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[somewhere in the deep space between the DevArt sector and the System #139, Nebulosa of Ots]

T -2h.36'

Comfortably sitting on the command chair with her legs crossed major Vyacheslava Nowak turned left looking at captain Adriana Stinger, the second officer in command
- «And what about our guests?» asked calmly the commander
Aboard the command bridge, captain Stinger was the only officer dressing the full black uniform of the Security Service, instead of the deep blue one from the military fleet, and she acted both as first officer and political officer, for that mission. Her military rank was of course lower than the commander's one, but no one aboard the Anubis class assault destroyer Steel Fox had illusions about her decisional power, that was even greater than the commander's one.
- «I've just talked to them» answered Stinger, showing a short, cold smile «They're fine, quiet and happy to be here.» she had a theatrical sigh «They're also disgustingly confidant. And obedient. But it was expected, from Delmens. I just wonder what the hell the Directorate is planning to do with them. And if this mission has been worth of the expenses and the risks.» commented finally, crossing the arms on her breasts and thoughtfully looking at the main screen, which was still showing the boring sight of the dark, deep space they were traveling through.
Commander Nowak had an half smile and turned back the chair straight. The command bridge, despite of the distance from the planet they'd visited as target of the mission, was still immersed in a soft red light and the alert level aboard the ship was still set on condition two, which meant a general early-warning condition and a silent inertial navigation, with all radio sources and trasmissions suppressed by a static field enveloping the vessel. That would have not granted a real cloaking, but combined with the black external panels, an organic carbonite paint which partially absorbed electromagnetic scans, it still provided a nice kind of stealth, at least on long distances.
- «Not of our business, captain. The mission has been a success, and this is all we need to know, for now. But just check out: if our sisters succeed in their other mission, and if we'll can crack the conditioning program used on those Delmens... well, maybe we'll learn enough to...» started answering, being interrupted by the communications officer
- «Commander? I'm getting a subspace distress call. It's transmitted in the clear. All standard emergency frequencies». said the communications officer from her station. Both the commander and the first officer just fell silent and exchanged a corncerned glance.
- «Sensors: give me the distance and position, please, and identify them.» ordered the commander
- «Aye, madam» answerd the sensors officer from her seat, and immediately after she said «Got it. Mass scanners classify them as a medium freighter. CONMI's transponders, but the serial code is classified.» a few seconds of pause while she checked other sensors «I'm putting the map on main screen, commander. At current speed it would take us 2 hours 15 minutes to get there. It's almost on our predicted route.» concluded.
- «Madam, might I remind you that, according to current treaties, we should...» started the communications officer
- «Shut up, Lieutenant.» harshly interrupted the commander, turning her face toward the sensors station «Other contacts?»
- «No confirmed contacts, but...» said the sensors officer, shutting up and quickly typing other commands on her console, then she exclaimed «Wait, madam. I'm getting another signal from long range scanners» a few seconds of silence then the sensors officer added «Contact detected, on interception route. Unknown vessel, no registered transponders. ETA 1 hour, 20 minutes. Judging by the mass and the speed, it should be a corvette, a heavy gunship or a large civilian shuttle.»
- «Pirates.» said simultaneously both commander Nowak and the first officer Stinger. «Or smugglers, at best.» concluded the commander. The two women in command exchanged again a thoughtful glance, then the commander kept silence, looking at the starmap on the main screen and nervously tapping her fingers on the chair armrests. Captain Stinger, still standing on her backs, cleared her throat. Commander Nowak looked at her and showed a half smile.
- «Are you thinking the same I'm thinking to?» asked. Captain Stinger just shrugged and responded that smile.
- «It's almost on our planned route.» commented softly, addressing a glance to the main screen then she added in a flat tone of voice «The pirates could do the job for us, if no other will arrive on the scene in the meanwhile.»
Commander Nowak nodded, keeping silence for another while, looking at the main screen.
- «Very well. Pilot, trace an intercept route, full throttle. Sensors, report me any change or new details about the targets. To all stations, condition one. Prepare two assault squads. Execute.» once the decision was taken, commander Nowak gave her burst of orders, relaxing her shoulders back on the chair while her orders were repeated and executed.
- «I'd better go to check the assault squads, Commander.» announced captain Stinger, with a satisfied grin, then he turned her backs and decisely stepped away, leaving the command bridge. Some eyes from the bridge officers followed her exit.
- «Commander?» asked timidly the communications officer, after Stinger left the bridge.
- «Yes.» Commander Nowak shoothed a cold look at her, but nodded.
- «Commander, both the Interstellar Conventions and the Internal Ethical Codex from Kasparov Cia require that we help that ship.» continued the officer, in cautious tone
- «We're going to help them, infact, Lieutenant.» Nowak answered quietly, looking at her with a dangerous smile «Unfortunately the pirates will arrive first. What a bad luck, isn't it?»
The communications officer turned pale, but lowered her eyes, blushed and quickly came back to her job. She already knew how dangerous would have been trying to question the commander's decisions when she had that smile on her face. The communications officer was not a fresh noob from maturation chambers: although she was a Jako, she was also a veteran from the Rebellion of Clones, she'd been involved in several fights and operations. But sometimes she thought the New Deal Jakos were too cruel and too adrenaline-addicted for her tastes.


