


Inktober Day 5 - The Vitapire
“The stranger moved into town a couple years ago and doesn’t draw much attention, aside from his frequent visits to the local health food store. Dresses a little weird and has some kind of strange vitamin deficiency, but the cashiers agree he’s always polite and seems a nice guy overall. In other news, the crime rate has dropped significantly in the tri-state area in recent months, although most people laugh off the rumors of a super fast/strong shadowy figure scaring the pants off would-be criminals.”


Inspired by the Tumblr post you see in the upper corner. I love the idea of a solution for vampires that allows them to not drink blood at all; it's the first time beyond Bunnicula that I've felt comfortable with a vampire headcanon. XD Other headcanons for this:

- Vampirism is kind of like a virus that transforms the physiology of its host. Hosts cannot stand sunlight, but they need massive amounts of Vitamin D; since they can't get it from the sun (the natural way) and wouldn't be able to get enough from normal means regardless, the only way most of them know how to do so is to take it directly from prey by drinking their blood. They also gain the advantages of very long life, as well as insanely increased strength, speed, and stealth. All of this serves the purpose of the virus wanting to spread and reproduce inside their hosts, as it also feeds off of the Vitamin D.

- Spreading to new hosts doesn't happen all that often, since once a vampire starts drinking blood, they have a very difficult time controlling their urge to drink their prey to death. 
(Not dry; while the virus makes vampires' bodies able to metabolize blood at a very fast rate, they generally can't hold the 12 GALLONS of blood found in a typical human. Humans still die after losing a certain amount of blood, though.) But because procreation, the virus will occasionally stop the vampire enough to leave a prey alive, creating a new host. Older vampires can learn to control this frenetic drinking, purposefully making new vampires to add to their ranks.

- Eating Vitamin D-rich foods like fish can help stave off cravings for blood for a while, but unless they have a very large intake of Vitamin D in SOME form, the urge to consume blood will lead to rage, paranoia, and general feral behavior until satisfied.

- The Vitapire's solution: about four bottles of Vitamin D pills mashed into a slurry he can drink either straight or through his eyeteeth. Dye red for aesthetic if you so desire. Staves off blood cravings for about a month.

- Our low-key vampire here is a bit of a missionary, tracking down other vampires who show up in his area to show them the wonders of the Vitamin D supplement drink he invented, and how easy it is to find and make. He personally is a moderately young vampire (about forty years since his turning) and has never drunk human blood. Now he avoids blood altogether and tries to help other vampires see that they are NOT doomed to be bloodthirsty monsters.

- Don't underestimate him, though. While kind and mild-mannered, he WILL hunt down vampires who refuse to accept more pacifistic ways. He won't kill them if possible, though; he'll just break their eyeteeth. A vampire's eyeteeth are how they transmit the virus, as well as how they suck out the blood of their victims directly into their throats. Without them, a vampire can still hunt and kill, but they can't paralyze their victims (a mild venom in the fangs) and they have to take the much slower route of drinking the blood normally, which leads to much of it bleeding out and going bad, so in general it makes his slurry solution look much more appealing in both convenience and lower effort. Basically, it's like defanging a snake. 
K-x-W: Halloween Surprise!
My entry for the costume contest we're hosting at :iconkeyblade-x-warriors:! Harry couldn't dress as a toy because everyone had to go off-theme (he's from Toy Story), but presents aren't toys THEMSELVES. He could be socks! :D Also I kinda want to make this costume myself next year. XD

Nova (the blue-haired girl) belongs to :iconfliksie:
Harry belongs to me
Kingdom Hearts belongs to Square Enix/Disney
Inktober Day 4 - Flower Foxes
I am SUPER HAPPY with how this one came out! :iconsmile--plz: This idea actually belongs to my little niece; she told me her idea of foxes with big flowers for tails, and I fell in love with the idea. This one would go in a set with the Deeraffe hopefully, for the con table I'm doing next year. But in the meantime, please enjoy these inks and cute foxes with folding flowers for tails. :D
Inktober Day 3 - Fairy Dragon
I didn't know what I was gonna do this day, so I drew a dragon. And it turned out REALLY CUTE. Although I'm still a tiny bit embarrassed by that doofy flower. XD; I may color and print-ify this one at some point, we'll see!
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Hey guys! Just wanted to let ya'll know, there's a possibility that a spammer troll from Picarto might start sending out messages pretending to be from me leaving nasty comments. I'm sure you guys know me well enough to know I'd NEVER do that, so please ignore anything of that kind that comes up. Thanks and have a good one! ^^


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