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Final Fantasy X-3 logo

By Riverd
I think it was a year ago, or maybe less.
A girl I met I-dunno-where-on-internet asked me to do her a logo and a banner for her forum rpg. This forum was Final Fantasy X-3, and in the scenario, there was a relation between Paine and Auron, even if he's dead.
I don't know hoe this could be possible, and if you want my opinion, I didn't like that scenario, but still, I've decided to help her and make her a logo.
So I came with that, coloring it like other FFX logos.
Took me about 3 hours to do, almost everything on photoshop, except the pencil drawings, cuz every color is done on photoshop.
I never saw her again, so I dunno if she's still alive, but I think I have the right to post this, cuz I'm the one who have done it.
I know the title sucks, but I'm proud of the FF logo-style imitation.

Final Fantasy is a Squaresoft / Square Enix property.

To see the logo without the sucking title, check this : [link]
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© 2007 - 2021 Riverd
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I think its cool :D hey I actually have a Final Fantasy novel...wanna check it out?
Riverd's avatar
If it's possible, I'd take a quick look.
Cehmke's avatar
Really nice! To someone who doesn't know much about Final Fantasy it could be a game logo.
Riverd's avatar
You think? Oh crap, if I was to redo it now, 4 years later, it would be soooo much better.
I don't really get why this old scrap is one of my most viewed. Guess people like the idea before the render.
nightchildmoonchild's avatar
I wish this was a real game!
Riverd's avatar
Hey, this is good! Aren't there some rumors of a FFX-3 being made? Cause I read on IGN that they might be making it =3 Let's hope!
Riverd's avatar
I dunno
Actually this was for a forum
but I really can't tell
yeah.... But I is hoping! XD
DarkMasamune's avatar
Well hi Riverd !
Remember me ? I'm the girl who asked you this.
Nice to see you remember me that well.
But still, it's a nice work.
I have to admit the title sucked a little but no need to say it...
Oh anyways. It's a good work after all.
Riverd's avatar
Wow...long time no see!
How d'you do?
xflightofthephoenix's avatar
wow!!! i so reckon they should actually make that into the cover for a final fantasy X-3! Shame they aren't making it...but still ! i love it! :)
Riverd's avatar
Thanks! I'm not sure about the scenario, but I only liked the logo concept.
y2kick's avatar
j'avoue que son concept était assez "heavy" mais par contre ta representation est parfaite!
Riverd's avatar
Ouais, j'aime moyennement son scénario, mais bon, moi j'étais juste chargé du logo haha. Merci du commentaire ET du fav! J'ignorais que tu étais fan de Final Fantasy (si tu l'es...)
y2kick's avatar
oui je le suis hehe :) japprécie tous les bons rpg.. alors je peux pas omettre les FF
God... now that's mindblowing... :omfg:
Riverd's avatar
cloche43's avatar
The sucking title...;)
It's really nice!
I like the way the flames merge into the characters.
The colors are great too!
Good job!
Riverd's avatar
Thanks, you know I always appreciate your cheerings!
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