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Military ranks and uniforms in Korryn Shiks Matriarchy

Disclaimer: KSM (Korryn Shiks Matriarchy) is a fictional nation hosted inside the sci fi original setting Nebulosa of Ots, invented by Shabazik. This is a side "fanfiction" gently made possible by the way Shabazik and a lot of other dA users built the scenario as a common work based on a strong backbone lore. Also thanks to lygen1000 and larqven who are helping me a lot in defining my part of scenario :)


As said in the introduction draft ([OTS] Korryn Shiks Matriarchy, system #139 (DRAFT)), KSM is a pretty militarized society. Even the Shiks living on the more comfortable world of Korryn (Korryn-I) are mainly spies and observers from the ranks of Security Service, but on Korryn-I, where KSM needs to keep the appeareance of being just another company controlled by the megacorporation Kasparov Cia, shiks usually dress the standard gray ZTP suits, or even totally civilian dresses, depending on what's required by their assigne tasks.

The situation is completely different on Winter Korryn (Korryn-II) the less hospitable, icy planet which is the real seat of the KSM government, armed forces and most relevant industrial activities. The color uniforms and the ranks explained below, so, are used only on Korryn-II, and only as common day duty uniforms, while in case of war, or during operations, all Shiks in the military forces dress the same colors, in order to now allow enemies identify  better targets just looking at the colors.

As general rules, all KSM versions of the well known ZTP Suit have a main color for the body suit, and slightly darker tones of the same colors for accessories (gloves, boots, straps, pauldrons, etc.).
Longer gloves and boots are usually reserved for personnel permanently employed in the military forces, while the personall temporary recalled to arms usually dress the shorter ones.
The only males allowed to permanent service are the ones employed in the Civilian Police, on Korryn-I, and the ones which serve permanently are distinguished by honorific armbands, instead by the lenght of dressing accessories.

Ranks are normally shown on shoulder strips, expect in the rare occasions when military Shiks dress a ceremonial/high uniform, completed by a golden sash across the torso and around the hips and by a ceremonial dagger on the side: in those cases ranks (and eventual honor achievements) are also exposed on the left side pectoral.

Note: some of the following roles are not directly "military" (e.g. administrative, scientific, technincian roles), but in the militarized society of KSM, most strategic civilian roles are still under military command. In this case, military ranks don't necessarily correspond to roles as civilian officers. Yes it would be very strange (and unusual) to find a colonel employed as an administrative secretary or as a helper laboratory technician, but it's not unusual to find lower military ranks having important roles in their civilian specialization.
Military ranks just identifies their career as soldiers, as even more specialistic civilians have to serve at least 3 months per year in periodic recalls to arms, in order to keep efficient their military training. Military career also defines the voting (both active and passive) rights within the militarized form of democracy in KSM.

- Politics and diplomats: Dark red bodysuit, darker red accessories, red background for rank insignia
- Administration services: Lilac bodysuit, purple accessories, purple background for rank insignia
- Science, bio/genetics research: Light green bodysuit, darker green accessories, green background for rank insignia
- Engineerings, techinicians, industry: Dark orange bodysuit, darker orange accessories, orange background for rank insignia
- Civilian fleet and transports: Light azure bodysuit, darker azure accessories, azure background for rank insignia
- Military fleet and military pilots: gray-blue bodysuit, darker blue accessories, blue background for rank insignia
- Standard infantry: Light gray-green bodysuit, darker gray-green accessories, ocra background for rank insignia
- Rangers: dark gray bodysuit, darker gray accessories, gray background for rank insignia
- Security Services: full black bodysuit and accessories, black background for rank insignia
- Inquisitors: dark purple bodysuit, black accessories, black background for rank insignia (members of security services)
- Civilian Police (on Korryn-I): White bodysuit, light gray accessories, white background for rank insignia

See the uniforms here:
[KSM] KSM Uniforms sheet by Riveda1972

In any operative circumstances, duty colored uniform are replaced by standard dark gray uniforms (like the rangers' ones) while only the shoulder straps keep the color identifying the original specialization. Only forces of the Security Service often keep their full black uniforms also in operative conditions, unless a camouflage is strictly required by the mission.


