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Buy Me A Coffin BUTTON by Riveda1972 Buy Me A Coffin BUTTON :iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 3 3 [MMD] Simple Glass Box DL by Riveda1972 [MMD] Simple Glass Box DL :iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 22 6 [KSM] Oh, sorry. Did I break your concentration? by Riveda1972 [KSM] Oh, sorry. Did I break your concentration? :iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 18 10 [MMD/XPS/OBJ/FBX] KSM Submachine Gun DL by Riveda1972 [MMD/XPS/OBJ/FBX] KSM Submachine Gun DL :iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 36 5 [KSM] Mission accomplished, take us outta here! by Riveda1972 [KSM] Mission accomplished, take us outta here! :iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 19 25 [MMD] NIZ 12 Compact, Assault Rifle DL (updated) by Riveda1972 [MMD] NIZ 12 Compact, Assault Rifle DL (updated) :iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 36 21
[OTS] Korryn Matriarchy - Military Ranks
Military ranks and uniforms in Korryn Shiks Matriarchy
Disclaimer: KSM (Korryn Shiks Matriarchy) is a fictional nation hosted inside the sci fi original setting Nebulosa of Ots, invented by Shabazik. This is a side "fanfiction" gently made possible by the way Shabazik and a lot of other dA users built the scenario as a common work based on a strong backbone lore. Also thanks to lygen1000 and larqven who are helping me a lot in defining my part of scenario :)

As said in the introduction draft ([OTS] Korryn Shiks Matriarchy, system #139 (DRAFT)), KSM is a pretty militarized society. Even the Shiks living on the more comfortable world of Korryn (Korryn-I) are mainly spies and observers from the ranks of Security Service, but on Korryn-I, where KSM needs to keep the appeareance of being just another company controlled by the megacorporation Kasparov Cia
:iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 2 14
[MMD Commission] Gaelle, Olympique Lyonnais outfit by Riveda1972 [MMD Commission] Gaelle, Olympique Lyonnais outfit :iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 14 5
[OTS] Korryn Shiks Matriarchy, system #139 (DRAFT)
Korryn Shiks Matriarchy [DRAFT]

Previous draft, corrected by the Maester Shabazik -> read here:
The KSM is meant as a minor nation in the Nebulosa of Ots science fiction setting by Shabazik. It's located in the star system #139. After a few useful discussions we've agreed to set this nation over 2 planets out of a 17 habitable planets system.
The planets have been named Korryn I and Korryn II, meant a a little tribute to House Corrin, the ruling imperial House at the beginnings of the Dune saga by Frank Herbert.

The foundation of the Korryn Shiks Matriarchy is a legacy of the so called Rebellion of Clones wars (3428-3434 a.a.H.).
During the final phases of the uprising, a faction of the rebel clones accepted to sign a non belligerance deal with Kasparov CIA, who quickly and gladly accepted due the
:iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 2 30
[MMD Commission] OC Gaelle (Pajama outfit) by Riveda1972 [MMD Commission] OC Gaelle (Pajama outfit) :iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 14 10 The Game is Over (thank the Gods) by Riveda1972 The Game is Over (thank the Gods) :iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 16 10 [WIP] Broadsword calling Danny Boy by Riveda1972 [WIP] Broadsword calling Danny Boy :iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 9 10 [MMD Commission] OC Gaelle (Military outfit) by Riveda1972 [MMD Commission] OC Gaelle (Military outfit) :iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 16 16

Updated here:

Star System Classification: .139 Korryn
Star classification: G0 V (Sun-like stars, a few warmer, brighter and larger than sun)
Star Mass: 1.15 M (M = Mass of the Sun)
Star Radius: 1.05 R (R = Radius of the Sun)
Luminosity: 2.7 L (Luminosity of the Sun)
Temperature: 5980°K (Sun is around 5780°K)
Habitable Zone Limits (AU : Astronomical Units = ~149 Mln Km)
Strict: 1.75 AU to 4.4 AU
Extended: 1.4 AU to 4.7 AU
Total planets: 17 (5 Gas giants)
Asteroidal belts: 2
Planets within the HZ (str.): 5
Planets within the HZ (ext.): 7
01. Korryn a "Corallus" (mercury type, rocky/lava)
02. Korr
:iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 1 23
[OTS] Kasparov CIA Logo (PNG + SVG) by Riveda1972 [OTS] Kasparov CIA Logo (PNG + SVG) :iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 3 0 [MMD XPS OBJ] Anubis Command Bridge DOWNLOAD by Riveda1972 [MMD XPS OBJ] Anubis Command Bridge DOWNLOAD :iconriveda1972:Riveda1972 120 46




