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I think it was a year ago, or maybe less.
A girl I met I-dunno-where-on-internet asked me to do her a logo and a banner for her forum rpg. This forum was Final Fantasy X-3, and in the scenario, there was a relation between Paine and Auron, even if he's dead.
I don't know hoe this could be possible, and if you want my opinion, I didn't like that scenario, but still, I've decided to help her and make her a logo.
So I came with that, coloring it like other FFX logos.
Took me about 3 hours to do, almost everything on photoshop, except the pencil drawings, cuz every color is done on photoshop.
I never saw her again, so I dunno if she's still alive, but I think I have the right to post this, cuz I'm the one who have done it.
I know the title sucks, but I'm proud of the FF logo-style imitation.

Final Fantasy is a Squaresoft / Square Enix property.

To see the logo without the sucking title, check this : [link]
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I think its cool :D hey I actually have a Final Fantasy novel...wanna check it out?