1) Rookie: an empty bordered rectangle
00 Rookie by Riveda1972

2) Private: 1 short bar (silver)
01 Private by Riveda1972

3) Expert Private: 1 short bar (gold)
02 ExpPrivate by Riveda1972

4) Corporal: 2 short bars (silver)
03 Corporal by Riveda1972

5) Sr. Corporal: 2 short bars (gold)
04 srCorporal by Riveda1972

6) Sergeant: 3 short bars (silver)
05 Sergeant by Riveda1972

7) Sr. Sergeant: 3 short bars (gold)
06 srSergeant by Riveda1972

8) Jr. Lieutenant: 1 diamond + 1 short bar (silver)
07 jrLieutenant by Riveda1972

9) Lieutenant: 1 diamond + 1 short bar (gold)
08 Lieutenant by Riveda1972

10) Sr. Lieutenant: 2 diamonds + 1 short bar (gold)
09 srLieutenant by Riveda1972

11) Captain: 3 diamonds + 1 short bar (gold)
10 Captain by Riveda1972

12) Major: 3 diamonds + 2 short bars (gold)
11 Major by Riveda1972

13) Lt. Colonel: 1 star within 2 short bars (gold)
12 LtColonel by Riveda1972

14) Colonel: 2 stars within 2 short bars (gold)
13 Colonel by Riveda1972

15) General: 3 stars within 2 short bars (gold)
14 General by Riveda1972
See the uniforms here:
[KSM] KSM Uniforms sheet by Riveda1972

Credits:- Nebulosa of Ots: part of the World of Aiers fantasy/sci-fi original setting, by Shabazik
- "Shiks" are human clones, or artificial humans, in the mentioned setting.
- KSM: fan written part of the scenario, by me
- KSM rank insignia: by me, Corel PSP Photo IX and Gimp
© 2019 - 2022 Riveda1972
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Riveda1972's avatar
dangerfan , if I knew you had your Lilacs on Gerfan... look at the colors of the uniforms for the Administratives :D
dangerfan's avatar
Sounds like a good idea for a uniform to me!
Riveda1972's avatar
yes they're (the lilac ones) evidently a tribute to your lilacs :D
dangerfan's avatar
Well, thank you!
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That's sad that my soldiers are into actual military forces and not able to join this faction due to uniform restrictions Haha.
Riveda1972's avatar
Some of them could take party :D
CroqueMr's avatar
Wonder who :thinking:
Riveda1972's avatar
All? :D
They just need a ZTP suit, weapons and some reaining for non-standard gravity environments :D

actually I also bet that being them "biological humans" they could be studied as candidates for cloning :D
CroqueMr's avatar
For the clonage some of them would be 100% against it due to their personnality. They would just throw nopes to the person recruiting the members.
Riveda1972's avatar
Mine are GOOD clones La la la la
They're trying to free other artificial humans, massively employed in the galactic colonization as a cheap work force, from their slavery :D
CroqueMr's avatar
Yeah.. in a somesort of Star Trek/Star Wars theme alike thing eh?
Riveda1972's avatar
Something similar, yes. In this setting clones are used mostly in colonization support, with multipurpose roles, including military (this is different from SW where clones are strictly used for the former republican and then imperial army); some genetic lines of clones are instead empowered by genetic engineering, and this recalls someway the plots about star trek's genetic wars (Khan and so on) :)
Even if there isn't a formal status as slaves, clones (or "artificial humans") are produced in mass by some megacorporations, mentally conditioned to obey their masters, and have to serve for years before they can be free and they can start their own lives. A great rebellion of clones, and derivative wars, were fought and even the rebels were defeated they obtained some kind of aknowledgements and more rights; even some worlds remained controlled by rebel forces, where 'clones nations' were founded and are still independent (my KSM is in fact one of them, altough it's covered under the appeareance of a settlement under the control of one of the megacorporations). Some colonies on the borders of the galaxy, however, don't really respect the clones' rights, teating them like things to be sold, used for experiments, and so on :)
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I LoL upon seeing 'Rookie', it reminded me of the lowest form of "Digimon".

I see that they don't go beyond 'General', as in having a 'Field Marshal' or the various ranks of general.  That's probably a good thing as the army will be rather small in the greater scheme of things, 'General' is probably good enough.  It seems like there is no shortage of 'generals' in the real world.
Riveda1972's avatar
I think the first time I heard the term was when I still had a MS DOS computer and was playing some very very old flight simulator :D

Actually I expect the corresponding of a field marshall could be considered the Speaker of the Directorate herself, as both chief of the state and supreme military commander.
Yes, ranks are in effect very simplified, but considering the size of KSM army, near to other mercenary companies already present in the setting, General as maximum rank should be enough :)
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