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Can you all hear me? I need you to focus! Focus on my voice, and listen carefully!

Wherever you are right now, it's NOT REAL. You're all still in that building where the Moon Pool is locked up. Something is holding you here! You have to fight it. Somehow, there must be a way for you to wake yourselves up! Find it, and hurry! Whoever did this might be coming back!

I'm not sure how this is being done, but I can feel from some of you that what you're seeing is familiar. R̵e̵m̷e̶m̵b̵e̴r̶ ̶t̵o̷ ̷n̷o̵t̶ ̶g̵e̸t̷ ̸t̷r̸a̴-̷p̵e̷d̸!̶ ̵Y̷̜͝ò̸̯ǔ̸̻ ̵̞͋ḧ̷̳ǎ̴̺v̶̭͝e̸̲̽ ̴̪̂t̶̨̄-̷̬͝ ̸͖̿e̸͙͗s̶͈̓-̸͕̅ṕ̵̤e̴̢̐!̸̪̆ ̸̹̀R̸̢͠ë̸͎́m̴͔͒-̸̲͛m̸͖̈́b̴̺̈́e̶̗̊r̶̡͋ ̵͈͑t̷͕͋h̶̗̀a̶̹̓-̴͙̓!̴͚͛

The guilds have become trapped in a dream state!

The Roaring Icebergs and Ardent Cinders and everyone else inside of the Moon Pool have been brought together in a massive realm of sleep where their dreams - both the good and the bad - are combined into a world that no Pokemon still awake and thinking could possibly make sense of. Your characters are just as likely to see someone else's dream as they are to see one of their own!

It's very important that your teams make it out of this mixture of dreams and nightmares before something worse happens.  This world is made out of the thoughts and memories of everyone asleep inside the facility that houses the Moon Pool, as well as their hopes and fears. Your characters might end up facing the most horrible nightmares, or feeling safe and secure in the happiest place they ever hoped for. Esther isn't able to wake everyone up alone, so it's up to the dreamers to come together and find some way to wake themselves and not get distracted by the visions of the dream realm! The more Pokemon unable to realize they are asleep, the harder waking up will be.

If you would like to include the official NPCs in your work, here are some examples of the dreams they are experiencing:

Nuri and Jay are fluctuating between resentment and friendship as they chase after the vision of Shamus. They seem stuck in the past and don't know or have forgotten that they are your guild leaders. They might be sporting matching green uniforms instead of their usual red or blue, and the place they are in seems to be Rift City in the middle of a disaster.

Tiva and Wren are enjoying themselves in any number of places the guilds have visited, such as playing in the snow on Iclyn Mountain or swimming in the lake around Attwell. It’s unlikely they’ll want to leave.

Konjac seems to be enjoying a scenario where he’s famous for having discovered some grand secret about the Ancients. He doesn’t know what secret really, but since he's asleep he doesn't realize how strange that is. The place he's dreaming about looks a lot like the ancient ruins the guilds have been exploring so far.

Glitch and Twitch seem to be experiencing the same scenario over and over, approaching a triangular gate that’s shaped like the one in the Ivory Forest, and the Moon Pool. It’s sitting out in a muddy barren landscape. This gate isn't open - no magical water inside - but shadowy figures like ghosts can be seen gathering around the frame before the scenario resets and plays out from the beginning.

There are no sides here, so feel free to collab with any team in order to escape this place!


For participating, teams will earn:

5 Meobans (Remember, if you've ranked up you'll receive more based on your rank)

And they may choose between either of the following rewards:

A TM Slip


A Furniture Voucher

Please only take one or the other!

And for your team's hard work:

Bonus Rewards

Bonus items are awarded to those who complete the job before the deadline.

You can pick one of these bonus rewards:

Radiant Scale- These shimmering, black scales were found mysteriously scattered in the Moon Pool chamber. Raises all stats and awakens a sleeping Pokemon. One-time use per event only.

“It looks like this can wake up a sleeping 'mon. Even if you aren't asleep, it will always give you keen accuracy and strength. I wonder where something like this came from...?”

Blighted Shroud - These matted shrouds were found draped over the bodies of Pokemon. Puts a target to sleep and drains their health until exhausted or the target wakes up. One-time use per event only.

“Boy does this thing give me the creeps. It has this weird power to put you to sleep and suck up your energy until you snap out of it... like a vampire! Yeesh!”

Hmmm? What's this? Something seems to have happened. How will your teams handle this realm of dreams!

As always, thank you so much for your support and patience as we work on updates! You've all been incredibly supportive and I'm really excited to see what your teams make of this scenario!

These will not be judged as this event is a standalone special. The normal missions will resume after this event has concluded.

The deadline for this event is May 3rd, 11:59 pm PST.

Good Luck!

~The Rival-Gates admin team

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Are the shadowy spirits in Glitch and Twitch's scenario similar looking to the shadow tendrils in the waking world?