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Well I guess with the situation the way it is, we're going to be stuck here a little longer... ugh

Hey what's with that attitude Wren? Neve and it's people have been pretty nice to us!

No, that’s not... I was just uncertain we could really afford more time here and that, well...

It’s a little too cold for comfort out here don’t you think?

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

Aha yeah, I suppose...

Ahem* Anyway. Teams! Looks like we have just a few days left stationed at Neve.

Assuming we are done fighting off bandits and tyrants, this time should be spent recuperating and preparing for the trek back to Rift City.

Yeah, think about it like a little bit of R&R for all our hard work.

But if some of you are worried about getting bored, I did some talking around and arranged a few things you can do while we prepare to head back!!

That’s right chaps! Thought you were done with ol’ Barrik, eh!?!


It's been so long since I've seen the greatness of Rift City’s guild with my own eyes, lads! You’ve thoroughly impressed me and I'm itching for more! Out here it's a rough and tumble battle to survive and if you guys are willing to humor my guild and I, well...

The Taiga Fist Brigade formally challenges you to a Battle Royal! Oh yes, I want you folks to go toe to toe with my guild in contests of strength and cunning to see which place has the better guild! Neve or Rift City!

Tiva, I thought we were supposed to relax...

Of course we are! This is just optional fun you goof.

I- oh.

Plus I have other tasks for those who are a little tired of rough housing.

I don't really know what you'll need to do, but Glitch and Twitch are going to need some assistance to be able to make the trip back down with us.

We’re actually bringing them?

Ah-yes-siree there Wren! We promised to help them out right? Well, that old spooky owl told me there are plenty of books that could help us learn about these guys and maybe patch them up a bit!

They just need a little bit of translating and with Konjac busy packing, our guys will have to do it themselves. Don’t worry, I got a little guide from Konjac to help with that!

Also, I heard some of the library folks would like to look into filling out their records more about Pokemon abilities, moves, and such. They are looking for volunteers to interview, so I told them I'd let you all know about that as well!

So you see, that's plenty easy if they don't want to brawl! Or you know, they could try to do all of it. Who am I to say.

Right, well okay everyone. Get yourselves ready to go and if you have the time, you can maybe do these other things.

Yeah and if you need us, Wren and I will be brawling with the big guy over there!

Tiva, I-

Good luck and enjoy yourselves!

The guilds are nearly ready to head back home with Konjac in tow, but he needs some more time to prepare with Nuri and Jay while worn out members get some rest. In the meantime, it looks like the guilds can have some fun in Neve for a few nights!

This is a special event meant to help members explore any part of Neve they want their teams to take advantage of before we leave the city for a good while. But before they go, there are a few events taking place! Each one, if completed, rewards specific items so be sure to have your teams tackle the ones they want. Unlike missions or jobs, this isn’t a guild funded task and completely voluntary in nature. That means no meobans to earn nor vouchers, but these mementos from Neve might prove useful in the future. Completing every single one is not required for this event but you can collect upwards of three rewards if you participate in all three events.

The Taiga Fist Brigade Brawl:

Neve is cold harsh place, and it takes a strong guild to handle all that entails. Does your team have what it takes to go toe-to-toe with these ice cold brawlers? Well, Barrik is putting out a challenge to find out! It’s time to put your differences aside for just a little while to join Cinders and Icebergs together to show Barrik what makes Rift-City ‘Mons tough as nails! Join Tiva and Wren as they tackle the snow in these winter themed events. From snowball fights to high-speed sledding, try to best Barrik at his own games.

A potential list of games to play are below:

Winter obstacle course
Snow fight
Sled Races
Log Throwing
Ice Climbing
Ice sculpture (A Gloria specific event)
Hailstorm Battles


For being a good sport, Barrick has decided to give you some of his supplies free of charge. You can pick one of the two available rewards:

Icy Fisticuffs -  Invokes the move Ice Punch when used to hit other Pokemon. Can be tailored to fit individuals of different body types.

“A pair of padded gloves made with a incredibly strong verity of never melt ice. It seems to have gotten a lot of use, and more than likely these gloves have a proud history behind this obvious wear and tear.”

TFB Flag -  Unwrapping it and placing it on the ground will eventually brew up a hailstorm.

