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[MMD] AMCC Cloning Tube DOWNLOAD (Pmx, X, OBJ)


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Model's name: AMCC Accelerated Maturation Cloning Chamber
Model's code: AMCC
Current release: 1.00 (March 13, 2019)
File format: .PMX .X .OBJ

Stupid proof disclaimer
Hangar stage and character shown in the preview are NOT included. See "Credits" for both of them
This is NOT a game rip. If I hear again "I'm pretty sure this is a game rip" I'm pretty sure I'll bite you, this time.

This stage accessory is inspired on Shabazik's science fictional setting "Nebula of Ots". In his setting the human kind largely used the clonation in order to support the efforts in galactic colonization. Clones, or better "artificial humans" (even more better: Shiks!) are massively produced by mega corporations like Kasparov Cia, GENTEK, A-Pharma and others; they're used for serveral purposes: colonization, settlements, hard working in space, military, pleasure and so on. The need of this mass production brought the invention of special cloning processes where the clones grow up to adult age in about 18 months. Growth, instruction, training and mental conditioning are all provided by the AMCCs, i.e. Accelerated Maturation Cloning Chambers.
This one is inspired on several of Shabazik's drawings and sketches, used as main reference, but it also contains some interpolations of mine.

More details on AMCCs and Shik clones can be found on the fanpedia page:…
Take a look at Shabazik's gallery on Deviantart to see more nice works about his setting. I mention here just the few works used as reference:

Mature Content

Maturation Chambers by Shabazik

Mature Content

The AziOz Project by Shabazik
Evacuation Process by Shabazik

Mature Content

Out of the Tube by Shabazik


For your personal use ONLY, on yur PC without any other but yourself watching at your own screen you can do anything you want.
For ANY PUBLIC release of derivative artworks (including renderings, 3d prints and model/mesh redistribution) you must follow this license.

The model is released under the Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 3.0…
This means that ANY derivative artwork (even 3d derivative models) MUST be redistributed under the same license and you cannot add ANY restrictive rule on your derivative works.
Also, you cannot apply any technical measure meant to prevent further editing.
If you are not familiar with CC licenses terms, please read the explainations below (see "LICENSE TERMS")


- Model distribued in both .PMX, .X and .OBJ format (including MTL sttings)
- It's scaled to fit the most popular models' sizes, but depending on the size of the model you're using you could need to resize it
- It has a main bone, 2 hidden bones to control (via sliders/facials) the opening/closing of the doors on the back side, and a rotation bone for the redlight alarm
- A lot of independent Autoluminous elements (they're lit on, by default) controllable individually or all using sliders/facials
- The green "slimy" liquid where the clone grows up also has a preset glowing effect (no need to manually activate it in MMD, it's included)
- The 3 monitor screens can be switched off (the small one on the left can change the displayed image)
- A slider controls the liquid level, allowing the simulation of emptying the tub before the maturated clone exits to start their life
- 18 Sliders/Facials to control the "Maturation Status" (1 to 18 months = 1 to 18 gren light bars)
- 1 Autolumonous slider to change the defaul Red/Orange alarm color to Green/Blue when the maturation process is completed
- 2 Sliders/facials also control the transparency of both glass and liquid allowing you to increase the density/opacity at your will
- 1 slider/facial can add a Autoluminous green halo on the liquid itself but I suggest to keep it at very very low value
- The model is fully UV mapped but only the monitor screens and a few other elements have a precise one in case you want to make your own alternate textures

I've tested it with my C6 models, which are for sure "tall models" if compared to popular models like the ones derived from TDA, LAT, Animasa and so on, so you should be ok unless you use very large models or very small ones. In this case you might desire to resize the AMCC. Don't resize it using the bone scaling feature in PMX Editor's T window or you'll mess the vertex based morphs. I suggest you resize the AMCC, instead, opening an empty new PMX and importing (as NEW, don't "add") the AMCC with a size ratio lesser or greater than 1. Then save the resized version before you load it in MMD. This will automatically scale also the morphs/sliders/facials used by the model.
Once the character model has been loaded, apply a a +7/+9 (or other values according to yur needs) shift on the Y axis to keep the character "levitating" inside the liquid.

In order the glass elements work properly when the AMCC is loaded into a stage, or with a character model inside, be sure to load the stage and the character model FIRST, and the AMCC as last element, or you'll get weird results with transparencies. In case you've added other models/accessories AFTER the AMCC, just take care of the Drawing Order in MMD: be sure that the AMCC is rendered AFTER the other models (in particular after any character you want to put inside the tube or you won't see it!)