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I started this donation pool in order to upgrade MMD-BattleStage to Super Group. Points will be used for this purpose only.
If you appreciate my MMD works, articles and tutorials or you want to support the group's efforts in sharing MMD contents, feel free to consider a donation. Thanks in advance :D

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  • DonDeloro
    Donated Mar 10, 2019, 11:39:51 PM


Sometimes I just think people has time to waste. Today is a great day :)
I got my first "warn" (no, it's a "strike"... strike sounds more powerful) for having supported the person who then warned me :D (Big Grin)

That's pretty funny, really, it's the first time I've been moderated after having supported the person who moderated me :D (Big Grin)

What's happened? Well I made (again) the bad mistake of writing what I think about TDA rules, answering a journal on MMD-Mall and I got a first "warn" / "strike" / "I'm-nuking-you-muahahahah!" due to having written an unwanted "wall of text"; actually my WoT was 1/3 shorter than the message I was replying to, but that's another matter, as well it should be another matter the fact the admin herself, by her own ammission, neither read what I wrote because.... she didn't want to read such of long essay.

Warning a user without either reading what the user wrote... huh... maybe I'm strange but this doesn't sound to me as a professional (or smart) behavior, specially when acted by a group admin.
But ok, she's happy to have something to do and something to play with, maybe, so I won't question again about this. Just have fun if you like such of pastime :o (Eek) 

Today they added a nice clarification on the top of the journal, recalling the bad habit to sell edited models containing parts explicitly set as "non commercial". Or, even when not explicitly set, some commissioned editors accept paid commissions to make models without asking the original author's permission to sell an edited model containing their parts.

I answered again, and I wrote that this was a good point, I wrote that people had better not sell ANYTHING, unless they are the only owners of the copyrights on the used parts (i.e. they made the parts from scratch).

Then I also (big mistakle! heresy!) suggested that editors could be "hired" for their work time only, since they are clear in informing their "customers" that they don't sell a model, that the "customer" is not buying anything, and they are just being paid for their worktime.

Is it clear?

Woah... one of their admins first accused me having suggested to SELL models containing parts from other authors (while I wrote exactly the contrary!), and of course she blocked me after answering, and finally "hiding" my message, to prevent me any reply
(pretty nice childish behavior, so popular among underaged and hysterical  MMD users).

The end? Noo!

Then another nice admin, gave me the second "warn" / "strike" / "I'm-nuking-you-muahahahah!", still accusing me to encourage "fucking bad behaviors" like selling parts from other authors....

You guessed it, right? Yeah. Bingooooooooo. She's the same admin who warned/stroke/nuked me the first time, for a "wall of text" she neither read, by her own ammission :D

Of course when I tried to focus her attention on the FACT that I wrote exactly the contrary of what I was accused of, and I suggested people to NOT sell anything they haven't made from scratch,  she said something like "just take the strike and go ahead!"



I don't have troubles if you don't agree my position about "being hired for work time BUT NOT SELLING ANYTHING". It's ok if you still think this is wrong.
I'd take it.

But if you go on trying to pass me as someone encouraging people in illegally SELLING models and parts they don't own, you are just a f***ing, childish liar, and you are a fu***ing defamer, just because you neither have the humility or the banal common sense needed to make a step back when you realize having misunderstood escrements for chocolate.

But hey... can you imagine the sense of power in telling anyone "you have been stroken!" ?

Well I suppose there is a great sense of power in "striking" other people at random. So exciting. There are people who just get horny this way.

So.... sad. And quite squallid.

Update: Guess what? Just received the third warn/strike/I'm-nuking-you-muahahahah today. Sorry, TL;DR
Taking a TDA head and putting it on a body from another non-TDA base is considered an "illegal headswap" (I neither comment how foolishly people use the word "illegal"), but if you put the same TDA head on a fully non-TDA outfit, this is magically not considered an "illegal headswap".
It's instead commonly accepted as "just dressing TDA". Very comfortable for all, because if they strictly interpreted the rules about "headswaps", applying them also on outfits, 95% of TDA editors would have absolutely nothing to edit, as they could only use original TDA clothing.

This is the big hypocrisy among the MMD communities, where group admins, editors and self-claimed mmd-cops bark against TDA rulebreakers who illegally use a TDA hair on non TDA models or make headswaps putting a TDA head on Arlvit bodies, but at the same time they kindly accept any TDA edit made plundering and looting parts from any other models, where the only remaining TDA part is the head+hair and all other parts are not TDA (i.e. yet another headswap, but hey, this MUST be "legal", otherwise our editors would have nothing to do!)

