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Myst: Map of Tay

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This is a map of the Age of Tay from Riven: The Sequel to Myst.  This is an expanded lore version for a hypothetical Myst game titled "Blade: Empire of Myst" about Moeity Imperialism following 200 years of contact with the D'ni Empire.  

The different regions clockwise are The Western Jungles which are dense boggy swampland similar to Dagobah from Empire Strikes Back. Somewhere in the thick of the jungle is Yeesha' retreat, a small hut where she sought refuge to study the writings of the Watcher and learn of the Least. The Western Jungles are home to the Atami, or Clan Atam tribespeople, taking their name from the Rivenese brown fish. They live a secluded life of isolation away from the other Clans, not participating in the political arena.

South of here is The Crag which is a rocky coastline covered in tall hives of the native tishi, a giant flying insect. The Crag is occupied by Clan Wahrk, the richest and most powerful Clan of the top Five. Cara is the capital of the Crag and the largest city outside of Ashtasa. It is built like a military fort with stone walls guarding large tishi husks that have been gutted and turned into homes. 

Directly north of here is the Golden Plateau which is a grassy highland rising out of the surrounding landscape. Up here rests solitary "ove" trees that rise out of the flat ground, concealing amber veins and ancient burial sites of a long-extinct civilization at their roots. The Ove tree is a sacred tree to the Moeity, being the same species as the Great Tree of Riven and later the Hive of Tay, having been written into the Age by Katran during her imprisonment. 

East of the plateau are the Hiva Wetlands, a marshy lowland by the Hiva River where tall reeds grow and sunners (Hiva in Rivenese) swim in the shallow waters. Two villages reside here, Tikome and Velah that are built like honeycomb and fitted with adobe huts that extend out of a central hive with extending walkways.  

North of here, past a narrow pass in the mountains where the Hiva River continues northwards, are the Steam Marshes. These ashen grey marshes are covered in ash spewed out from Mount Gehn and cobwebs of the native large suuri spider that prowl the marshes. Steam vents like those on Eder Gira blow hot jets of steam out of the grey bogs in unexpected places, potentially scalding inattentive travelers. 

The Sacred Valley containing the Hive seen in Riven was walled off by Queen Lediah in the year 178 A.R. (After Riven) as a sacred site, donated to the High Temple of Allatwan. This was also followed by the construction of the Temple of Katran on Torus, built on the edge of the central vortex of the Age, however reserved for temple members only. 

South of here is the fertile Eleem Basin around Lake Eleem (which is technically a bay). This is the agricultural hotbed of Tay where boolahs among other goods are farmed. Boolahs are a fertility-inducing fruit native to Tay and prized by the D'ni who are intent on re-populating their once great Empire.  In the center of the Eleem Basin, covering many islands and shores of the lake is the capital city of Ashtasa, which is built in a mix of Moeity adobe style buildings that are molded into large organic shapes with D'ni stone-masonry. 

The main island of Roola holds the Red Hill and the Royal Palace at its peak. Here is where the King or Queen resides along with the Chieftain Council, made up of 16 Chiefs from various Clans. Clan Atam is the only one of the major five that does not have a seat on the Council. 

The Armana District is the artisan and scholar's district, while the Denniah District on Roola Island is where the wealthy and noble reside. The lower class districts of Mani, Toor and Bayu are on the edges of the city, connected by rusted bridges as they are built the outlying islands and shores.

South West of Ashtasa is the Shipwreck Coast along the Naru peninsula where Clan Rem (Ink Beetle) have dominion. Sida and Rem are the two largest towns here. The Shipwreck Coast is named as such due to the large amount of ship wreckages along the coast, indicating the presence of an as of yet undiscovered civilization on the Age.

North of Lake Eleem is the massive Ira River which stretches into the River Lands along with a series of smaller rivers, covered by tall jungle trees (taller versions of the Rivenese Jungle trees). Here, the villages of Nava, Kallape, Galla and Riodme, along with many smaller communities, are built into the bases of the trees with ladders reaching far up to the forest canopy where walkways are built connecting tree to tree, home to home.  

West of the River Lands lies the Wild East. The Wild East is a rocky and windswept highland of jagged rocks and gourd forests called the Gapoto. The first stop in the Wild East is the town of Ash, founded by Atrus during one of his early excursions through the Age after the death of his sons. Ash was erected by D'ni Stone-Masons and Carpenters using local materials such as locally baked brick and Riverland wood. In the present day, the town is in disrepair with buildings sinking into the ground or leaning on one another, while vines and muck overtake the buildings' many walls. The town was named by Atrus due to the frequent ash winds that barrel down from Mount Gehn on a daily basis.  

The Gapoto towns are carved out of Gapoto which are large house-sized gourds. Squam, which are large white avian creatures with big black eyes and sharp teeth, fly near the ground in search of left-over kills. The natives of the Wild east, including Clan Squam, hunt the beast with spears and arrows to be eaten. The easterners revere the Squam like the other clans revere their respected animal, such as the Wahrk, the Ink Beetle, the Hiva (or Sunner), or the Atam fish.

North of here are the barren Ashlands of open black desert around the Black Lake (Which is also ironically a bay) harboring Mount Gehn at its center, spewing smoke and ash across the entire island.
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