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ALL GONE! Making custom Myst pendants

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GOAL REACHED--ALL SLOTS CLAIMED! Thanks to all the Myst fans who read and shared this post. All the slots are claimed and I will be making a 3D model to go into Cyan's new game!

If you're sad that you didn't get one, please contribute to Cyan's Kickstarter to make sure Obduction happens, and follow me here on dA, on Twitter, or on Tumblr to find out when I'll have more Myst things available!

For $100, I will make you a round brass or copper pendant with any design from Myst, Riven, or Uru, and I'll donate 90% of that to Cyan's Kickstarter (keeping $10 to partially cover the cost of materials and shipping).

When I was in middle school and high school, Myst fandom brought me to 3D modelling, Python, and HTML. (This was way more advanced than anything my school's computer lab offered--I think that Excel was the most technical thing you could take a class on.) Techie know-how eventually led me to my career as a programmer, but more than anything, I wanted to build worlds. Still do. I want Cyan's Kickstarter to succeed flawlessly, and I also want to give my 14-year-old self the best present ever: their $1,100 "Become the Strata 3D Artist" tier. Being able to model something for their new game would be the chance of a lifetime! So I'm fundraising with my metalwork to get there. I'm only offering this custom work to 10 people right now.

If you want to help and get something really cool in the process, email me (riv@purpleshiny.com) with the subject "Fundraiser" to claim your slot and we'll work out the details :)

You'll get your pendant no later than April 2014, as soon as I can manage it and before I start stocking Myst-related stuff in my Etsy shop. So you (along with some high-level Unwritten backers) will be among the first to own my Myst-inspired metalwork.

Possible designs include Gehn's crest, the Hall of Kings floor decoration, the star fissure, the animal icons from Riven, the journey cloth symbol, the Moiety dagger... pretty much anything that I can trace to a solid black-and-white shape. The pendant will be heavy-duty metal with beveled edges, a rich patina, and a shiny finish. The necklace will be thick leather cord with a locking magnetic clasp (vegan alternative to leather will be available by request).

(If I don't get enough interest to up my pledge to the 3D Artist tier, your money will still go to the Kickstarter!)
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Already committed to Cyan Kickstarter but if you are making more of the Riven pendants I would be interested, cannot do much about it until Jan 2014 though as funds are pretty much tied up at the moment (Cyan and House move)
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CassiopeiaArtProfessional Digital Artist
This is such a nice thing to do and what beautiful pendants!! :wow: I'm already supporting on kickstarter and i'm so hoping they will reach their goal :fingerscrossed: This makes me wonder if i can do something to help out too :plotting:
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Awww damn. I saw your post on the Obduction Kickstarter and rushed over. I really wish I could support you on your goal to reach the strata 3D pledge level but I'm already kind of over extending myself on Kickstarter as it is. In fact I backed Unwritten at the $150 level primarily just to get one of your awesome Hall of Kings pendants. I really hope you each your goal and help Cyan and all of us each the Obduction goal too! :-)
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Aww, that's so sweet! I totally understand your position (and thanks much for supporting Unwritten!) Your support means a lot to me as well :) And--after this project is completed I'll hopefully be making even more fandom things!
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9 out of 10 slots sold already. Looks like you'll make your goal. Awesome :-)
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ArtoveliHobbyist General Artist
Augh, sooo amazing!! @_@

But I am sooo broke. OTL  I can't even donate anything to the Obduction project, which is totally bumming me out.  But your designs here are drool-worthy and I'd be surprised if you had trouble filling up your slots.  Shoomlah just reblogged your Tumblr post, so I'm sure that will help get the word out. :nod:
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Eep, being broke sucks, I hope you see things swing upwards again. No worries, your support means a lot to me too :) And perhaps by the time you're no longer broke, I'll have regular (non-commission) Myst stuff up for sale!
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ArtoveliHobbyist General Artist
That would be cool!
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PirkleationsHobbyist General Artist
That's awesome.

I've had a few Ebay auctions going to raise money as well!! I've also got a Journey Cloth going right now to help Obduction.

Let's do this!!!

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This campaign has been so amazing, the energy and creativity that the community's been bringing to things is so great!
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