If you edit the model, be careful if you add or remove any material. The included .EMD file tells MMD to load the glowing effect on the material #38 (the liquid inside the tub) and if you change the materials order you'll also need to edit the EMD file to tell MMD where to load the effect. Just use Notepad++ or any other PURE TEXT editor (yes, "pure text" means that you can't use MS word!), find the "[38]" value and change "38" to the order value owned by the Liquid Material after you have edited it.
If you want to remove the liquid glowing effect just rename (or delete) the included .EMD file

The model is released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 License
- BY (attribution)   : Credits to authors (me and Shabazik) are STRICTLY REQUIRED
- NC (non commercial): NON COMMERCIAL USE ONLY
- SA (share alike)   : It means that you MUST redistribute any derivative artwork (including "edits") under the SAME license and conditions.
You CANNOT add further restrictions.
You CANNOT appply any technical restriction to prevent or limit further edits or further redistributions
You must link the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license with any derivative edit distribution 

For your personal use ONLY, on yur PC without any other but yourself watching at your own screen you can do anything you want.
If you're not familiar with CC licenses, please CAREFULLY read below:
  - As a general rule: consider as ALLOWED anything that has not been explicitly denied
  - Any use conflicting with the CC common terms (must credit / non commercial use / share alike) is prohibited
  - You MUST CREDIT me and Shabazik 
  - Editing for personal use (pictures, videos, 3d prints, adjustments and add/remove parts): ALLOWED WITH NO LIMITS
  - Editing for redistribution: ALLOWED but see REDISTRIBUTION RULES
  - The model is free, any derivative artwork (including edits) MUST be for FREE (Share Alike)
  - Redistribution "as is" (or with minor changes/recolors only): FORBIDDEN 
  - You CANNOT resell it (nor any part) under any form (including bitcoins, da points and so on)
  - You CANNOT use the model to exchange and get commercial models or other money benefits (including bitcoins, da points and so on)
  - You CANNOT repost the download link inside/outside DA using ad-based url shorteners 
  - DON'T USE the model/accessory to represent any kind of rape/sexual abuses
  - DON'T USE the model/accessory to represent abuses on minor/childish looking models
  - DON'T USE the model for artworks defaming the original setting by Shabazik
  - This model is distributed by me in PMX, X and OBJ file formats
  - Crediting (me and Shabazik) is still NEEDED when redistributing converted formats of this model 
  - You CANNOT redistribute "as is" or with minor edits/recoloring only
  - You MUST redistribute any derivative/edited model as FREE TO EDIT and FREE to redistribute, regardless of what you've changed
  - You MUST include this license in any derivative models you redistribute
  - You CANNOT earn money by redistribution (including virtual money, bitcoins, DA points and so on)
  - You CANNOT redistribute derivative models using AD based url shorteners ( and similar ones)
  - You CANNOT redistribute derivative models under the stupid practice of "password games"
  - You CANNOT add restrictive rules/conditions like "don't edit/don't redistribute"
  - You CANNOT "lock" redistributed edits or invalidate/corrupt the standard PMX file format to prevent further editing

  - For PERSONAL USE ONLY (no redistribution) you CAN convert to whatever format you wish
  - For redistribution you CAN port it ONLY to SFM and GMOD formats with no need of preventive authorization
  - For other formats (specially commercial ones), please ASK ME before redistributing (see "contacts")
  - For conversion and redistribution as game mods ASK ME before doing anything

  - AMCC's concept and original setting by Shabazik
  - AMCC modelling, texturing and MMD tuning by Riveda1972 
  - Modelled in Blender 2.79c, exported to PMX using pymeshio addon and mmd_tools addon
  - The HUD textures on the screens have been created using reduced resolution previews from and 
  - The back floor platform texture has been created using free textures from 
  - The green glowing liquid effect has been derivated from the old "Bydo Shader"

  - Blender Foundation, for Blender 2.79c used to model this 
  - Trackdancer (author of the stage used in the preview image)


  - 2019, March 13: Version 1.00 released
  - DA homepage:
  - Email:

© 2019 - 2021 Riveda1972
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Good Stage! Dl’d Thank you!

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Thanks this really cool have an awesome day 💪😎✌

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can someone port this onto xnalara?

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If you just need it as a static object, the archive includes a .OBJ file which can be imported into xps

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Downloaded, though I haven't decided what I'm going to use this in yet.

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Let me see when you decide ;)

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The AMCC. it's the unsung hero tech of the Nebulosa of Ots setting!

Thank you for the model.

BTW: shouldn't the female shiks be called a shiksa???



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You're welcome :)

About the female Shiks I don't know. As @Shabazik wrote it in english I suppose the word has just a common plural form, not like in italian or spanish or other neo-latin languages where we have different suffixes for male and female nouns :)

Sorry. That was a joke. In Hebrew, a shiksa is a Gentile woman, so I thought it was funny.

Sorry for the confusion.


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Justo ive needed!


Thank ya!!

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