T -45'

- «We have them on the medium range scanners, madam.» said the scanners officer, toward the back of the command bridge, where both the commander, the first officer and the operations officer were around the holo-tactical table. «I'm transferring the data to holo table. The source of the distress call is a medium freighter. Mass and emissions schemes suggest it's a Cerberus Class freighter, probably fully loaded of materials. According to ship schematics, their scanners shouldn't see us unless we come within a range of 5'000 kilometers. Still no other contacts, except for the intruder unknown vessel. Scanners data still confirm their mass and the speed.»
- «Thank you, Lieutenant. Report me about the intruder ship as soon as you have news.» said commander Nowak, then she addressed again her companions, looking at the tridimensional representation, projected by the holo table. «The CON.MI shouldn't operate in this sector, not legally at least. This is probably why they're not using a registered transponder. They must be in a desperate condition to have decided for a general distress call. But this will simplify all, for us.». Both operations officer and captain Stinger nodded. Captain Stinger was already equipped with her combat suit, her helmet placed on the table.
- «We'll dock at the ship's hull here and here.» said captain Stinger, pointing her finger on the holographic model of a cerberus class frigate «We'll take control of the engines and the command room, first. This, of course, supposing that the intruders hadn't already damaged the ship. The only "x" in the equation, for now, just remains the intruders. We have to wait until we'll be closer to the target, I'm afraid.»
- «Commander? We don't receive the distress call anymore!» said quickly the communications officer. Both commander Nowak and captain Stinger smiled.
- «This is it. The intruders are disturbing their transmissions, or they have already boarded the freighter and disabled their subspace transceivers.»


T -18'

- «Approaching the target, commander. We've them on the screen.» said the first pilot, raising her sight to the main screen, where an enlarged image of their target was shown. A large industrial freighter occupied the center of the screen, and it seemed to be damaged in the rear section. A smaller ship was also visible, docked under the belly of the ship.
- «Look at them. They're surely pirates or smugglers, or they wouldn't have docked there. Probably they're sacking the containers. Do they know we're here?» asked commander Nowak, going back to her chair and sitting.
- «They don't, for now. Unless they point their HD scanners toward us, we'll be hidden until we'll start the engines to decelerate. Start of deceleration suggested in eight minutes, anyway, madam.» Commander Nowak nodded a confirm to the pilot, then opened the interphone:
- «All stations, report!» said firmly. In a few seconds, all stations reported their status
- «Engineering section, go»
- «EMP weapons and countermeasures, go»
- «Main weapons, ready to go»
- «Navigation, go»
- «Security, go»
- «Life support, go»
- «Scanners, go»
- «Communications, go»
- «Operations, go»
- «Assault squads, ready to fight. Go.» came at last the excited voice of captain Stinger, from the hangars.
Commander Nowak inhaled deeply, smiled and finally confirmed the orders
- «To battlestations, let's go. Load torpedo launchers number 1 and 3; lock weapons on the target. Hangar, open the gates, assault transports ready to take off. Charge EMP weapons and be ready to disable the enemy systems. Start the deceleration manoeuver at my mark. Three... two... one... Mark!» at her mark, the brake engines on the front side of the ship were operated and gave the ship a sensible deceleration, while the two ships quickly enlarged on the main screen.
Commander Nowak's face was a stony mask, her sight locked on the targets and her gloved hands cletched on the armrests to sustain the intense deceleration.


