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[KSM] Mission accomplished, take us outta here! by Riveda1972

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T +8' (aboard the freighter)

Darkness. Smoke and debris floating, illuminated by the assault squad's torches. They were walking along a secondary corridor after having boarded the damaged ship, a few minutes after the assault destroyer Steel Fox had eliminated the pirate ship which had first rammed and the boarded the transport ship. Captain Adriana Stinger had divided the two squads, sending one toward the engines section and taking the command of the other one, directed toward the command room. She, and her companions, were still wearing the pressurized space helmets, and wielded their assault rifles while cautiously walking along the corridor. She had already shot a couple of dying men, without any scruple or hesitation. She had no explicit orders about what to do with seriously injured they could found aboard the freighter, but such of orders weren't necessary during that kind of missions. She carelessly stepped over another corpse and stopped behind a closed pressurized door, activating the commlink  
- «Steel Fox, Stinger. We've reached the safe area. The artificial gravity works fine, here.» she reported, kneeling to deactivate the magnetic field under her boot soles, then she leaned out to look through the rounded reinforced porthole. «I see the survivors. They already wore proper spacesuits and pressurized helmets.» she added, while addressing some quick hand gestures toward the people behind the others side of the door «I've just told them to open the door. We're ready to enter.» Then she stepped back, addressing a coded gesture to her companions.
After a few seconds a red light started blinking on the top of the door, that opened with a noisy squeal. Immediately, a violent flow of air invested them, venting out from the command room. Once the door was opened, her and her squad quickly entered the room. One of the survivors of the crew pushed a button and the door closed again behind their backs. The two groups stared each other, while waiting for the security light to switch from yellow to green, and while the air was being piped again in the room. None of her squad lowered the weapons, but she took the time to look at the situation: there were at least fifteen people there. Two of them were on ground, with their backs leant against the walls, evidently wounded. her expert sight evaluated their equipment. Only two of them seemed to be armed. All of them also seemed nervous, that was pretty natural, considering the circumstances. When finally the security light turned green, they opened their helmets and put them aside or under the arm.
Captain Stinger inhaled a fresh air breath, shook head letting down her hair and addressed her best fake smile to the survived crew.
- «Relax, folk. We've received your distress call and came to help. The pirate ship is no more a concern.» while speaking she (and she was sure, her companions were doing the same) was studying the crew. Shiks were easily recognizable by their own suits and body shapes, but she also identified for sure a biological woman and three biological men, other than the two seriously wounded.
just silence, and nervous glances exchanged by the crew. captain Stinger frowned a bit.
- «You're welcome.» she said with cold sarcasm, then she asked «Who's in command here?»
A pretty fat man, wearing the grades of a navigation officer, cleared his throat before answering and pointed at one of the wounded men on the ground, who seemed to be unconscious.
- «It's... it's him. Lieutenant commander Holden. He's been injured when... when you hit the pirate ship and we were invested by the shock-wave» answered the navigation officer, with a tone of voice that clearly revealed his attempt to hide both the rage and the indecision. Captain Stinger stared at him coldly then nodded, reaching the wounded man on the ground. She flexed her knees, lowering to look at the man, then she put aside her rifle and checked his carotid with a soft pressure of the fingers.
- «He's alive.» she said, moving the man's arm to uncover a wide bloodstain on the left flank of his spacesuit «But his heartbeats are too low. He cannot command, in the current circumstances.» she commented calmly, letting his hand falling. She rose up then addressed the navigation officer again «You're in command, now. Your name, navigator?» then she addressed a gesture to her squad, and the other girls started walking around the room, examining both the instruments and the people.
The fat man glanced nervously first at his unconscious commander, then at captain Stinger and finally at the other armed women that were examining the command room. He, and the rest of the crew, seemed more and more nervous, with the exception of the Shiks. Most of them seemed to be standard Jakos and they seemed to gladly accept the situation as usual.
- «Li-lieutenant navigator Albert Gardener.» he cleared his throat again «of the CON.MI. consortium.» he added in the try to impress her, then he asked nervously «Can we ask who we have to thank for...» he enalarged his arms «for all this mess?»
Captain Stinger stared at the navigator, raising a brow and calmly walking in front of him «You know what, lieutenant navigator Gardener? It's really not very nice to address this way the people who has just saved your fat ass.» said her, with a soft tone of voice, negligently keeping her rifle leaned upon the shoulder. The navigator blushed, and barked in answer
