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Boy, you two seem like you’ve got your hands full! I’ve never seen Pokemon more stressed out than you guys!

Being in charge here is taxing, yes, but it does have it's good moments. I sincerely apologize though for the miscreants that have been running around our city recently. Kids will be kids, but they've certainly gotten out of hand as of late.

Don’t you worry, Ezra. The Roaring Icebergs are here to help! We can handle a few little kids no problem!

*Ahem* Don’t forget, we were here first. You and your teams took their sweet time to get here. We handled the cargo just fine, I think we can handle these other simple tasks without you.

Um, excuse you, do I need to remind you who’s teams got the glowy stone first? Yeah, that’s right, us!

Hey, no offense, but we’ve got our own teams standing here wondering what to do.

Ugh! I don’t care who helps! Both of you can help, just hurry up. I’m afraid the kitchen is on fire by now…

Ebony is right you guys! We gotta help out however we can! Let’s show Asteria what the guilds of Rift City are made of!

Alright everyone, listen up! These two are super, duper busy and need our help to make things easier, and we aren’t going to be talking to the mayor lady anytime soon, so this is something to do for right now.

The main thing is those darn kids. Those misguided youths are far too agile and energetic for our officers to catch and have been evading arrest for awhile now. I guess they're just used to catching older criminals who are not nearly as lively as this squirrely bunch. In either case, any of you would be a great help if you could catch these little troublemakers. You would be relieving this city and I of some stress.

Ebony has also mentioned to us that the kitchen staffing is very low and that they had wanted to make a meal for us as a token of gratitude for helping with the cargo shipment. The kitchen needs help with preparing food. You may be creative if you have any recipes of your own. Just… Make sure it’s edible, please.



Oh good heavens…

*kids can be heard cheering and hollering by where Riptide is*

O-Oh dear...Children, please be careful. Um, a little help here?

Haha! Those kids seem to be a big fan of Riptide, but I don’t think many of them know how to swim. Why not help out Riptide with teaching the kids how to swim?; I think that will be fun to do!

Alright everyone, you know what to do.

Yeah! Let’s get going already!

The guilds have arrived at Asteria City and assistance is already needed! Ebony and Ezra have a ton of piled up work to do and can’t handle much more! It’s up to the guilds to lend a helping hand around the city until they are able to speak to the mayor.

There are 3 different tasks each team may volunteer to do:

Food Frenzy:
The kitchen is low on cooking staff to make tonight’s big feast, they were not expecting to make dinner for the guilds of Rift City! Ebony has asked for anyone from Ardent Cinders and Roaring Icebergs to help the kitchen prep up delicious meals for tonight. The kitchen is very large and they have plenty of food to use up, so get creative! But, make sure it’s edible.

High Crimes And Misdemeanors:
Asteria City has been dealing with a small group of juveniles, who are causing all sorts of mayhem. Stealing from shops, damage to residents’ homes, and doing graffiti on a few buildings. It’s getting to be a handful and the authorities can’t keep up with these children. Ezra has asked anyone from the guilds to teach these kids a lesson and help catch these delinquents.

Let’s Make Waves:
The children seem to be huge fans of Riptide and want to be great swimmers like her; however, there’s a lot of children to look after and Riptide isn’t sure if she can keep track of all of them. Any team is asked to help out Riptide with teaching the little ones how to swim, keep an eye on them as the rivers currents tend to increase at random times.


For participating, teams will earn:

10 meobans

And for your team's hard work:

An Evolution Evaluation Form


A Furniture Voucher

Bonus rewards

Oh, before you all head out: Jay and I got these from Ezra! They seem like little cool things. Might come in handy for future jobs and such!

Hey everyone, I was able to find these at the shops as well. Nuri confirmed with me that these would be acceptable to give out.

Feel free to take home any leftover food from the feast as well. Consider it a thank you for your help and as a warming gesture of Asteria’s hospitality.

Bonus items are awarded to those who complete the job before the deadline. Depending on which events you complete will determine what items you may receive. Please choose one from each event:

Food Frenzy:

Big Malasada - Heals you from any status condition. One time use.

“This delectable treat has both a savery and sweet taste to it that almost no Pokemon can resist! The filling in the middle can be any flavour from strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, and so on.”

Moomoo Milk - Restores HP to full. One time use.

“100% pure milk straight from a miltank! This delicious drink is very special, Pokemon that drink this feel their bones grow stronger!”

High Crimes and Misdemeanors:

Quick Claw - Allows the holder to move quickly when in use. May be used more than once.

“These claws come from a variety of speedy Pokemon. Those who hold it can feel a strange vibe coming from the claw, some say it’s almost a spiritual connection, as if they feel like they are the previously lived Pokemon from which the claw came from.”

Poison Barb - When thrown at an enemy it inflicts damage and gives them the poison status. One time use.

“An arrow crafted by a clan of Poison types. This tool is filled with poisonous fluid that once it impales someone, the substance immediately enters their body and inflicts them with poison. It’s not lethal, but does cause enough pain to slow you down.”

Let’s Make Waves:

Damp Rock - Activates the move Rain Dance when used. One time use.

“A special rock that comes from certain bodies of water. The Rock is surrounded with an icy-like shell, with crystals peaking out.”

SquirtleBottle - Activates the move Water Gun when used. One time use.

“A very adorable bottle used by many gardeners to water plants and flowers. Very popular among kids with the shape being that of a tiny Squirtle.”

Another Special Event for everyone to participate in! It is not required for you to do this, especially with everyone finishing up school/college.

Once the deadline passes, these reward items will no longer be available, so be sure to get an entry in if you want one of these mementos from Asteria! This event is not considered a job or a mission, but as its own subcategory city based event. We will be getting back to missions/jobs after this.
You’ll have a little over a month to create something for this event and we will still be picking hall of fame entries while keeping note on how members handle these events in relations to NPCs!

The deadline for this special event is July 14th, 2018 11:59PM PST!

Good luck!

~The Rival-Gates admin team
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Hi! I seem to have a problem.

At the time of this event, I created some placeholders:


(You can tell by the date that they were uploaded before the deadline)

I now noticed that they are not in the group.

Were they removed because of some rule I missed?

I'm asking because (at the time) I had my sights set on those bonus items.