T -9'

- «Bioscanners online, commander!» reported the sensors officer «I'm getting a total of 46 lifeforms. All humans, 13 biological, 33 artificial. I get transient oscillations from 9 targets, they're probably seriously wounded.» a few seconds of pause then she added quickly «The intruder ship knows we're here, they detected us! Scanners show they're retreating aboard their ship and are igniting their engines!»
Commander Nowak showed a cruel, predatory smile.
- «Too late, guys. Too late.» whispered softly through her teeth, waiting for the right moment. At that distance, the pirate ship was clearly visible on the screen. A thin smoke flow from their engines was sproud, first, while the docking arms released the ship from the freighter and retracted inside the pirate vessel, then an intense blue-white flame flow revealed the engine ignition and the pirate ship slowly started its disengage manoeuver.
Seconds passed as hours, minutes were passing like days, her intense breath accorded at the rythm of her own excited heart beats.
It was a collateral consequence of the new lines of Jakos, which experimented a genetic engineering that had connected the production of adrenaline and the release of endorphines, with the basic goal of improving their combative attitudes.
As a matter of fact, the result was that new Jakos born in KSM's cloning chambers  felt a kind of inconscious arousal, triggered by the adrenaline rushes inducted by fights. This actually made them really adrenaline-addicted and strongly more merciless, and someway sadistic, than their original models.
While in front of a defenseless foe, knocked out on ground, the first instinct of an "old way" Jako was to help him, the new ones would just desire to go on more and more hardly kicking him in the belly, up to death (and maybe feeling something very close to an orgasm at the top of the violent performance). Only the strong discipline and selfcontrol impressed during the mind conditioning program allowed them to keep under control their feral instinct, keeping them always on a dangerous borderline equilibre.
This made them perfect assassins, useful for a large range of black ops and for missions needing absolute merciless attitudes, but on the other hand also made them dangerous living weapons to deal with.
Her pupils dilated along the whole approaching manoeuver, and at a distance of less than 5000 meters she realized they were close enough to disable their systems, when the enemy gunship was still manoeuvring to put its nose in the right direction to flee away.
- «Fire the EMP, now! Launch tubes one and three, ready!» she ordered with a hoarse voice.
A sudden, deep decreasing buzz paired a temporary lowering of lights and any non strategic activity onboard the Steel Fox. Commander Nowak, as well the rest of her crew, held her breath for a while.
Then a sudden, mute shockwave preceeded the terrific electromagnetic pulse fired by the EMP weapons. Whithin a second, all of them felt their hair curling due to the electrostatic tense and received the same radiation dose a common pilot received within years of exposition to high atmophere flights. But all the crew members aboard the Steel Fox were Jako shiks, genetically engineered to resist hostile environments for colonization purposes, including the excess of radiation exposures.
The impact on targets was immediate, and disastrous, at that close distance. Lights on both ships flickered and died, as well their engines. Due to inertial forces, the pirate ship drifted without control, slowly rotating on its flank.

"Like a beached whale", thought commander Nowak, looking at the defenseless and exposed lower side of the enemy ship. She had never seen a whale, of course, but that image was impressed in her mind from the conditioning programs during the final phases in the maturation cloning chamber. Her lips uncovered the teeth in something that was a feral grin much more than a smile.
- «Commander... they... they're out of control and defenseless. Maybe we could just offer them...» the communications officer tried her best in keeping firm her voice, probably suggesting to spare the lives of the enemies and just imprison them.
- «I won't say it anymore, Lieutenant: Just shut up. We need no witnesses.» hissed commander Nowak, then ignoring her communications officer she harshly ordered «Launch tubes one and three: open fire!»
- «Aye, ma'am. Torpedo number one and three, out!» confirmed the weapons officer, after firing the activation codes.
It took less than 5 seconds to the torpedoes to reach their target. The first torpedo hit the rear engines of the pirate vessel, causing a spectacular orange-yellow explosion, while the second one digged deep into the lower armor, penetrating the hull like a deadly dagger stabbed in the ship's belly. A half second passed, then the whole ship exploded from within, temporarily dazzling anyone on the command bridge. Immediately after, a wave of debris and metallic wreckages hit also the freighter.