- «You did what!? You helped?! Hell! You're responsible for a half of the losses we had here! Why the hell you have launched those torpedoes while the pirates were still so close to us? And for the last time, who the hell are you all?!» he asked in accusing tone.
- «... and even now, you go on, and on, instead of just thanking us. Tsk, tsk.» she commented in a flat tone, shaking softly her head. Then she heard something from her headset commlink, because she raised her left gloved hand to rudely close the navigator's mouth, preventing him to speak again, while she was listening at the commlink. After a few seconds, she frowned and nodded «Aye, commander. Received.» she retracted her hand, leaving him free to speak, but she immediately said, in urging tone «Very well, folk. We're having unwanted visits. A medical squad are coming here to take care of your men, but we need to evacuate all of you aboard our ship, now» she glanced at the navigator, adding quickly «Prepare your crew for evacuation, lieutenant. And make sure that they put on their helmets.» then she quickly addressed the girls form her squad «We have to move out. Two incoming long range missiles. Predicted impact within 15 minutes.» the other girls in the squad nodded and quickly started putting on their helmets, too.
Probably it was that he never suffered to take orders by an evident clone, even if she was an armed one, as he was a damn biological human. Probably was also the irregular circumstances, even more irregular and strange as he still didn't know who the hell were those women, but lieutenant Gardener decided he had enough. «What's this bullshit about incoming missiles, now?!» he yelled right in face of captain Stinger «Listen to me, you fucking cloned inflatable doll! I won't move even a finger if you don't... UUUHHNNGG!!!!» he gasped a chocked grunt, as the stock of Stinger's rifle hit him hard, digging in his stomach pit. Quickly like a snake and discovering her clenched teeth in a satisfied grin, captain Stinger retracted the rifle just while the navigator was bending on his stomach and then she used again the rifle stock to hit him even harder on the back of the head. Lieutenant Gardener fell down like a sack of potatoes.
- «DON'T MOVE, YOU BASTARDS!» quickly pointing their rifles on the crew, the other armed women ordered harshly, to prevent any reaction from them, while captain Stinger hit again the navigator with a violent kick in the liver, causing a smothered groan from him, and making him rolling on his flank even if he already was pretty unconscious.
- «Your navigator has a bad stomachache and he's not in condition to give you orders at the moment.» She coldly said addressing the rest of the shocked crew, while placing her foot on the throat of the officer, in a pose that recalled a huntress' one, proudly posing over a just killed prey. And that was evidently the fate of the officer, because without either giving him a glance, she suddenly stretched her leg, and lunged the heel deep into his throat, squashing his windpipe with a wet crunch. Although he was almost unconscious the lack of breath forced him to desperately open his eyes, groaning with a subtle humid whistle from the throat.
- «You are going to kill a possible candidate for reproduction, captain.» commented in a flat tone of voice, where the hidden sarcasm was barely perceptible, one of her companions, while keeping the crew under sight with the rifle.
- «This flaccid sack of shit?» asked captain Stinger, raising a brief glance at her companion, removing her foot from his throat and placing it on his stomach «Honestly I doubt that.» commented in a similar hidden sarcasm tone, then she perfidiously pushed her foot down sinking it into his stomach,  preventing him the breath and pushing out all air from his lungs. She was showing a satisfied grin looking at the deep purple color of the man's face while he chocked. When he finally died, suddenly relaxing his legs, captain's Stinger skin tone on her face was vividly intense, as well her excited breath.
- «Twelve minutes remaining before the impact, captain.» recalled, in indulgent tone, her companion. «Shall we move, now?» she suggested.
Captain Stinger sighed, recovering her self-control and stared at the rest of the crew, after nodding at her companions. In a now professional tone of voice, she ordered «Out of here, all of you. Quickly.» then she put on the helmet herself, just giving a final glance to the navigator on the floor.
She just waited for others to leave the command room, then she turned oh her hips, raising the rifle and carelessly shooting a bullet to both the injured men. Of course, with two incoming missiles, no medical squad was coming for them.
She lost just a few seconds to recover the ship's log, then she quickly followed her companions to evacuate the freighter.

(To be continued ...)

- KSM "Korryn Shiks Matriarchy" (… ) is a fictional nation invented by me, inside Nebulosa of Ots sci-fi setting by Shabazik
- Anubis class assault destroyer are fictional starships invented by me, probably the backbone of KSM's navy
- Jako shiks are female artificial humans (or clones). The ones represented here are both "old way Jakos" and new line ones, produced by KSM
- Delmen are also a type female clones from Klein Shine corporation, typically known for their obedience and remissive attitudes
- CON.MI. is a fictional and very powerful mineral consortium in the Nebula of Ots setting
- Kasparov Cia is one of the strongest megacorporations of the Nebulosa of Ots, someway (formally) "controling" the KSM
- Both DevArt Sector and System #139 are external sectors of the galaxy, outer colonies of the Nebulosa of Ots
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