At the same time you cannot take anything (according to TDA rules) from a TDA model and put it on non-TDA models. And this is instead the madness and hypocrisy inside TDA rules, which make it a kind of black hole, allowed to use any part taken from other authors' models, but doesn't allow to take even a single hair or a nail or shoe or sock and put it onto another model.

"Hey, Riveda, why don't you like working on TDA models?"
You already have the answer.
Necromovies? Maybe. But after watching the last episode of GoT (and the consequent depression/rage) I needed to re-boost my morale, so I watched an old war movie, chosen at random from my hard disk folders: "Where eagles dare". It worked, but I'm now in loop with this wonderful soundtrack in my mind, and I'm planning to make some tribute for this old war movie. I'll probably try to remake the intro scene, with the Junkers Ju 52 flying over the snowy mountains. And maybe I'll also tribute Mary Ure's character, a british spy from the MI6, making her as a MMD model (but I have first to complete some pending commissions)

MMD comissions: 
My guidelines here: 
My current worklist and status (open/closed):


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
MMD COMMISSIONS: Read here, please:

Current Residence: Rome (Italy)
Favourite genre of music: Symphonic, Epic, Disco...
Favourite photographer: Oliviero Toscani
Favourite style of art: 3D
Operating System: Windows 10 + Linux
MP3 player of choice: Videolan Client .. forever!!
Favourite cartoon characters: Conan, Star Blazers [Yamato], Lupin III, Captain Harlock, Barbapapà
Favourite TV series: Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek Enterprise
Personal Quote: Violence is the last refuge of incompetents (Salvor Hardin)

Made in the '70s by Mr-Stamp Wapanese by paramoreSUCKS Red Army Chorus by VVraith Civil Resistance Stamp by Jhas777 Shit Happens by Mr-Stamp I don't want your drama by SafariSyd It Could (Figuratively) Save Your Life by Mintaka-TK Criticism Isn't Trolling by genkistamps Constructive criticism stamp by MartinSilvertant Sarcasm Stamp by tailfeather Block Responsibly by HarmonicSonic Stop Pronouns-Wars by Riveda1972 Blender user by DS-DNA GIMP User by SirSuetic MMD User Stamp by KarakuriSix Linux Mint user stamp by Hasbreak PHP coder by Cyberneticneo Notepad++ stamp by Ixion-TdC
25aprile by Riveda1972

April 25, 1945: The symbolic date when the last nazi german occupation troops and their "allied" of the Italian Social Republic (better to say the puppet regime kept alive in northern italy by nazi occupying forces) were defeated, left the italian territory or just surrendered, both to Ally expeditionary corps and to italian partisans and loyalist forces. This date has been a national public day in the last 74 years, even if this date has been often depicted as a "leftist" day only. That's wrong. This is not a leftist day, this is the day when italians took back their country and, someway, their honor.
A large variety of politics joined the CLN (Comitato di Liberazione Nazionale = National Liberation Commitee): leftist, yes (socialist and communists); popular and democratic catholics; liberals; republicans; and even monarchists, still loyal to Italy and to House Savoia but not to the fascist puppet regime set up by german invaders when Italy signed an armistice with the Allies in September 8 1943.

Those five, six great political "schools" where the same ones that after the War sit in the Consitutional Assembly and wrote down the first fully democratic constitution, even if monarchists loose ther loyalty to constitution when the italian people choosed the Republic as a form of government.
Since that days, the italian republic and the italian democracy had a very dirty history, along the whole cold war. Italy has been someway a kind of "protectorate", associated to both NATO and the upcoming European Community. At least we had not to face off a division between western and eastern parts, like it occurred in Germany. But Italy has been a kind of limited sovereignity for a long time, with the major issue consisting in having the strongest communist party among the western Europe countries.

Years have passed, but most of the great ideals represented by the italian Constitution are still without real application. We're no more a sort of US protectorate, but still Italy has transferred a lot of its prerogatives to the European Union. A large (maybe too large and too "far" from its citizens) over-country, built over the economic theories (Reagan, Tatcher, Milton Friedman... do you know?) so popular in the '80s and still teached in universities as if they were the Ten Commandments from God, regadless the social disasters they caused all around the world everywhere they've been largely applied. As a result, not only Italy but almost all countries in the EU have to face off the same limitations to their sovereign politics, all sacrificed in the name of monetarism, while social issues are more and more forgotten or left to the rests (if anything remains, otherwyse... sorry!).

It's not surprising (but really creepy) that so many italian people feel themselves betrayed by the ideals wrote in the Constitution nowaday and they search for dangerous restorations from the "past". A black past, where hate and abuses just have changed their targets and where the european unification process itself is seen and depicted as The Evil, instead the way european unification is going on.

Happy April 25


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