T +2'

After acting the needed evasive manoeuvers to avoid the debris waves, the Steel Fox steered back to point at the freighter, still drifting without control and evidently loosing oxygen from several breaches in its hull.
- «SitRep!» barked commander Nowak, blinking her eyes after recovering her sight from the flashes of the explosions.
- «No bridge is reporting severe damages, commander.» answered the communications officer, followed by the engineering one, who added «All systems nominal, madam!». Commander Nowak had a sigh of relief.
- «Prepare a third assault transport and send aboard an engineering and medical squad. They'll leave as soon as the boarding troops will confirm we have the control on the freighter. Scanners?»
- «Twentynine life signals remaining, comander. Seven of them are in death danger.» answered the sensors officer, and commander Nowak smiled
- «Assault transports, authorized to take off. Go, and report as soon as you're aboard» ordered finally the commander, observing the stocky shapes of the boarding vessels leaving her ship and approaching the freighter.

(to be continued.....)
This is how KSM's military fleet works :)

CHAPTER #2 HERE: [OTS/KSM] An ordinary rescue mission (ch. 2)

- KSM "Korryn Shiks Matriarchy" (… ) is a fictional nation invented by me, inside Nebulosa of Ots sci-fi setting by Shabazik
- Anubis class assault destroyer are fictional starships invented by me, probably the backbone of KSM's navy
- Jako shiks are female artificial humans (or clones). The ones represented here are both "old way Jakos" and new line ones, produced by KSM
- Delmen are also a type female clones from Klein Shine corporation, typically known for their obedience and remissive attitudes
- CON.MI. is a fictional and very powerful mineral consortium in the Nebula of Ots setting
- Kasparov Cia is one of the strongest megacorporations of the Nebulosa of Ots, someway (formally) "controling" the KSM
- Both DevArt Sector and System #139 are external sectors of the galaxy, outer colonies of the Nebulosa of Ots

CONMI Freighter by Shabazik [MMD XPS OBJ] Anubis Command Bridge DOWNLOAD by Riveda1972 Yaaaahhhhwwwnnnn!!!! ... what time is it?! by Riveda1972  [MMD WIP] Path to C6V3 n.19 hand pose sliders by Riveda1972  [KSM] KSM Uniforms sheet by Riveda1972
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I'll get a proper review of this later.

Maybe the FTL drive system itself is the mechanism for sending messages?  But it might have to be simple 'burps' in the system.  So it might literally be akin to 'Morse Code' or else short and simple binary based messages?
Riveda1972's avatar
Maybe, why not? It sounds good, at least to me. Something like the morse code used by ancient telegraphs and elder radios. I'm not an expert (I have to recall my studies from the secondary school) about wave physics, but if we suppose a digital transceiver (binary, as you said) this by itself cannot say anymore... the trouble here is not zero-one = simple and rudimental. It's bandwidth or something similar... to simplify, how many packets of 0-1 we can send and receive at once.
If we can send/receive a huge mass of 0-1 packets, this would allow even advanced 3d video transmissions.

So we could suppose not only a systema based on binary transmission, but if we want to keep it "low tech" we should specify also that such of FTL transceivers can bring only a limited quantity of data at once... which would result of course in rudimental long tange transmissions as you said :)

Maybe (I'm just joking with thoughts here) if we want to be pedant, we could also imagine that such of FTL transmissions follows the general rule about the ratio between the irradiation and the square of the distance (power of two)... i.e. at a double distance from the source, the irradiation is a reverse proportion of 2x2 = 4... i.e. the receiving object receives 1/4 of the radiation.

By a practical point of view this could mean that at shorter distances (let's say within the same stellar system or a few more far) the FTL communications could even broadcast images and sounds... but at interstellar distances the FTL "wave" (hypothetic that FTL "waves" follow same rules of the standard electomagnetic ones) would just have not enough energy to bring compound data, and only written (morse - like) messages can be transmitted.

This would save both the need to keep low-tech the long range communications, and the need to grant FTL communications at shorter distances like the interplanetary ones.

Just free thoughts, after drinking some beers more than my usual, so if this doesn't make any sense, my fault :D
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Mean jakos? That's... that's just so wrong! D:

"I'm getting a subspace distress call."

I don't think subspace exists in quite that fashion in Ots (it's one reason cloaking/phasing doesn't quite work). Could just say "I'm picking up a" since for story reasons it doesn't really matter how she's receiving it... XD
Riveda1972's avatar
I just wonder how an interstellar civilization (at least an interstellar nation or megacorporation) can survive without FTL communications. This is the argument for a thing I'm just going to publish :D

Yeah, the idea of some mean jakos made me horny :D:D:D:D
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Well, I'm sure there's something for FTL communications, but I'm not sure what it might be. XD
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I'm not sure too that's why I compiled an (almost) fulls list of my doubts :D
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Just have them communicate via interocitor.…
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