“A special, worn out flag with the Taiga Fist Brigade emblem that has been embedded with special icy stones. Barrik looks especially happy to see you choosing this memento from Neve.”

The Porygon Puzzle:

Time to go back to the books to find out what makes porygon tick. Glitch and Twitch need the guilds help to find out what exactly happened to them or better yet, learn how they function at all! Escort the two around and keep an eye on them as you delve into what little knowledge exists about these strange pokemon!

There are several scripts to be looked over in order to help gather what little information can be found.

Have your team decipher old books about porygon by using the provided cipher to decode some text! The two things to decipher are a short paragraph you will have to do yourself and a second one your team can discover without having to decode the entire document yourself. In the end it should be implied that the team took the time to decipher it all.

The paragraph: img10.deviantart.net/5ecd/i/20…

Collection of Journals: docs.google.com/document/d/1CV…

Konjac's Key: pre07.deviantart.net/f71a/th/p…

Or if studying isn’t your style, why not try interacting with Glitch and Twitch a bit and try scrapping some of that ancient muck off them. It could help them feel better and it’s the best the guilds can do without damaging them any farther.


Doing either task allows you to pick one of these items as a reward.

Screeching box -  Pressing buttons on this strange box invokes the move screech.

“The library has an excess supply of mysterious boxes. Pushing the button on the side results in a harsh noise that is incredibly distracting, lowering a pokemon's ability to focus and defend itself. It seems to have no other purpose, and Berwyn would be more then happy to give some away.”

Glitch & Twitch Scraps - Reusable metal scrap invokes the move toxic spikes if stepped on.

“Cleaning off some of the gunk resulted in a lot of strange metallic shards being found. A closer look by a specialist in the library revealed that this scraps would be very poisonous if they break the skin of a pokemon. If hidden well enough they might make for a good trap later.”

“What can you do?” Interview:

The library is always eager to gets its hands on some new information and with a huge group of new pokemon arriving in Neve, now is a perfect time for some fact gathering. Scholars are willing to dish out a little reward for sharing your time with them to demonstrate both your abilities and sharing any interesting cultural history about your team’s family or birthplace.

Teams can either show off attacks, endure tests to showcase their abilities, or share personal information about what it's like to be a certain species of pokemon.

Historical information about your ancestor’s history is also valuable to these scholars as they try to fill in the gaps left behind by the dark ages.


Teams that participate in one of these tasks can choose to keep one of these rewards.

Strange Fan - When used within a few feet of other Pokemon, this fan invokes the move instruct.

“This odd, purple fan has a strange ability. When waved in front of a pokemon’s face,  it allows the wielder to repeatedly force a pokemon to use a move again. Most scholars in the library have taken to using them as teaching tools, allowing ‘Mons to get more comfortable using their abilities with the help of another.”

Disabling Disk -  When placed on a target's body, this disk invokes the move disable.

“ A golden plate that has slight bumps on it. It doesn’t really look like anything in particular, but the library claims they belong to a subgroup of yamask that haven’t been seen for centuries. Coming into contact with the skin of a pokemon causes the plate to bind to them. This will cause a pokemon to momentarily forget a move until it unbinds from their body after a few minutes. Although the effect doesn’t last long, the feeling of having forgotten something important is really unnerving.”

Once the deadline passes, these reward items will no longer be available, so be sure to get an entry in if you want one of these mementos from Neve! This event is not considered a job or a mission, but as its own subcategory town based event. We will be getting back to missions/jobs after this, so you won't be seeing another event like this for a little while. You’ll have a little over two months to create something for this event and we will still be picking hall of fame entries while keeping note on how members handle these events in relations to NPCs!  As a reminder, if your team’s pockets are getting a little full, the left paw will buy the items you earn!  3 meobans for one use items, and 8 meobans for multiple use tools.

The deadline for this event is March 5, 11:59 pm PST . After this deadline, these items will no longer be available!

Good luck!

~The Rival Gates Admin Team
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Two questions:

Are all the rewards multiple use? They seem to be, but I just wanna make sure.

And am I allowed to change which side my team is in? I made a new one recently with the Icebergs, but after giving it more thought it'd more in-character for them to have joined the Cinders. The only thing they've participated in is this Neve event.

Oh! And on that topic, would it be possible to change the name of the team too? I don't think I will, I'm just wondering.